1. This is why our 1st amendment is so important . Whether you agree or disagree with those in power you must be able to speak . That’s why so many immigrate to the US .

    1. @ra5928 Okay, well I hope she is learning something useful and God bless you and yours Becky Boomer (whoops, sorry), thanks.

    2. oh, come on, freedom of speech is not the US invention. Of course your amendments are very important, but these laws exist in Europe too.

    3. @ra5928 well, it has turned into an insult, my mom is early 70’s and she told me that she thought a boomer was someone who didn’t believe in climate change, which is a total boomer opinion.

      The thing is, okay… have you heard what Mike McCarthy said recently? He was asked what he had against the Obiden policy, and he was like oh, imma gonna tellya and he went off, ending with how he explained to a student (who was a swimmer) that after ww2 the united States was like a swimmer who would be so dominant that he would be dried off and finished the race before the other countries had finished and then blah blah blah, like we put on weight belts because we wanted to help the world and even things out so we got slower and slower and kept adding weights and the current policy is just going to sink us.

      My point is that I said sorry cause boomer is an insult cause things just got progressively worse to the point (oh, and progressiveness is a major part of the problem) the point that is now where we basically can’t afford to do business.

      And I don’t exculpate, if that is a word, My generation X, but here we are. The financial situation is what it is, at the risk of sounding Qannonny, maybe some kind of reset is needed, but I would speak more to the 2016 Trump issue.

      I thought his Apprentice show was corny and he was some kind of rich public character, like whatever, but the way they went after him was just weird and illogical and showed a lack of representation whereby he was supposed to be the one elected BY THE PEOPLE, and you can doubt it or whatnot, and talk about Putin or Russia or whatever, which doesn’t make a lot of sense, then the press and the non elected government went after him like slavering animals and I Don’t want to push anybody to be pro Trump or necessarily am myself, but I Do want people to recognize what happened and I want us to do what is needed to restore representation.

  2. Freedom to speak and express your personal views is precious.
    Whether it’s in the country you live in or in your own home.

    1. *только ужас и мысль: это не может быть*

  3. The Russian army reminds me more and more of the German army in the final phase of WWII. Deploying untrained soldiers, expanding useless distribution lines, and destroying vital infrastructure to harm the enemy.

  4. *This makes me think about “synchronized clapping” for the President of China. It’s scary to imagine if one doesn’t comply.*

    1. @myangel3344 Because the USA is an oligarchy. The people wit the money will live like kings and we will serve them.

  5. Getting jailed/torture for speaking out about one’s government should be a sign for the international community to deal with said country.

    1. im confused how this is a pot/kettle situation with hillary “lock her up” vs the trump “lock him up” … more ironic or karmatic imo

  6. See what happened to Julian Assange, 
    when he spoke out about how the West was treating its population.

  7. Good thinking always make your mind a wind vane but bad thinking doesn’t even make your brain a compass.

  8. What a country, if you don’t get the 18th floor Window, you get indigestion, or you can get into a fatal car accident and your best case scenario is that you get sent away from home for a very long time.

  9. It reminds me of what happened to Julian Assange. You don’t even have a clue about what really happens when someone dissent to the USA government.

  10. It’s so horrible that all these people are being imprisoned, drafted, or having worse things happen to them all because of the actions of one crazy, selfish madman.

    1. @suzanne peters Worse. He openly said he would hold mass executions. The crowd full of Americans, cheered.

  11. My heart goes out to those who are losing brothers- uncles- cousins and dads and cant do anything to stop the madness🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. Same thing is happening to people who speak out against Zelensky he arrested all opposition leaders,banned free press

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