1. Islamic prayers meditations aur spiritual practices karta hai tough banda hai pahele ka Romeo se bohut change ho gaya

  1. IK was 50 feet above,revolver waa up in the air.
    Ik’s only upper half was visible from the bottom than how he can hit IKs leg?

    1. Because there were many gunmen involved in it, not just one. The gunshots were continuous and came from many directions. Everyone knows that now

    1. @Astovoc Azrro evidence is present condition of pakistan.pakistan has sea,neighbour country like india but still they cant take benefits from it.imran khan atleast tried to keep friendship with india.your all other prime ministers were busy on corruption. Im from nepal and we respect imran khan decency and pakistani gesture and love toward our country.India and indians are very selfish

  2. CNN. Shouldn’t you warn your viewers before you show human wounds and blood? Some of us are sensitive people to see humans injury.

  3. He is a true leader of Pakistan he is against all the mafia’s and corrupt politicians rogue Army officers bajwa and his team is responsible for this chaos

    1. But previously he appeased them a lot to come to power and this Karma has returned. Only the prayers of people grateful for his good deeds saved him.

  4. Correction he didn’t shot at his legs he shot at him one person died who was with him others got injured by bullets like him

  5. Paying price for raising his voice against mafias. People of Pakistan are with you till last of their blood. People want democratic system without any discrimination against any religion, cast, language , color , gender. We want corruption free country. Equal distribution of national wealth, corruption free judiciary.

    1. And you are upset right after this news. I can feel your pain🙂. Go and test someone else’s middle leg now.

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