1. Clarissa Ward has an excellent way of speaking. Her voice is both captivating and compassionate in her coverage of the medieval-warfare, seige warfare type of invading style that the Russian army is waging against mostly helpless civilian targets in Ukraine. If it wasn’t for reporters risking their lives like Clarissa and her colleagues on the ground from CNN and other sister media outlets, we wouldn’t see how barbaric this battle of Ukraine has been from the very first day. Can any of us imagine going home after work today and not finding our home or appartment building standing or worse losing a family member in a rocket attack? Imagine only having a toothbrush and the clothes on your back and having to become a refugee in a country with another language? The people that you show us will be in our memory banks till our dying day. The little 7 year old boy that saw his father shot in the head and himself shot several times and only saved because he was wearing a hood when a soldier opened fire on him and missed hitting him in the face will be with me for eternity. How sad are going to have to get before we realize that WW III has for all pracical purposes raised its ugly head above the din of the Ukraine battlefields? We have to do everything we can to help the Ukraine if not just for that little 7 year-old boy. All the other people getting shelled in their homes and appartments and cars and getting gunned down in the streets show us the horror of what we as a people are capable of. Mankind has never changed in spite of centuries of civil society. Evil minds have never lost their grip on the world. Everyone under the sun has been criticizing the Pentagon for its excess spending and now we have to admit that if it wasn’t for the Pentagon and every free world country sending arms, we would all be potential victims from agressive autocratic states that plague our planet.

    1. @Vintage Bollinger thank you Vintage, I thought I was the only one seeing that,he reminds me of a man who name is JFK,he took no crap from Russia and Cuba

    2. Checkout The Enforcer he covers Ukraine 🇺🇦 and does Charietys for the ones who are suffering from the conflicts

  2. Whomever has a job of going towards the sound of shelling and not away are exceptional people. The emergency services of Ukraine continue to show a special kind of bravery armed only with their will to help.

    1. It is a fire fighters usual job description – heading towards things everyone else heads away from…

  3. The ordinary faces of extraordinary heroes. The term hero gets used a little too much but is well deserved in this case. This is the first real war that I am following on a daily basis, I feel so sorry for all the places in the world where similar things do happen 😥

    1. @geeetube Mate, dude, you are trying to lecture someone who has a degree in the relevant field. And I can tell you that you are very very bad at this.

  4. The paramedics and others need to be recognised after the war for what they’ve done absolute hero’s

    1. And you need to learn that the plural of hero is heroes. (Also learn what punctuation marks are and how to use them.)

  5. The sound of shelling is scary even when it comes from a video. Civilians should not have to go through this.

    1. @28 Wolflotusai the woman in the studio is Kaitlan Collins, the reporter in Ukraine is Clarissa Ward.

    1. however, in Ukraine, hundreds of streets have been renamed Stepan Bandera streets))) there are enough videos of torchlight processions with a portrait of Bandera on YouTube.

  6. I’m so incredibly proud of my colleagues/brothers and sisters in Ukraine who run into the line of fire to serve their fellow citizens of Ukraine.
    I just ask that people remember the bravery of these medics after this is over. Often everyone else’s bravery gets remembered and talked about while the work of the paramedics go without notice because lives were saved and those survivors tell their stories and the stories of the people who ran towards the bullets at great risk to their lives, they are often lost in the stories and their bravery and risk is taking for granted. From having worked in EMS I know it’s the police and the firefighters who get the thanks for their work and nobody seems to have noticed that there’s always a couple of medics right there beside the firefighters who put out the fire and the police who took down the shooter. Ive been huddled down behind a police car with officers as bullets were coming our way. Literally nothing scarier than hearing the sound a bullet makes that is sailing by your head and so close you hear the sound it makes. I can’t imagine having bombs being thrown at you just for doing your job like these medics are. Medics are the forgotten heroes. They get overlooked all the time because people are just so used to medics just being there it’s almost like they just magically appear whenever people need them. Trust me we never just magically “appear” anywhere. Great effort and risks were made to have the magical Genies appear before you in your time of need. And I can certainly promise that the paramedics in Ukraine are not just magically appearing anywhere nowadays. Many are actually getting killed doing their jobs and I really hope the brave stories of these incredibly brave people don’t get lost when this is over and done. For decades the medics will go through tremendous PTSD and they are going to need the support of the world to try and get back something that looks similar to something called life. Let’s not forget these people after you close your YouTube and go on about your day. Please don’t forget the incredible brave journalist who are bringing these stories to the front of the world to see. Give them all the respect they deserve and support their efforts.

  7. This gave me the chills because my family (including my 9 year old granddaughter) was hunkered down in a basement in Kiev for nearly two weeks. Thank God for brave young women and men like these!!!

  8. Typically, even soldiers do not go purposely into artillery/rocket barrages these medics do it most days. Medics are typically the definition of brave (or insane or both;) ). They are always brave and amazing people, though. Normally I don’t care for video news coverage but Clarissa Ward did a legit job of respectfully showing people a very different face of bravery.

  9. The courage of the Ukraine paramedics is testament to their dedication while risking their own lives to help the injured civilians in these dire circumstances and praying for these brave souls for an end to this iNVASION on their land 🙏🏻🇺🇦🌻🙏🏻

  10. Clarissa Ward is an incredible journalist. I need to add more praise than I can express to those Ukrainian rescue workers.

    1. Clarissa Ward needs to be paid more. It’s shocking an anchor can make so much more sitting in their comfortable studio with hair and makeup. Prayers for you Clarissa, you’ve done a wonderful job reporting!

    1. however, in Ukraine, hundreds of streets have been renamed Stepan Bandera streets))) there are enough videos of torchlight processions with a portrait of Bandera on YouTube.

  11. My God, I love the Ukrainian people so much…!! God bless each and everyone of you. Your all warriors and heroes !!! They deserve their freedom more than any country I know.

  12. Yet another reporting masterpiece from Clarissa Ward (and her team) IMHO, the fact that she is able to conduct her interviews in a tongue which is understandable by the locals bring so much more authenticy to her reports and as bonus she can interview inhabitants spontaneously while a story evolve and do an on the fly translation of what the people saying so the rest of us can follow along. I think CNN is very fortunate to have her working for them.

    1. Are you being paid by CNN to write this nonsense? If not, you should ask to be put on the payroll.

    2. @Real Aiglon Nothing wrong with praising the people on the ground showing us what’s happening. Relax man

  13. I’ve never seen so many reporters injured or die in such a short time in a war before. Now I know why, they are so brave as well as the paramedics.

  14. Thank you, Clarissa Ward, for showing the Truth to the World. That is your noble mission. You are also helping the World to understand who Ukrainians are. God bless you and your family. God bless Ukraine in its noble fight. Special thanks to Kharkiv paramedics, true heroes.

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