See Sheryl Crow Call Out Walmart For Censoring Her Gun Control Lyrics I MSNBC's Mavericks 1

See Sheryl Crow Call Out Walmart For Censoring Her Gun Control Lyrics I MSNBC’s Mavericks


Singer, songwriter and 9-time Grammy Award-winner Sheryl Crow discusses her work, politics and how to be independent in the music industry — including revealing new details about Walmart trying to censor her criticism of the company's gun sales — in this in-depth discussion, the newest installment of “Mavericks with Ari Melber,” a series of interviews with artists, musicians and cultural icons.
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  1. Where’s the Republican outrage at Walmart cancelling Sheryl?
    Oh, there’s guns involved.

    1. @WishWeKnew – What a ridiculous comment. Do you people ever THINK before you reply? So, the Obama Administration going after one journalist should have made the media okay with Trump insulting them? What kind of ridiculous logic is that? By the way, Trump went after journalists much harder.

    2. @WishWeKnew – “Free speech”? So, you should be okay with being insulted because someone gas the right to say it?? Are you really that dense?

    3. @J Groovy No, that’s why I think it is ok that Trump attacked the media the way he did. Not through a heavy hand of government but with words of public mockery. Which maybe boobish but is a preferable alternative compared to how Obama handled dissenting journalists. I.E. putting them in cages, just like the facilities he built for arrested immigrants we now call cages, at least we did up until Biden was elected.

    4. @WishWeKnew SMH. First if all, Trump used the DOJ to go after several journalists – more than Obama.

      Second, that’s not even the point. The point is that you can’t insult media and citizens all the time and expect the media to give you glowing coverage or for those citizens to vote for you. Do you really not understand that? What is wrong with you? This is not complicated.

    5. @WishWeKnew – It’s the POLICY and how those “cages” were used. Jeez, you people parrot those mindless talking points to death and refuse to even learn the truth. You are effed in the head.

  2. Don’t change anybody’s lyrics. That’s not their place. If Walmart doesn’t like it, don’t sell it.

    1. That’s what they’re doing. Change it to not include our name or find someone else to sell your CDs.

  3. I remember how amazing her “Tomorrow never dies” James Bond OP was when i 1st heard and and seen the movie. The song is in my playlist even now.

  4. “I don’t agree with what you say & l’ll defend to Sheryl Crow’s death my right to stop her saying it” – Walmart

    1. @demons27 actually not like him at all but if you recognised my parody you’re educated, well done.

  5. I kept waiting…but there wasn’t one thing Ms. Crow said that didn’t confirm my conclusion that she is one of the most incredible, gorgeous, and intelligent people on the planet! I Love You, Sheryl!

  6. Watch the Cancel Culture Warriors hypocritically call for their base to splurge at WallyWorld like it was Chik-Fil-A.

  7. Sheryl Crow put out some songs during the pandemic. I highly suggest you check them out. She is as talented a singer as you will find.

    Also, Wal-Mart and guns…reminds of that one time a black man was checking out the guns in the gun section and was killed by police because someone reported a “black man with a gun.”

  8. Nice to see such a civil conversation and so many genuine smiles. These two are great and even better in one place.

  9. As a 90’s teenager/ 20 something, this made me love her even more. I liked the honesty and heartfelt answers. I really like the quick question/answer sesh at the end.

  10. She looks SO much younger than 58. What a beautiful soul she is. Her voice is incredibly soothing, and she looks gorgeous as always. Thanks for this interview, Ari!

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