1. Little Sean Hannity needs to put on his big boy pants or big girl pants and not worry about his audience and should have continued to ask them to get vaccinated and wear a mask. Obviously he must have received some backlash from somewhere and that’s why he started singing a different tune a few days later.

    1. Never happen because Hannity built his business parroting what he knows his audience wants to hear. It is the very model of how the right wing radio/TV opinion hosts maintain their popularity and income.

    2. When he said “ the vaccine doesn’t work, the vaccine doesn’t protect you “ he didn’t say “ I am not a doctor, but….. “ first . Fox is responsible for so many dead Americans.

    1. What’s really great is that people that know they have been duped still come back for more because they love the hate,fear and race hustling if it goes along with their programming….You cannot take cnn seriously and then call fox fake news,lmfao….They are all fake …

  2. “I’m not a doctor but here’s my medical opinion on this public health crisis.” – Sean Hannity.

  3. Yeah, if you’re not a medical doctor you’re not qualified but that means you admit those medical doctors ARE qualified and therefore it would be common sense to listen to those people who have expertise.

    1. @Brett Newberry name the doctors and provide links showing your sources. I’d love to do my own reeeesuuuuuurrrchhh! Please enlighten me, Oh Great YouTube Doctor. You people make me sick. Btw if you don’t trust science, reject it. Put down your phone and devices get off the internet and shut up because all of that is made possible by science. At least we won’t have to listen to your murderous and lethal “opinions”

    2. YES !!! Listen to the same LIARS that told us for 30 years, that cigarette smoking didn’t cause Cancer… While they all took money from Big Tobacco…

    3. @Brett Newberry incorrect the hospital beds are filling up from unvaccinated people. The 99.7 percent you are talking about is the hospitalization rate of unvaccinated to vaccinated. Where do you get this blaring misinformation

    1. @paul sawczyc It’s costing us money not lives and I am ok with that. Obviously, you feel like lives are collateral damage as long as it does not cost you money.🤔🤦

    2. @kenneth marotte Your Theory has many problems. President Trump ordered the Afghan govt to release the Taliban leader from prison last August, along with 5000 other Taliban militants. They met with Mike Pompeo in September and they discussed the American troop withdrawal and the Trump admin started the process of pulling all soldiers out of Afghanistan. Iran does not control the Taliban, talibs are salafi, Sunni, and their main state supporter is Pakistan. The Pakistani security services have long supported the Taliban as a counter to perceived Indian influence in the region.

    3. @Ms. P. No, not at all – I really do feel that my life is important – how about you, do you feel that my life is important?

    4. @paul sawczyc You made the comment that indicated you had a problem with how much money was being spent on vaccines, we were not discussing your life sir. To answer your question, I think everyone’s life valuable so I have no problem spending money to save anyone’s including yours. God bless you and stay safe Paul.

    1. @Matthew Estrada Look, Mathew, I’m embarrassed I was not more civil. The relative anonymity of the internet causes me to speak in ways I would not if we were face to face. My mother is in my brain somewhere shaking her head and giving me the side eye. I will try not to jump the gun, as you called it, so quickly. Thanks for reminding me that good manners matters.

    2. British troops are going out looking for British civilians. The American troops, wanting to do the same for Americans, have been told to stand down.

    1. @Brian Jenkins I would guess that they never imagined their awful kin would ever be elected to office. Until it happened.🤔

    2. @Lesley Edgley You are probably right. I know that Mary Trump never expected Trump to win in 2016. Shoot non me of us did for that matter. I was stunned in 2016 but then I was stunned again in 2020 at how many voted for him still even after 4 years of his total treachery and disrespect for democracy and reckless disregard for American safety during a pandemic. God help us.

    3. @Brian Jenkins I really though everything would go back to “normal” after the election. It was a huge relief to have the adults back. Sadly, It seems to be getting worse, and it’s damned scary. Take care, and stay safe.

    1. @Tom Haggard in 2011 the supreme court ruled on the lawsuit filed against the manufacturer, Wyeth, the supreme court established guidelines for liability. You can sue vaccine manufacturers but constrained by the 2011 ruling. Present day covid vaccines are 100 percent exempt from liability under the Emergency Use Act. The vaccines being used for covid can not be granted Emergency Use if there was an alternative option like HCQ. That is why Fauci responded to an email with a report of HCQ effectiveness by saying, “ i dont have time to read this”. Its also why Fauci conveniently forgets that his own department issued a report on their 2005 trial when he determined that HCQ was a safe and effective treatment for all corona viruses. Covid vaccines are the first vaccines ever to be granted full immunity.

    2. @Stephen Harris Get your shot Steve,wear a mask when necessary and take care of your family and neighbors. Nice talking to ya.

    3. @Tom Haggard i never wear a mask, wont ever take the vaccine. I am very comfortable with the 99.97 percent survival rate for my risk category.

      Question for you, with Fauci saying in an email to a personal friend that masks do not work, and providing detailed explanation as to why, fouled up with his TV interview where he said the same thing, combined with CDC studies which also say the same thing, why do you think there is a push to wear masks?

    4. @Stephen Harris masks work Steve…its a lie to say they don’t. Why has the regular flue and colds been absent during the pandemic….because people have worn mask,washed their hands and social distanced. Wear a mask to protect others and yourself…show those that have to work at check out counters etc some respect…that your pulling with them. They are your fellow Americans…wearing a mask is Patriotic…unlike storming the Capitol trying to undo the votes of millions of Americans.

    1. @David Burcar deflection in America, most countries have a grip on it now and not obsessed with the preaching, but then again it’s the only subject the Democrats are comfortable with. Every thing else is a embarrassing farce

    2. @James Weaver You know that nobody I ask even know what qanon is….It was a fringe website that the fake msm could pump up and use their viewer to make it seem bigger….Most conservatives never heard of it until the fake msm started promoting it….If you have judged conservatives from the fake msm propaganda then you know nothing of a conservative…

    3. @Spice Malange CNN has its flaws but it’s real news. They actually report the news and while it may be flashy and hyper sensationalized due to advertising, ratings and competing with online. But they actually report the news.

      While fox reports a narrative. They’ll use opinions, buzzwords, subjective language and then wrap it up with a question to the audience. The news should be answering questions not ask their audiences “what do you think?” Or “how do you feel about that?”

      That’s not how the news should report the facts and current events.

  4. Sounds like Hannity’s employer got into trouble with their anti-vax viewers. The pressure is on. The talking points have changed.

    1. @Sally Arey yes but these states have done recounts before cyber ninjas started this audit/ and trumps own attorney General said there was no widespread voter fraud in the election/ and how biased is a cyber ninja audit funded by the Republican party??

    2. @John Lysek Lmfao,So people that never even listened to Rush etc.knows what they were saying because the known fake msm told you so….ok leftist logic is amazingly ignorant…

    3. @Steve-O_88 that’s your job to educate yourself but listening to the fake msm you know nothing in the realm of reality….

  5. Ok, Mr “I’m not a doctor” how ’bout having having a real doctor on air to explain why it is that your audience should wear masks and get vaccinated?

    1. @Fitness Factory Outlet explaining science to a trump player, you are brave good person
      They failed basic science in grade school, then push conspiracy nonsense

    2. @M. Roman I love to see the deep thoughtful critical thinking of the left when they call fox propaganda but obey blindly the fake msm as if it were a religion….lmfao,y’all got it figured out…..

    3. @Abdon Santella Amazing that people still use the bleach line,lmfao….I wonder how many leftists actually injected bleach….It was a joke that the fake msm fed their worshippers….Truly amazing….

  6. “I am not qualified, I am not a doctor.” You don’t need to be an astronomer to know the Earth is round!

    1. You also don’t need to be one of the top virologists in the US to know that it is stupid NOT to get vaccinated. All you need to do is open your ears and listen. Got it? Good.

    2. @Robbie S It’s actually an oblate spheroid, but WHO CARES?

      Still, at least you’re not a flat-Earther…

    1. @Spice Malange oh, how I’m sick of you patronizing 🐎🍑. I know exactly what it is! Apparently, you don’t!

    2. @Spice Malange yeah see the problem with that is that you ppl DONT wear the masks and DONT get vaccinated almost by principle…mandates wouldn’t even be needed if you wackjobs would’ve just complied from the start like NZ did and were going to music festivals and partying while America fought for their right to deny science and die more

    3. @lorane kenyon no, the are conniving, deceitful, dishonest, dishonorable, unethical, morally Bankrupt, money grubbing millionaires that care nothing about democracy.They are are subversive PROPAGANDIST that have been UNDERMINING this REPUBLIC for 20 years.

    1. “i am simply not qualified….” and finish with “to report actual news to you people”. That would have summed up his abilities. FOX left the world of news long ago. 9-11 was their breakout to the world of propaganda. Nobody followed the money.(some thing a real news reporter would do)cuz goat herders flying 747 is a fanciful tale-not even conceived in comic books-where everyone wears a mask.

    2. @Lourdes Jaramillo intelligent comeback, but CNN is all lies and conspiracies, and MSNBC is just a bunch of bad opinions. Not a fan of FOX either, so don’t pull that crap

    1. I’m old enough to remember Cronkite, Huntley, Brinkley and other distinguished TV news people. One hour, nightly.
      The networks wanted to CANCEL news programs because ratings were so low. FCC would not let them.
      So news was cut back to half an hour, fluff, and whatever would attract viewers. Ratings went up.

      We have the TV news we wanted.

      Oh, and yet, PBS news is still one hour, in depth, factual, excellent.

    2. Problem is this is actually considered “satire” and not to be used as a source for accurate information in regards to “news worthy material”
      They make it “look like a professional news program” then list the “inside source” as fox news? I truly believe that as fox news has done 2 times now
      use the defense in court stating “No reasonable person would believe what we say on this channel” you then need to state at the beginning, during and
      end of each segment that this is the opinion and not actual facts of the issues they discuss here.

    3. @Vera Mae yea there were 3 stations. Little competition what’s your point?

      You can’t have just NEWS 24/7……Hannity is not and never was billed as an anchor wtf are you people smoking?!?

      Hannity is an OPINION SHOW……fox is now 90% opinion and 10% news…..not being sarcastic

    1. Is that fauci? You brainwashed fool. Didnt your networks censor the truth about the origins of covid for a year? Did hannity tell you to do that

  7. “I am not a doctor to give the medical advice,” but don’t listen to Dr. Fauci either because his advice doesn’t fit the right wing political narrative.

    1. This narrative of our governor.
      It shows Lawsuits against him even by those that are than harden fans .

    2. Could it be people don’t listen to Fauci, because he’s always changing his mind?

      If I was seeing a doctor that changed his mind as much as Fauci has, I’d find a new doctor.

      “You have cancer! No, wait…you have an infection. Well…a new test just confirmed you have HIV. I’m sorry, I was wrong about the HIV, you have an ingrown toenail. That’ll be $9000.00. Please pay the receptionist!”

    3. I think you would have a different opinion on Dr Fauci if you listen to his testimony to Congress … Definitely an ” Eye opener “

    4. @firestream93 Fauci changes message based on unfolding science on this novel virus and it’s unstudied mutations.

  8. Walkers are what they call zombies on a great show called “the Walking Dead.” Zombies are brainless mindless creatures who became zombies by watching and believing fox “news”.

  9. Why doesn’t Hannity quote his idol, Trump, who, when speaking in AZ, recommended getting the vaccine. Oh, so NOW Hannity doesn’t want to quote Trump?! Lol!

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