See Trump Jan. 6 Rioter Go To Jail 1

See Trump Jan. 6 Rioter Go To Jail


A judge handed down the first felony sentence stemming from the January 6th insurrection, a step toward accountability that the DOJ says will deter terror threats. Convicted MAGA rioter Paul Hodgkins will serve eight months. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on the development and quotes Vince Staples to explain the sentence. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. These little slaps on the wrist will come back to bite us all. Not deterring this behavior means we’re inviting it to happen again.

    1. @John Clarke Sorry to disappoint you: if Trump really runs in 2024 (which is highly unlikely) he will lose in the biggest landslide ever, that’s for sure. Get over it pal.

    2. Yes. The people who wrap themselves in the flag and call each other patriots while supporting a want to be dictator. While ignoring all evidence. Should be given harsh sentences. It will only make others bolder. Hitler failed at his first attempt to have total control over a country and its people. The 2nd time he succeeded. It was a terrible price for the rest of the world. He also was a cult leader. I fear nothing will happen to this pos named trump. There is talk that justice is coming. But looking at this type of punishment for zealot cult members. The pos named trump will continue to wreak havoc on the world. If justice is coming. It should have already arrived. I fear for my country and the world.

    3. @John Clarke it takes over a year to bring it to court. They are bringing in the smaller fish so they will flip on big fish trump…..its coming

    1. @max pain blm didn’t burn or loot anything. That’s the lie you and your ex-president are trying to push. Just like republicans tried to say that the people that attacked the capital were antifa. You people lie like you breathe. And guess what nobody believes any of you.

    2. @max pain there should’ve been more of them shot. They were insurrectionist enemies of this country. Trump was trying to pull s coup to steal back the white house. He was the worse president to ever hold office.

    3. @Dushone Broyles so you telling all those old unarmed boomers are the red blooded rebel army?

    4. @Dushone Broyles of course I can’t link you a site got to protect lefty bottom surgerys at all costs

    1. @Joe Whereismycuecard you mean Russia called trump and said sorry but we tried our best do you want your money back

    1. @Joe Whereismycuecard poor putin still spying on americans with Cuban spy ships ha hahah facts

    2. “Disrupting an official proceedings”. Thats all they got? In America we send political protest prisoners to jail for far less than in China or Russia.

    3. @Omicron-Omicron-Alpha-Yellow-Daystar-2-7-Enable Joined 1 month ago. Any proponent of vigilante justice is likely just a rabble rousing fool trying to stir up more anger. Ignore. He does,nt help us seek justice by legal means and hurts the cause.

    1. That was before they failed him. They’re just like any other people he “hires.” He will just say he didn’t like the job they did.

    1. this judge is going to have to install astro-turf in the court room to make it so the carpet does not get slick from all the Q-tears….

    2. Right? Funny how they shut their traps with all the TRUMP 2020 and HANG MIKE PENCE when in court. Why don’t they scream that stuff then? Where’s all the Trump-loving energy when they’re in front of a jury?

  2. Not long enough, should have got 20 years for insurrection against the United States of America, Treason is Treason regardless of how large a part the person takes. this bloke will be out with time served in no time ready for Trumps next call to arms

    1. With his lawyers logic no one should be penalized at all for any crime. I wonder if he is defending criminals with that twisted reasoning about morality by improperly utilizing a Bible story about adultery all the time.

    2. @Stuart Milne “I didn’t know it would escalate to a robbery and triple homicide! It’s not my fault, it’s the media! TV made me do it!”

    1. Black men get 10 years for a bag of weed. And this Judge only gave this man 8 months, nothing the Judge or this man Lawyer can say to Justify this. Just goes to show you how Racist and Divided America really is.

  3. Too Light. The Rosenburgs were executed for less! More years should be given to TRAITORS in the act of a Coup!
    8 mo is a joke of our judicial system.

    1. @Joe Whereismycuecard you do know that your white supremacist buddies did a lot of that arson don’t ya.

    2. @GOPCapitalFugatives Again not a black panther in sight that day. Just goes to show how their privilege worked for them.

    3. @GOPCapitalFugatives Again not a black panther in sight that day. Just goes to show how their privilege worked for them.

    4. @Sheryl Glenn thank god the black panthers showed face with gunz at michigan capital opposing the gop kkk

    1. Actually, there’s “idiots” and “morons”
      and neither is stupid enough
      to “vote accidentally”…

    2. And not really voting, see cases in Texas, where people were ‘preliminarily’ accepted, but those votes not counted!

    3. @Joe Whereismycuecard People did vote mistakenly. One woman was out on probation for felony tax fraud, she asked her probation officer if she could vote, she was told she could, so she voted. Turned out , in her State, she couldn’t vote and she was sentenced to 5 years in jail. 5 years for an honest mistake, and a mistake that really had no effect on anyone or anything. Compare that to 8 months for an insurrectionist that threatened each and every single American citizen by attempting to destroy fair elections and destroy the constitution. Seems a bit off, doesn’t it.

    4. @pinco pallino I heard a lot of Trump Supporters claiming that “Dead People” were voting ? ? ?
      You would think that “Dead People” would stop worrying about Presidential Elections, but I guess that some people hate Trump soooooo much that they are coming up out of the ground at the cemeteries (like Micheal Jackson in the THRILLER video).
      Supposedly, they are just shakin’ the dirt off of their corpse bodies, staggering down the street, and then waiting in line to vote, with everyone else ?
      (Not Sure)
      But, they say that only Democrat corpses are doing it.

  4. If he had no intention of causing violence, why does he have safety goggles around his neck? He was planning a riot when he packed for this trip.

    1. Everything Leftists do, is sedition.

      Leftism is all about destroying long standing norms and rewriting everything.

  5. Felons can’t vote! He doesn’t look like he ever voted. More will get stronger sentence I’m sure!!

    1. Kathleen Austin

      “Felons can’t vote!”

      Apparently you are NOT paying attention to what the biden administration is doing as far as voting issues. Seeing that many democrats voted for sniffy for the voting reasons alone, you think more people would be paying attention to what is happening in that area.

    2. @Fred Flinstone – Does it make you feel really smart to write vague insinuations instead of making an actual claim that someone might, you know, be able to fact-check? Also, you might want to try talking to some actual Democrats. I’d guess many voted for Biden for the Trump reasons alone! I’d have voted for the Democratic donkey mascot, had it been on the ballot, for the Trump reasons alone. Trump’s January 6 insurrection attempt only underscored what all thinking Americans voted against.

    3. Only 11 states restrict a felon’s voting rights, most are automatically restored upon release.

    4. @Brett Kramer Came here to say this. I got outta jail and voted for Biden a week after (by mail…)

  6. You have to remember that he’s privileged. “No former history”, never saved a black man yet.

    1. @GOPCapitalFugatives Again stop being silly. The first time he’s hit or even threatened he’ll run to the CO cry about being a victim and go straight to protected custody for the rest of his 8 months. They’re going to protect him

    2. Wow !…

      I hear there is “tuition assistance”
      (bail money) available to many
      “underpriveleged arsonists”
      through the programs of the
      “kam harris/blm/barrel-o-monkeys”
      organization !………….

    1. 8 months. Less than a year. That means misdemeanor, but don’t get too disparage yet. It’s common for prosecutors to rush for the quick, easy crimes, first. Then, after they’re incarcerated, build a solid case for the harsher, harder to prove crimes

  7. So Glad They Took Selfies and Shared Them Well Done, Why don’t they Use Trumps Law for Damaging Memorials

    1. They all thought the Lame duck Donald would have their backs. Now they know he only about himself. He could care less for you America and veterans of war. Like I said Hillary Clinton and the dems are to blame for the rise of Trump because no one liked Hillary we already knew she would flesse America. Leaving a person most of us really did not know anything about with the exception of his boring game show. Let’s fixes this by electing Liz Cheney to the office of the President 2024

  8. Can we double sentences for Capitol attackers (they’re attackers, not rioters) like we double fines in construction zones?

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