1. “Oh it’s morally unconscionable”…how ridiculous…! Kids loved to play cowboys an Indians when I was a kid, they loved to play Army as well, nothing wrong it, little boys have always been fascinated with guns, we live in such an emasculated paintywaist culture these days, so sad.. !!!

    1. I was 10 in 1985 and had a pellet gun that looked like a M-16. It was awesome but little arms had trouble pumping the air lol…. I was 10 after all.

    2. @Mark-Anthony J I mean, where HAVE all the real men gone?

      How is it possible that ALLL 19 of those “police officers” at uvaulde are STILL alive????🤔🤷‍♂️

    1. @WoodyXRay True. It’s easier to train a child than it is to train an adult in safety fundamentals.

    1. It’s part of the puzzle.
      And it’s not just the advertising, it’s how they advertise. The story also mentioned violent gun video games. Other pieces of the gun control and gun culture have been discussed in other reports. Commenters have told their personal stories about gun control or lack of it in their countries and how that affected lives, mass shootings and gun ownership.
      Targeting youths with gun advertising for something more than a BB gun, .22 single shot gun or rifle or a single shot shotgun is problematic because of the maturity level and the public health impact of their misuse of high capacity magazines in assault/sport rifles and is skin to the banning of cigarette advertising toward youth and the legal age limitations on buying cigarettes and alcoholic drinks.
      And that is why their advertising could be a problem. But they are not saying this is the only thing that caused the Uvalde shooting. That’s taking this out of the totality of all the reporting not only by CNN but by multiple outlets.
      We all know Ramos was a troubled kid who when he turned 18 purposely bought these types of weapons, body armour and lots of ammo. Then misused them. A lot of why did he questions.
      A lot of how do we prevent it happening again questions.
      Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil will not answer these questions.

    2. @Ewok Warrior he did this cause the government put him up to it. Or at the very least had an idea it was going to happen and allowed it so that they could hold onto their power.

  2. Legislate or regulate them into stopping.
    “They dont want your guns”

    Its very clear. They do.

  3. bad advertisement is still advertisement and they have high quality rifles and even the 75th use their rifles

  4. Ignore all those alcohol ads and th number of people killed by drunk drivers…you people are laughable

  5. let’s remember those who were injured as well as those who were murdered in cold blood. They aren’t mentioned on a regular basis

  6. Well now I know where to buy the gun I want. Thanks CNN. I’ll be calling that company tomorrow so I can get mine.

  7. People can debate the 2nd amendment all day, but in the end, whoever the founding fathers meant to have the right to possess firearms, and under what circumstance, they certainly meant for those firearms to be designed to kill people. That is the whole point of a gun. They are not meant to be designed to only hurt paper targets. Congress questioning a manufacturer for designing a weapon to kill people is silly, and holding them liable for someone using it to murder with is as silly as faulting a car maker for someone for deliberately running over people.

  8. And yet mental health, the mental health crisis, the lack of true mental health care, emotional and mental health care for schools, is never discussed!
    Pretty naïve. More importantly, very dangerous!

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