1. Yeah, And Donald Trump is an Evangelist Bible Reader who’s fighting corruption in Ukraine wink wink.😉

    1. @Floyd Thompson : TURNS OUT TRUMP IS THE SWAMP… And his whole cabinet are the Biggest LIZARDS… Turns out You Racist Cultish Trumptards were CONNED… First, You IDIOTS are paying for the WALL… Second, where’s your cheaper BETTER Healthcare plan TRUMPCARE?… Third, where’s your INFRASTRUCTURE Bill?… You got instead a 1.5Trillion money grabbing TAX CUT for the Rich Bill… And a 4.7Trillion Budget proposal from your LYING KING and GOP the party of “Fiscal Responsibility” haha… And now your beloved Bone Spurs Vietnam Draft Dodger  Donald Trump just colluded with Ukraine and used Military aid as leverage to have Joe Biden and son investigated… All this after two years of “I NEVER colluded with Russia”…  Your hero Donald Trump just abandoned and betrayed our Kurdish allies after helping us defeat ISIS… Trump opened the gates of Syria for Turkey and SOLD OUT our National Security for a TRUMP TOWER in Istanbul… Looks like Donald  Trump is STILL cooking another Republican WAR with IRAN… Oh and of course we the American consumers are paying for Trump’s TARIFFS… TIME  TO  WAKE-UP AMERICA 😎

    2. @Billy Akin the conservative party won by a landslide in Britain because the Labour party is the same as the democratic party

  2. The OLD orange Bloater is at it again, a 5 year old child shouting crap to the clouds. Ain’t no one gunna listen Donnie.

    1. Aren’t you also? Your conviction and energy level in this epic take is just utterly amazing!!! Puts some ummff to it and practice some more, you sound like you just read that thing off of a page and it’s the first time you’ve seen it! Practice up!

  3. Trump: You think walking a mile in my shoes is easy try staying 30 minutes in my head.
    Pelosi: No thanks I’d like to keep my sanity, walking the mile is safer….

    1. He can’t even pronounce origins…😂 I thought something was wrong with my ears when he kept saying orengens or oranges or whatever he said. He’s we either just repeating a word he heard or someone else wrote that.

    1. He should have stayed in private. Someone so corrupt should not be in public service. Too much heat.
      He can’t take it. He has such a nasty personality.

    1. @Barbara Roberts, absolutely it was white supremacist Miller. #45 doesn’t know what “disingenuous” means, and there is no way he could spell it or pronounce it.

    2. @Barbara Roberts Wow, I was right. The word usage gave it away because Trump can’t string 3 hyperbolic words together in one sentence. And that is true. You can see where it is interspersed with Trump ignorance and ‘simple’ sentence. He doesn’t have the vocabulary to use big adverbs and multiple adjectives. LOL There is no way he could write 6 pages either. Miller is really creepy- both are dangerous. Just because they are ignorant and amoral does not mean they aren’t deadly creeps.

    1. Imagine trump voters trying to explain to kids, grandkids, in all history books & presidential facts..why they “believed” he would be a great president…
      Then after all this impeachment…*Roll clips (face palms all around 🤦‍♀️)

    2. Penny Grensavitch yes he thinks it’s exonerating him for history. He’s right, the letter will go down in history, but not the way he thinks. It’ll show how corrupt and nuts he is.

    1. Any more I wonder if Kelly Ann is behind most communication. If you read it in her voice, it sure sounds like her style. But with a Trump twist. He pays her to do something, and her college education is in Communication. I think Kelly Anne has a hand in suggesting and even editing some portion of what comes out of the White House. So grammar is just part of the effect.

    1. Can you do me a favor here Mikey? Can you put some more pizzazz in your commentary, you come off, sounding like somebody drugged you up ..or maybe China stole your heart, in one of those organized organ Stealers thingys, do me a favor also, and put your index and middle finger on the inside of your left wrist ,and see if ya got anything there!

    2. @Chris Nenshati bribery.
      Obstruction of Justice.
      Violations of the emoluments clause.
      But you don’t have to commit a crime to be impeached. It can be for lack of morality. Ask Lindsey Graham in 1998.

    3. @Chris Nenshati 1. Obstruction of Justice 2. Obstruction of Congress 3. Bribery of a foreign leader for personal gain 4. Fraud 5. Obstruction 6. Money Laundering 7. Failure to register as a double agent 8. Obstruction 9. Failure to uphold the Oath of office. 10. Obstruction. 11. Cheating on income taxes

  4. He must be seriously melting down, GOP you can’t see America has a huge danger sitting in the Whitehouse, Do your jobs!

    1. Linnaeus you’re right on. Trump could never write that letter. He’s too dumb to sound like that, yet some of his dumb is in there. It was strange, when I was reading it I had a sense it sounded like Miller. I think they worked on it together. Probably with some of his lawyers. Trump dictated orally, lawyers advised, and Miller composed.

  5. This letter is an alternative to being ‘open, transparent and honest’.

    The Republican senators must be cringing at his stupidity. Donald …. everyone is praying for you …… to go!

  6. “I’m not abusing power, you are!!” Anybody with kids knows how to deal with this merry go round obtuse nonsense – bedtime, no more hamberders!

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