See The Bombshell Letter: Giuliani Had Trump’s ‘Knowledge And Consent’ For Secret Ukraine Meeting

See The Bombshell Letter: Giuliani Had Trump's 'Knowledge And Consent' For Secret Ukraine Meeting 1


    1. @Twistyy
      Trump is a crooked old mope,
      who seems to be tweeking on dope.
      He acts like a gremlin,
      ‘cuz he’s a tool of the Kremlin,
      who should be dangled, at the end of a rope.

  1. I feel like we are all sitting around analyzing what a toddler did as though it’s legit…. I am so exhausted…

    1. What’s lol is you thinking it isn’t a ‘bombshell”. President Combover is an unAmerican dimwit with zero honor and zero integrity. And you? Well… you appear to be beneath him.

  2. Trump = “Rudy , well I barely know him really” . “I don’t know what he was doing there , you have to ask whats his name , Whats his name OH Rudy yes I barely know him” ……….

  3. The trolls are out, dont feed them, they’re like ants everywhere, facebook, Twitter etc. Russia has ni jobs for them this is the best they got

    1. “Everyone who raises a point I can’t refute (because the cult leaders who control all of our tiny little brains in our leftist hivemind haven’t covered all the bases, and we’re woefully unable to make those SCARY things called decisions ourselves!) IS A PAID TROLL OR A RUSSIAN BOT!”

      Sorry Jules. I hope you’ll one day come to the realization that the problem isn’t everyone else…it’s you. I realize how frustrating and overwhelming it must be for someone in your shoes, with an IQ that hovers around the room temperature range, to be faced with the prospect of actually forming your own opinions and examining news stories by matching up the allegations made in propaganda nonsense like pretty much everything aired on MSNBC, with the actual EVIDENCE that exists, to see what the truth is for yourself. Not whatever the talking heads and paid DNC shills on TV tell you is true. I believe in you, though…you can do it!

  4. This “Victoria” American Attorney who went with Rudy for the meeting should be subpoened as a first hand witness is my view as well.

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