1. @Todd Morningstar another lie, it’s on video multiple times over multiple years condemning them. Try again.

    2. @Qron Smoke So you are okay with these brownshirts threatening a government official? Nice. And when did Biden supporters threaten anyone? Breitbart is not accepted as a source, nor is Q-anon.

    3. @Dive C are you kidding? This is what happens when you rely on CNN. Look up protestors in Seattle and Portland shining lights and yelling wake the f up. They’ve also gone to several mayor’s homes. I hope you’re being sarcastic

    4. @Gina Mazyck oh really? Yelling, shining lights in windows and destroying property is peaceful? You people are not even worth the trouble anymore

    1. Yeah screw the little kids with their parents antifa attacked leaving the Trump rally. STFU unless you have something intelligent to say lol

  1. If I showed up outside someone with a gun it stops being a protest and becomes a hostile terrorist attack.

    1. @Terry Fulds You say irresponsible, but what bout the mayors, protestors and rioters who ruined the lives of many families regardless of race. Some mayors allowed riots and violent protests to go one for too long and the gatherings themselves is a huge spreader for Covid. Trump is responsible sure, but the authorities, rioters, and protestors are equally responsible for the many deaths that resulted from their actions. Also burning and looting small businesses who had already suffered enough throughout the pandemic is not doing anyone any favors.

    2. @Daniel Well, I live and work 5 minutes from CHAZ in Seattle, and I’ll tell you, after BLM and Antifa caused millions in property damage, 5 or 6 unreported rapes, and multiple gun shots almost every night for the past 6 months, it makes me think otherwise. But it must be bullshit coming from me.

    1. Did you pray for Mitch McConnell’s safety when protesters showed up at his house and harassed him and his family? Doubt it. Dont be a hypocrite.

    1. @santa fe, bantayan island life burning down buildings and looting and riots were mostley done by boogaloo bois and Kkk members…
      Thats why they got arrested…
      So STFU…

  2. Wow she’s a very strong woman and a kickass secretary of state!!! Bless you and may you and your family and neighbors be protected from these twisted individuals.

  3. Trumpsters are so cultish now we ought to refer to these incidents as “sectarian aggression”

    It goes way beyond the scope of normal partisanship and into the realm of febrile zealotry.

    1. It is just a pity that 50% of American are sleep walking with him, while 50% are caught up in his Nightmare.

    2. @David Hand but why doesn’t Cooper and all of mainstream media condemn Antifa and BLM. Answer is drum roll because its there base supporters

    3. @Todd Morningstar like socialism. hahaha So your saying if it’s something you condone its alright. Typical left way of thinking

  4. What are they protesting exactly? Democracy? Some people have a lot of free time and also seems like they’re immune to a novel deadly virus…

    1. @James I hear you, but how crooked are these judges. I think most citizens just want transparency with the election. I know I could care less which boot licker is in the White House. If anything this election has highlighted the massive flaws in our system. Then on top of that if Biden does get in…. that pushes 80million people into the fringes. There is a storm brewing

  5. My flood lights would be on on my yard and my gun comfortably resting on my lap. Please step on my property, right republicans?

    1. Three: Hey stupid, you wouldn’t have a gun if it were not for Republicans. Just say thank you and move on dummy.

  6. Stop being politically correct when you all use the expression “misinformation’. Call it out for what it is, LIES.

    1. @Mimzy Jinx keep dreaming. But it must be sad believing that scientists, scholars, economists, historians and journalists have devoted their lives to deceiving you while a reality TV star with decades of fraud and exhaustively documented lying is a beacon of truth and honesty.

    2. @liligman thanks for the link, yes I do recall some of this a month or two ago. My take would be we had proof of Iran acting on the data prior to our election based on the articles, but they are silent on Russia. I can’t read between the lines because the post election evaluations are due no later than 45 days after the election. At that point Radcliff should share with the American people what involvement any other foreign countries had in election interference. It’s a matter of National Security. The EO spells out that assets can be seized. Even CNN Facebook, Google, Twitter and other Media companies can be taken over by our military. Guess we will have to wait for the report.

    1. @Ricardo Smythe Even the people who testified anonymously under oath (like in Nevada) had no evidence to speak of. The lady who thought she saw Biden people in broad daylight in front of a bus marked “Biden” hurriedly changing votes? I don’t think she was lying; I think she was mistaken about what she saw. The whole idea of them somehow obtaining these ballots and marking them by the dozens is ludicrous but she believed what she wanted to believe. The evidence just isn’t there, bud. If there were it would have shown up in court.

    2. @Ricardo Smythe The Supreme Court rejected Trump’s plea. So I guess we have our answer. You can’t say they’re biased against him either.

    3. @Guillermo Hernandez Um, duh. There are huge counties where very few people live—these are the rural voters who like Trump. So the number of counties is completely irrelevant. He got that many more votes because that many more people came out to vote. Think a little before you make accusations that are so easily disqualified.

  7. That had to be terrifying for that little boy. These “protesters” aren’t going to be happy until someone is hurt or killed.

    1. No we’re not going to be happy until that cheat Biden is in Prison and the true winner of the 2020 election gets his deserved 4 more years

    2. Outrageous. At least the US Supreme Court rejected PA GOP’s appeal to intervene in the presidential election. Good. 👏👏👏

    3. @Cool Ned Flanders From 1985 Miami I concur. Thats why its never a good idea to protest outside a official’s personal home while baring weapons. Whats the intention of the protesters?

    4. @Phred Barnay I have not read their website and your even-tempered reply convinced me to do so – kudos. I have been taking BLM as a popular movement against systematic racism, with many people from different, left-leaning backgrounds, going by reality; actual marches from general population with passionate feelings, *not* a constructed website managed by whomever bought the domain name first. I can see, predictably, that the far-left have their foot in the door. I’m against “gender spectrum” philosophy, being part of the post-modernist *anti-philosophy* and I’m also against people turning up with guns at a family home.
      I don’t believe in the nuclear family as a social unit, I agree with some parts of Marxist philosophy and I’m completely against communism. I believe there is an absolute difference between free thinking and action. For those who got this far and didn’t understand wtf I’m talking about, I’m against extremist politics, left & right, and I’m also against Trumpism, which is nothing to do with politics or philosophy, simply a dangerous *cult of personality* It’s all about Trump. He is not a republican. He never was. I respect conservatives. I have *zero* respect for narcissists.

    5. Margaret: You mean like BLM, when the targeted white people with violent acts of assault, not to mention the burning and looting of entire cities. Is that the “protestors” you are concerned about? I would imagine you have a lot of unhappy small business owners already, you piece of Schiff.

  8. “impact of hate speech, particularly from people in position of power”: that’s why those people MUST be held accountable because otherwise they just restart or continue until they’ve succeeded. Trump 💩 must not be left of the hook

    1. @CoolfireX – what he means is that what the left defines as hate speech is protected speech, according to the constitution. The only thing not protected is speech that is a direct call to violent action.

    2. You can loot and burn a whole city down but don’t tell a crook they are a crook especially at their house. Open your eyes.

  9. Voltaire — ‘Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.’

    Stupid sheep do what stupid sheep do .

  10. Threatening an election official and a 4 year old child is SHAMELESS, and the worst cult
    herd-mentality behavior.

    1. @Troy Lee I was just talking to a buddy about that. I think the GOP is in legitimate trouble. That party is going to splinter into Trump sheep and legitimate republicans that aren’t necessarily bad people or dumb, they just have different views.

    2. @Herman ten Klooster who do they threaten?? And don’t use brownshirts as an argument, it’s the same as if a “right-wing” uses communism!!

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