1. We’re doomed unless we all join together in jolly cooperation to protect our communities from a failing government.

  2. Why does European brands require special inspection before release? Is there some reason to think that it is safe for European babies, but poisonous for American babies?

    1. this is the standard inspection before any country receives anything, they have to make sure it’s those exact ingredients

    2. You’re media dare not tell you… it’s just a labeling problem… and your oligopolistic situation for this product !
      European baby milks are known for their nutritionals qualities… better than US !

    3. @Claire Jonas not just labeling issues, big tariffsand limits on quanity it can be imported(thanks to trumps trade deals).. its not worth it for europeans to sell to america so they just didnt bother printing labels or getting fda approval to sell it

    4. @Gerry A Of course the problème of labelling is a pretext… You have a problème concentrating to the extrême throughout the food chain. For chips or soda, it’s not realy a problème, but for formula…
      You have an absence of compétition that has spread to all parts of the économie sparing no product even the most vital.
      Worse, in the absence of competition, these compagnies were able to agree on prices (the oligopolistic situation is the worse for consumers !).
      And all this goes back several decades.

    1. @Elmosweed if Trump’ is the reason we can’t. Then that means Biden can allow us. You didn’t think that through did you?

    2. @Brandon Burns I asked if Trump made it harder for Canada to import baby formula.
      Not if Biden has had a chance to reverse all of Trump’s policies.

    1. @Soveliss Skirata well this is just me. I deal with inspectors out here in California all the time. In construction though.
      And you know what holds us up the most ? California red tape I call it.
      The Raider left and built a stadium in Vegas for $2 billion dollars and was completed on time.
      If they would’ve built it here ? It would’ve been $10 billion dollars and we would still be building it !!!! Because of California red tape.
      But if I build a sky scraper in San Francisco that sinks a little bit. That’s ok because I paid off the right people. Look up Millennial building 10 million dollar apartment leaning and sinking by the day.
      But THAT is perfectly safe ! Lol
      Or we can build another high rise building and a major iron beam is cracked in two places. Government was all over that building too while it was built but, they paid off the right people and that cracked beam is “ repaired “ !
      My question is, was the baby formula really bad or, didn’t they pay off the right person.
      Until they pay the right person that building will NOT be opened.
      I answer your question with a question. You don’t work there, you don’t know but, is that building clean or is the government screwing someone over ?
      And you are right. 3 months isn’t enough time to clean it ?
      Not when the government is involved.
      Why didn’t Quid Pro Joe send the army there to clean it ? Why wait this long whether it be 3 or 6 months ? Why import it ?
      My attorney once told me, “ I don’t care if you graduated #1 in Duke. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know !
      Forgive me for being skeptical about the government. I mean, what have they ever done right ? EVER ?
      Like I said, it still hasn’t been proven that kids got sick from that formula. You can look that up.
      All you are doing is repeating what you heard on the news. Who told the news the information ? The government

    2. @Jerry Marasco fair enough. To counter, your building code is better than the MD/ VA area- see FedEx field for an easy counter. They must keep paying off someone for that to still be open.

      A lot of codes can and are redundant, they are usually made by people who aren’t experts in their field, I’m not a builder or engineer. But I also don’t want corners cut when my house is constructed…and I’ve seen plenty of places from friends that do work in the industry where corners were cut. If it’s too much, they do need scaled back, but there does need to be balance for safety of worker, and owner of new home etc.

      As to the army- not their job. That’s government taking over a private business then, however temporarily. It would be a strange equivalent of not cleaning your house to the point that the government pays someone to do it for you, so why would you ever clean then? If the employees don’t do it well/ not enough of them, that’s the employERS problem, it’s a private business.

      Also true on formula, but if it’s this bad shut down for so long, that says something is probably up (most likely the person the company paid off is now gone?). And no, I don’t trust the government, I don’t trust Anyone. Propaganda doesn’t just come from the government, look at gas prices- greedy company profit margins are record highs, but nobody points at the company for price gouging, they believe everything else possible is happening, because of propaganda pushed by those companies.
      Be sceptical, but also a simple thought. Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one (maybe).

      A big company with a monopoly on the market got really sloppy to maximize profits, is backlogged months/ years on cleaning and fixing equipment, and now we are all paying the price for the monopoly existing.

    3. @Kelli Nitely better how lol. You obviously don’t understand Econ. There’s very easy online corses you can take 🙂

  3. Hope some comes to my city. Seen too many parents hopeless for months now

    Wait not going to shelves???

    1. The US is now officially on the same level as China. Europe saved China also a couple of years back when they had a shortage due to faulty production methodes. 🇪🇺

  4. When the adults have no food, will we be as justified when the one plane of food comes for all three hundred million of us??

  5. “Inflation is as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber and as deadly as a hit man.”- RR

    1. @21 accounts Removed, this thread is about baby formula, not a dating site. Try texting Brandon, and keep it private.

    2. That’s the bohemian grove guy, right? Pretty sure I saw his picture there.

    3. @dave mitchell I’m almost traumatized. They were talking about peanuts with way too many punctuations.

    1. Sometimes things go wrong, US has helped out Europe, Europe helps out the US, good to have some friends around the world.

    1. I am 61 years old from a giant family. I love messing with little kids and their impressive minds. In my lifetime we never had any concern about infant care or nutrition. Woof.

  6. Stand in line every body!!
    Rich people first….then politicians ….then army personell …
    The rest to those who shoot first !

  7. Our country has fallen so far. We are unable to manufacture simple things like baby formula, so we have to import it from other countries that can. How sad. Our manufacturing capability used to be so great.

  8. Never thought I would live to see the day that we have to report on the arrival of baby formula. Not a good sign that things are working well.

    1. You mean arrival from another country, completely unacceptable, but according to some people the food shortages and high-priced consumer goods will be catastrophic

  9. Remember a time when America could provide basic goods and services, affordable food, affordable housing, and affordable health care?

    1. Pepperidge Farm remembers … The US was *MUCH* more “Socialist” with a 90% top tax rate, a draft, tons of spending on infrastructure, economic protectionism, etc.

  10. About time. This almost offsets the amount we exported to the war that were “totally not a part of”

  11. And how long will these inspections take before it gets actually in mother’s hands? The distribution is what will take a long while as well, considering our transportation system has taken a hit.. Even with FedEx it will take a week or two or three.

    1. It’s not going to mother’s..I’m sorry. It’s going to hospitals, doctors, welfare programs.

    2. @Sandy Miller , that pallet has special formula for babies born with some medical conditions or some food allergies. It’s going to hospitals and doctors’ offices.

    3. @Let’s Mass Debate Babies can and do have problems latching on, mothers can have inverted nipples, and mothers work to make ends meet, sometimes 2-3 jobs..

    4. @Sandy Miller At least it will get to the poor who do not have the resources to pay blackmarket prices from profiteers who continually buy up items that are scarce, and make them more scarce.

  12. Ty to the US military. I bet they never thought that they would be on a rescue mission for baby food. 🇺🇸

    1. @Traci Schmidt Republicans would have handled this before it was an issue…your logic is like thanking the guy who shot you for taking you to the hospital.

  13. This is what happens when you have only one or two companies owning everything it’s disgusting what a monopoly on baby food can do.Shame on those companies shame on BOTH parties and a fractured legal system for letting this happen.

    1. Yes. Our family scrambles to look for baby formula at every opportunity. Every time we shop, baby formula for our granddaughter is the first priority. At $30 – $40 a pop, it’s getting very expensive. It’s shocking how long this mess went on before Washington DC even thought that over 3.5 million American children were at risk. We’re going to see some sick babies or fatalities before this mess is over and a lot of parents need to demand answers from a broken two party system. Someone needs to go to prison over this.

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