1. @MD F You CNN Viewers Love Free Speech AS Long AS It AGREES With YOUR Views! Anyone Having Different Views Is A Russian Troll OR Bot! SO SAD!

  1. Thousands of Russian and Ukrainian people who all have different talents, dying for one lunatic. All these people who probably haven’t done anything wrong. Solidarity with those free and courageous Russians who protest against their crazy criminal dictator.

    1. @Danny 11:11 True and no one in their right mind think that Ok. You’re brave.

    2. @playonesong yeah there are many videos on here about the right wing militia groups in ukraine, people just choose not to pay attention to that and just listen to a 5 min propaganda news channel lie to them and believe it because its easier than thinking for themselves

  2. Hip-hop IS the people’s music. I stand with all Russians who seek peace! I know you can’t see us but we see you! Peace to Ukraine and peace to the good humans of Russia who just want this to end.

    1. @Lewis Lovelord great attitude, and I agree that we all can agree to disagree, and have discussions without insults and name calling. and I respect said person’s opinion because it their right. Good journey brother.

    2. @Morris Stewart  The comment was ‘Hip-hop IS the people’s music.’ That’s singular & imperative. They didn’t say it’s this generation’s music or anything of the sort. However it isn’t this generation’s music. It’s one genre of music which a slice of people like. Many people, young people included, barely consider it music & would call it prose with a beat. How about ‘Music is the universal language’ or ‘Music is the language of peace’ or ‘Music is poetry which transcends language?’

    3. @fomerly patriotic well said and good point, but here is where I disagree with you, Hip-hop and rap are this generation music that brings them together, we see it in this video, we see it in China, Britain, North and South America and every other country that we are privileged to have a inside glimpse of. That being said I’m 56 years old, and have enjoyed and listened to many genre of music, while traveling worldwide and realizing that western culture is not only trendsetters, but admired and imitated, My point is that once upon a time in history, the Britains and Americans had the rest of the world admiring rock, point is that things change with time. Most young people today, don’t even know who Mozart is unless they are a student of music, and the same will be said about 2pac and biggie in a hundred years from now. maybe you don’t like Hip-hop or rap and I can respect that, but don’t assume or project you dislikes on the rest of the world. because the world will go on without your or my opinion. fact is people like what they like, thank you for the conversation and good journey. much respect.

    4. CNN Reporter “Getting Down With The Kids”! Before Returning Home To Her Download Of The Eagles Hotel California!

  3. Wow ! Wow – this is so surreal to be living through so many historical moments. The bravery the Ukrainian people have shown the whole world and the Russians that oppose the war themselves- is very inspiring.

    1. @Richard Bailey mom n pop shops dumping vodka. Boycotting a piano player because he’s Russian.. making a the #1 tennis star in the world have to come out and denounce the war in Russia or else.. when he already was against it from the beginning

    2. @Ramey Chisum
      Ukraine military has been bombarding its own civilians the last 8 years, Russia finally had enough.
      Putin is a hero, you just dont know it yet.

    3. @Sgma36 are you actually supporting russia? Are painting Ukrainians to be hypocrites? They are no nazis and I’m sure if it. Rightists supports Russia surprisingly

    4. this is Russia’s very own IRAQ 2003 , that was for my generation . we destroyed a nation and killed 1 million + civilians so far all because of lie . “WMDs”

    5. @Takezo San yes it is, but 2 wrongs don’t make a right, but I agree Bush should be charged with war crimes

    1. They need to get organised and go back to force a change. Russia wont change by applying pressure from the outside, it more likely makes it worse, the change needs to come from within by Russians. I do feel sorry for these mostly young people but running away cant be the solution.

    2. EVEN The Russians Are Virtue Signalling NOW! Though Looking At The Examples HERE! Seems To Be Just Ugly Ones Who Need A Shower!

    3. @DavidRGD THANK GOD for CNN! Let All Russians Be Converted and Start Worshipping At The Church Of Woke Virtue Signalling Liberal Propaganda! Beware Of False Profits! CNN Ratings Are ONLY Rising Due To Their Exploiting The War Suffering! Will Fall Again When It Finishes!

    4. No they arent.
      They are spoiled little brats on holiday.

      Putin is a world wide hero. You just dont know it yet.

    1. @Wolfgang Bloddymeatsack I see it as the most important moment in Earth’s human history, not human history throughout the Universe, not even human history throughout this, our Milky Way Galaxy, but certainly here on our Earth. Personally I like it here and have hopes that our children’s children’s children, will like it here too. The ugliness of what’s happening in Ukraine tells me that we may not be ready to work well with the rest of the Universe’s life forms. Putin must stop his war crimes and humanity needs address these issues ASAP!!!!!

    1. 100%. Unfortunately in my city people have vandalized Russian businesses. We should be embracing people like this, Putin calls them traitors but they are really the best of Russians.

    2. I feel bad for a lot of Russian citizens. There are a lot that don’t support the war and are stuck with sanctions and a leader they disagree with and can go to jail just for their views

    3. I know, they don’t want this.
      But where there’s people, who needs our help, who doesn’t like war, there will be other who wanted war, who hates the West, and maybe… they do wanted Putin to bring back the old days of the Soviet Union. It’s inevitable (just for balance… like there will always be good or bad)
      And for me, I felt things won’t be the same again, no matter if either side gains a victory that ended the invasion, in either way…
      But we’ll see how it goes.

  4. The ENTIRE WORLD needs to do a live Aide concert to PROTEST the war…..The young generation needs to take hold of this planet and fight for freedom…..many old timers have been too brainwashed by Putin…..SLAVA UKRAINI 🇨🇦🇺🇦🇵🇹❤⚘⚘⚘

    1. As YOU Have Been Brainwashed By CNN! Slava Ukrani IS A Slogan Used By Extreme Nationalist Ukrainian Groups! Many With Neo Nazi Links!

  5. Those kids have guts , motivates me. Godbless the protestors and people fighting just fir their right to be

    1. @iamoo They Are Just The Kids Of Rich Russians On Holiday! Just Being Trendy Bandwagon Jumping Teens! Wonder If They Still Have Their BLM Badges In The Bottom Of Their LCD Backpacks!

    2. @L R Unlike you the world wasnt born yesterday and despite what you believe the world does not revolve around you.

    3. @Jasmine Bali Unlike you the world wasnt born yesterday and despite what you believe the world does not revolve around you.

    1. @Jasmine Bali What these brave people are doing is spreading the news that Putin is a monster a monster that can easily effect my future and the future of our children, and our children’s children. If h’es not stopped the whole world may be effected by his stupidity for years to come. We are all connected here on the Earth and beyond.

  6. I support every Russians who wants to stand up against Tyranny, oppression, war crime, false propaganda & for political change in their homeland

    1. I’m not against any peaceful civilians only those violent separatists who use violence to support Putin’s propaganda

  7. I both thank and applaud these Russian people who realize what’s going on and are brave enough to tell the world the truth.

  8. Good,good,that’s how it goes .young folks spreading the real news and facts.Music is very powerful and this is great! 🇺🇦🇺🇦✌🕊

  9. What brave people, both Ukrainians who are fighting for survival and Russians risking their lives to stand up for truth! God bless you all 🙏

  10. I am pleased to see Russian heroes still exist. Beautiful spirit being shown with this opposing of a horrible wrong. Perhaps Russia is due for another revolution. I’m hoping for this to be a door to a better future.

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