See Trump's reaction when nurse says PPE is 'sporadic' 1

See Trump’s reaction when nurse says PPE is ‘sporadic’


President Donald Trump contradicted a nurse he was honoring in the Oval Office on Wednesday, insisting there are no personal protective equipment shortages in the US despite her account that availability could be "sporadic."

A reporter asked the nurses attending the National Nurse Day event if their PPE supplies are where they need to be amid the coronavirus pandemic, and many of them nodded in agreement or answered affirmatively.

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  1. Just like a petulant child he isn’t interested in anything said unless it agrees with him. Looks like he was napping!

    1. @keith2092
      Shift with kids with extreme autism went well. The place for kids that parents don’t want or can’t handle went well. The place for kids like this to live out their lives in comfort went well. I am going home to wife in my new house with my cat. Can’t wait.

      Ill keep working helping kids so I can pay taxes for u to sit at home. God Bless

    2. @@Glen Hoban Great comment about word​ salad. Puddles was nominated student most unlikely to succeed at drumpf university. ( Who names herself “puddles?”)

    3. @Starr Hepner
      Wow. Do you really have that much hate in your heart. You accept the vile, ignorant lies of a despicable man because you hate liberals so much.

    4. @Puddles 59 oh snowflake, you’re the one with the comment history of copy and pasting “fake news” on this page not me. You’re adorable projecting your own problems, but you lost.

    5. @Puddles 59 Liar. Read way too many of your ignorant posts to buy that one. Read what Oliver Garcia said to you; you didn’t even listen to the nurse. You have no empathy. Stop lying, there’s a good little morlock.

    1. @liberal slayer you dumb sheep you do not even see the donald is flaking…he is suggesting that the nurse is lying

    2. @liberal slayer they just take anyone at that troll farm don’t they? i’ll give you a pair of american jeans if you go away. bye now.

  2. This man- child complaining about the “empty cupboard” is ridiculous too. Poor lil narcissist. Wants all the attention & non of the responsibility. What a spoiled brat

    1. Even if that was true, what has he been doing for three years? Surely not filling those “empty cabinets” an abject failure any way you put it.

    2. Paul E. Esther Lol your hilarious. if it wasn’t so sad . keep your dreams alive. Hotshot of nobody.
      and deported ? thank god i don’t have to deal with a on ratings focused leader. Mr i don’t take responsibility.
      68 thousand dead but he’s complaining about everything. . no need to say to a brainless prick to open your eyes cause you follow this madman even to your own death. HILARIOUS

    3. muuuuuud building a wall and putting his name on a already built wall. yup that’s a true leader.

  3. He is disrespectful. How dare he contradict a person who is on the frontlines. He’s essentially calling her a liar! Unbelievable.

    1. @liberal slayer At least she is not a idiotic gun loving nutjob communist sympathizing
      (pipe bomb making) (Trump-loving-Buttlicker) Republicunt

  4. Classic trump, crosses his arms over himself when he hears an ugly truth… smh… whatever.

  5. You almost expect him to put his fingers in his ears and say la,la,la,la,la,la I can’t hear you.

    1. Glenn Roy it’s even worse he interrupted her to say what a good job he’s been doing despite her literally having just said the opposite I havnt seen one nurse say they have enough PPE and yet trump send some to China how can people still think he serves America it’s pretty obvious who owns him it’s the people he owes tens of millions to

    2. @Adam Edward Well, to be fair, when he sent the PPE to China, he believed that cases in the US would go down to zero in a matter of days, and that the virus would probably disappear altogether in April, like magic (because, you know, the heat).

    1. @fordhouse8b we are still being provided with one surgical mask per week. We have yet to get a N95. As the nurse said, PPE. was made to be worn 1 time for one patient while providing 1 task ( or a group of task). She uses hers for 2 weeks.

    2. If the last administration left nothing for PPE as Trump said out of his own mouth, then what did he do for three and a half years to replenish it? Oh that’s right, gave the rich and corporate America a huge tax cut, then went golfing. Job done – winning!

    3. @K A and I’ve benefited from those tax breaks God bless President Donald j Trumpnow I can afford to buy that oceanfront property in Boca Raton and a Ferrari next year

    1. liberal slayer / either a Russian bot or a lowIQ Trumptard who has snorted too much meth and injected too much heroin.

    2. @liberal slayer so called president trump, an infinite and endless liar, an hourly promise-breaker, the owner of no one good quality.

  6. Does he really think the average person believes his s#it? This is one sick, empty person….

    1. And what a body! You can almost hear the corset stays making the sounds a submarine makes as it sinks below the rated hull pressure depth.

    2. shadesofallure his response is horrible and the shortage of PPE still exists!!!! We are the ones that requires the PPE so we would know if there’s a shortage… when my hospital are sending N95 through the sterile processing system ITS A SHORTAGE trump

  7. He was so arrogant completely uncaring intimidating to this poor nurse. Please vote him OUT.

    1. @Jim Battersbee Is everything a conspiracy in your eyes? Just dont shoot up any pizza parlours, genius

    2. I’m sorry but this is not a poor RN nurse she is head nurse practitioner which means she is able to write prescriptions just like a doctor and has gone to medical school for six years

    3. @Anthony LaRocco shes also risking her entire life to keep the public safe. And here you are, on youtube, crying about those people who are taking care of America. Go find a hobby, mate.

  8. Look out. He’ll be gunning to get her fired. Isn’t that what he does every time someone disagrees with him or calls him out?

    1. @liberal slayer yup well hope none of your family needs doctors if this is how you want to treat the frontliners. dumbass

    2. @Anita Neuleader you can’t reason with stupidity or ignorance. Save your sanity and don’t feel the trolls.

    1. Lena De do not look away. It is the only way we will be able to hold him accountable is enough people see him for who he really is

    2. @Juan Peguero They have the right faces for the dark part of the history book they’ll go to.

    3. Then get out and vote in November make sure your friends and family vote also, MAGA 2020 vote Trump out

  9. Blaming the last administration is pathetic what ever happens when you were there for the last 4 years, why’re can’t you fill it up

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