See what delegate did after Marjorie Taylor Greene’s gaffe 1

See what delegate did after Marjorie Taylor Greene’s gaffe


CNN's Brianna Keilar speaks with Democratic Delegate of Guam Michael San Nicholas about bringing some of Guam's National Guard members to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's (R-GA) office after she referred to Guam as a foreign country despite its status as a US territory during

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    1. @Don Nwzad … I just left mama’s house… she told me to tell you there is only 1 Michelob Ultra in the refrig.. don’t get mad at her it was me !!! Next time buy a 24 pack instead of a 6. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you !!!

    2. @Don Nwzad CNN is a good news organization better than fake news OANN, Fox, Newsmax and lying Brietbart…

    1. She had a good point though. Politicians use military members all the time to make themselves look good. They host ceremonies for them, etc. Anything that will show their support for the troops. There really isn’t anything wrong with that. HOWEVER, in this case they were used not to just show how good this politician might be but to try to make another one look bad. That is a HUGE problem. Those military members probably didn’t even realize exactly how they were being used in this manner. Yet, there is a good chance they will get at least a reprimand for it. On top of that, all he managed to do was make Taylor-Green the victim. She will probably now go around claiming the democrats are using the military against her.

  1. Why is she attacking him so much? He focusing on the wrong thing here. I usually liked her interviews / videos, but this one is trash.
    I’m with the Guam delegate on this one.

    1. I really feel like along with him spreading good will he was trying to say, “Look….this are men and women who fight for your freedom. They deserve far more respect than they are given.” I truly didn’t understand the over pressing of the follow up questions that seemed to try and place him in a negative light.

    1. @terry lunsford yes, but I figured a lot of people wouldn’t know what that was so I just put Guamanian

  2. Guam needed to do this for awareness! They are super important to our national defense strategy. They should be made a state in my opinion!

  3. It reflects badly on certain humans that their “views” fail to recognise others as fellow human beings.

  4. Good for Del. San Nicolas, she tried really hard to make a negative story out of this, glad he did not give in to her ignorance, and I mean the Interviewer, we all know What Ms. Greene is.

  5. Oh nooo!!!! He brought her cookies! That’s what you do to introduce yourself to your neighbor. Which was a good idea because she clearly didn’t know they existed. 😉

  6. Im just blown away how this is being taken so far out of proportion. This man has done so much for the island of Guam.

    1. @Dor Lee Dee so again I agree that good fundamentals in English and history are important, especially if you want to be well respected and liked by the general public, but I hardly think that should be the top priority for a public figure. To me it seems far more important to have a firm understanding of economics, political science, knowledge of our country’s and the world’s political and social landscape, effective solutions to problems, plans to achieve those solutions, and a strong personal character to stick to your guns and not back down in the face of resistance and adversity. Honestly, if you communicate solid ideas and sound solutions to problems I really don’t care if you talk or write like a fifth grader. It would obviously be preferred that you don’t do that, but if you do it’s not nearly as much of a hindrance to your success as a politician or leader (or at least it shouldn’t be). Charisma and eloquence are much higher priorities if you want to keep your public office because the masses are far more concerned with how things look and sound than what they actually are or with solving problems effectively. Most people are too stupid to understand that the way something appears has very little to do with its capacity for change or progress. But that concept irritates me to no end personally because I’d much rather have an effective leader who looks and sounds like a troglodyte than a leader who smiles and waxes poetry but who never gets anything done because he’s too much of a stereotype of a politician to actually get things done when he’s too busy trying to get re-elected. But based on your earlier response, just to get a baseline example to make sure I understand, I’d assume we both agree Biden is a terrible option from both our perspectives?

    2. @Jay Zee No. Biden is a worldwide reputable politician. You can have both, in one person. That is possible! Biden is incredibly articulate, sympathetic and poetic. As a matter of fact, I don’t think that you know anything about Joe Biden. And, I believe that you are saying that a 78 year old man cannot be any of these things because he’s old..he looks old? Biden was incredibly handsome all throughout his life and still is. At what age do you cut off women? Is it before they turn 78? MTG and Lauren Boebert are in way over their heads. They appear uneducated every time they speak. Boebert and her love of guns and ammunition. They used Trump as their standard when campaigning. Donald Trump. Worldwide scam artist and liar. No reputable friends or partners. Sad, really. To have to pander to people who are uncomfortable with immigrants and trying to sooth their worries. “Foreigner” “Illegals” …words designed to bring resentment and grievances to the voter. Lazy, mean and unAmerican. Re-Elected? You mean in ‘24? This must be the nonsense Fox is saying.

    3. @Jay Zee …Biden has changed quite a bit…which is why he won! We all, well me and people who I know, have changed. After 9/11… and, with the new information about addiction, not to mention his son’s drug problem, Biden and many of us are liking Drug Courts not Criminal Courts for drug users. Sure, Biden may not be for decriminalizing all drugs like I am, but ….Biden would sit and listen to my and many liberal and progressive ideas and reasons why legalizing marijuana and all narcotics would end the Drug War started by Reagan. And, needs to stop! The GOP is backwards thinking, Men of the 50’s socially. Ugh!

    4. @Marty Baldwin which people are we talking about? MTG I’m assuming since that’s the only person I’ve mentioned but you said “the people” plural so I’m curious who else you mean. But if MTG is all you mean, what about her would you say is “evil?” I get how you may not like her but to argue she is “evil” is a pretty strong stance to take.

    5. @Dor Lee Dee so…that was a lot of info. Not all of it directly related to the discussion we were having. First, I didn’t mention his age or appearance at all. I don’t know why that should matter to anyone. There shouldn’t be any relevance to be gained from someone’s visual appearance or race or gender or ethnicity or age as long as none of that directly impacts their ability to make cognitive decisions as a person in authority. It matters in so far as the masses are obsessed with appearances because they tend to be too lazy and stupid to research or understand actual policies or platforms so they vote on visuals (see Obama’s steamroll election results). But none of that was anything I brought up about Biden. I was asking what you thought of him since you said proper English and grammar are so important to you for a politician. I’m surprised you are so openly inconsistent on that point. There are entire compilations of Biden muffing up speeches, slurring his words, forgetting basic and important information minutes after being told that information and generally displaying his rapidly deteriorating mental state. Again, none of that has anything to do with his policies or platforms but since you brought that up as well I’ll address it. I get you like his stance on drug reform. That’s fair. My question would be what you think of his (shifting) stances on pretty much everything else. He is a phenomenal career politician but that’s not a good thing. He’s been in the business for over 40 years and has no substantive successes to his name. He’s gone on record multiple times as an overt racist from back in the day up to current day. He doesn’t understand what his own policies on gun control or immigration actually entail, as proven by him berating and talking bad about policies his own administration made during the Obama presidency (for example the cages at the border). I’m curious how you can be so supportive of the man while simultaneously complaining about other politicians making comparatively very minor and rare slip-ups. Like the guy if you want. Nothing wrong with that. But if you do like him it seems very inconsistent and disingenuous to then turn around and complain about other politicians doing the same things Biden does on a near daily basis. Again, though, I’m very confused about the rest of your points since they don’t really have anything to do with what we were talking about.

  7. “Criticism from conservative supporters”: we also don’t understand what a “US territory” is

  8. She had no idea that “Guam Where America’s Day Begin” Biba Guahan Thank you Mr. Mike for all you do, you just gave her a lesson she won’t forget.We need more people like you

  9. Wow the way she just brushes over the points he brings up and get back to her talking point… They just can’t think for themselves anymore.

    1. She really showed no respect to him or his answers. She needs to change up her lifestyle to include cookie toting neighbors & less time with FoxNews ignorant bantering types.

  10. She is a United States representative and she doesn’t know that Guam is one of our territories? She is a perfect example of a person who thinks that this country belongs and only belongs to a certain group of people and anyone darker than her is somehow a foreign invader.

    1. First of all she did not say that, if so where Tell me where in the video I can hear her say that. Despite Guam being a U.S. territory it is indeed a foreign land. It is located in Southwest Asia by most geographic maps but technically in the Oceania continent. No matter how you look at it Guam is not geographically located in any of the Americas. It is the same Island that Democrat congressman Hank Johnson was worried would capsize if too many U.S. troops were placed there.

    2. @rosy Lee If it’s like P.R.they only pay Social Security taxes or payroll taxes. The only tax they don’t pay id Federal income tax unless they work for the Federal Gov. or if they work for a U.S. based company who sent them to Guam to as contract employee.

  11. She was probably hiding in her office. She did the whole “tell them im in a meeting” play. What a coward.

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