1. @The Paradox Destroyer Actually Im grateful if you really dont care about my country. All we Chinese and ppl in many other countries wish is that you leave us alone. Fk with your own country, stop messing around the world

    2. @Aaron E. dominion software Overthrow President Trump is treason that is no tantrum Elections must be done again without dominion software and counted in China and Venezuela

    1. @D D funding! Someone forgot to call the National Council/State Guard to talk to the mostly peaceful American Citizens.

    2. @Randy Gilson nah b ..this is mindless supporters of a maniac ..plain and simple …that is the truth . Sorry .

    3. @Rob C good lord does the conspiracy theories ever end with you fools …thank god I am north of the parallel !

    4. @Nemo H Totally. President Trump had a rally with thousands of far right extremists a few hours before the official ceremony in the Capitol. He repeated during his speech that they need to face this injustice (of losing) with strength. Why the anti-riot force wasn’t already mobilized to block the way to walk near the Capitol? And why they didn’t use whatever non-lethal weapon they had to prevent them from even moving nearby? The police was more prepared against BLM and ANTIFA…

    1. @labcoent co 2016 was “DIE HARD”
      2020 ” DIE HARDER”

    2. @Phillip Mulligan Well you ignored every fucking red flag for 30 years. You couldn’t identify one if your life depended on it. They did, and you didn’t. This year (10 months) cost more American lives than WW2 and the failed Vietnam war combined.

  1. A young woman was shot dead inside the Capitol – and so it is not a “bloodless coup”.
    My question is – when people die DURING the commission of a crime – people involved go to prison – sometimes for life.
    So – are any of these seditious Trump CULT lunatics going to be arrested – tried and sent to prison ?

    1. @Gehtdi Nixan I don’t really think so. The pandemic has caused a lot of uproar, and for example the AFD actually lost seats in parliament, so I don’t actually think that they get more votes this year, they have been doing nothing then stir trouble since the outbreak started.

  2. These might be the very people who talk about their supremacy and look down on developing nations without an iota of courage to introspect. Savages.

    1. @ray mott while taking part in an attempt to overthrow our government, and democracy, yes I’d say that’s pretty silly and contradictory!

    2. @ray mott  antifa means anti fascism. They don’t support communism. Learn what each policitcal ideology actually is because your ignorance is laughable.

    1. @Car Accident I mean the only justification these people could MAYBE say is that its the people’s right to overthrow an unjust government. And if they believe that the election was a fraud (which I don’t) then they would technically have the right to do this. The American Revolution was to fight an unjust government, even though the British said it wasn’t unjust and that it was illegal to rebel. They potentially could be protected under the Constitution in that way. Right of the people to overthrow government.

    2. @Julie Ring it doesn’t, he’s just using a “whatabotism” to deflect. My guess he knows how lawless this is, but is just too cowardly to admit it.

    3. @Billy Ray Valentine are you guys on something?? Do you titallyblack any brain cells. Thatvis complete fabricated bs.

  3. “When you’re born into this world, you’re given a ticket to the freak show. If you’re born in America you get a front row seat.” George Carlin.

  4. It was never going to be a “fair” election. We saw this the moment Trump tried to get dirt from Ukraine.

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