1. Ginni Thomas, could go down in history as the first spouse to bring about the downfall of a Supreme Court Justice.

    1. @Carl Heese Let’s agree that we both miscomprehended the other. But I “did not” make it clear that one approach is “less harmful/better” than the other. I did, in fact, suggest that both have big draw backs (and they do). A term limited judge could engage in a “scorched earth” approach, knowing that they will be out in a given amount of time anyway, and has nothing to lose. A lifer doesn’t have to consider that (case in point, Thomas was the lone dissenter (was Ginni in his ear?)). My bad for the miscomprehension. No harm, no foul.(corrected typo)

  2. The supreme court has always been political and along racial lines…….remember when Obama nominated Garlin and republicans were saying all crazy things regarding nominating someone during election year……..

    1. There is a big difference between a Democrat and a Republican doing the same thing. One is justified, the other is not. Which one it is depends on your perspective.

    1. @Mark mhe Government that spends the last 2 years doing nothing in a “lame duck” session. Are you going to turn the entire Court over in your set term. Do you take the time to rationalize these ideas before presenting them?

    1. I’ll be scratching my head on that one till the day I die. Fortunately, for me anyway,
      I won’t be on this earth too many years longer. It saddens me to the core, what the deniers have done to this Country. The 4th of July would bring tears to my eyes in past years. I was so humbled by the patriots that died to hold our democracy precious. Now I cry because half of us have decided to “give it away”.

    1. @Chucks Grace type into YouTube what Trump thinks about mishandling CONFIDENTIAL information. The Washington post’s version is the best! It’s just trumps words! As hollow as ever! Except to the FOOLS & HYPOCRITES ! Which are you? GIVE U.S A BREAK SHAME SHAME SHAME

    2. So when she bragged that her hubby to MAGA crowd and said Trump mentioned her twice was he talking about her cooking?

  3. Let’s not forget that Clarence and Ginni stated they are best friends etc. Best friends talk about everything. Lock him his wife up where they belong.

    1. They’re BOTH a couple of freqks..
      You can’t be married to your
      “Best friend” that long & not known about their ” proclivities”.
      Ever since Anita Hill and the coke bottle incident, then calling the
      Hearings a “High tech lynching” I’ve had an intensely bad feeling about Clarence.

    2. When Meadows wrote Thomas on Nov. 24 to “not grow weary” in this “fight of good versus evil,” and said he has “staked my career” on overturning Biden’s win, Thomas replied: “Thank you!! Needed that! This plus a conversation with my best friend just now.” She did not say who that “best friend” was, but Clarence Thomas has repeatedly referred to his wife as his “best friend.”

  4. The problem isn’t with the Court so much as it’s with the Senate, which approves the nominees. If the Senate is corrupt, they’ll appoint corrupt justices….and here we freaking are!

    1. @Rhiannon Bittle You can believe as you like. I have no problem with that.
      Please refrain from thinking you somehow know, mistakenly I might add, what I will do.
      Or that your belief should for some unknown reason should be everyone’s belief. Have a little respect for others.

    2. The president appoints justices and judges, the Senate merely approves them. If you’re whining about the makeup of the court, and did not vote for Hillary Clinton, you’ve yourself to blame.

  5. Who’s going to believe she really never spoke to her husband about her activities in “detail” or he didn’t already know about it

    1. What line who she crossed? I bet a lot of people right now would want to return to the supercharged economy and the growth we were experiencing before COVID-19 was released on the world. We have now gone through our third quarter of economic stagnation. We are well on our way to the Biden Recession. I bet a lot of people would like to return to when we had a 6% growth and a 1.5% rate of inflation before Joe took office.

  6. The problem is the people that believe the lie expect to see proof that it wasn’t .They fail to realize the burden of proof falls on them not us .

  7. They have delegitimized themselves by their rulings!! For them not to realize that just proves the point even further.

    1. @Sarge rotflmmfao trumpees don’t understand the difference between whining about bs. Compared to a legitimate stance. SMH
      You are the poster child of why our public schools need more funding and less legislation.

  8. Where was the ‘respect the integrity of the court’ argument from John Roberts when McConnell held up a confirmation hearing for Merrick Garland?

    1. @Ava G Yes indeed, Miss Karma works in mysterious ways. Remember the ARK of the Universe is long , But it always bends towards justice. And have a blessed day .

    1. @Randy GilbertYou say Biden is senile, but ignore completely that Trump was saying that he was at the White House a few weeks ago with Zuckerberg. It’s easy to verify if you want the truth.

    2. @Randy Gilbert Lord please tell me you aren’t a Trump supporter. That man speaks like he’s in the third grade and spells like he’s in first. Did you see him on Hannity? His diaper was showing 😄😄😄😄

  9. She wants to litigate her opinions. She figures that she can’t lose, because she and her husband are the only experts on her opinions. Didn’t talk to her husband is a lie.

    My guess: she’s a hysteric, and he’s afraid of her.

    1. Or maybe their not dems so they dont have to lie. Some people are free like that here in the good ole usa. I know dems dont have that freedom.

    2. @Randy Gilbert I’ve heard them say that they’re like two horses harnessed together and pulling the same cart.

  10. I believe what Virginia Thomas said when asked about whether she spoke to her husband about her political beliefs her answer was, “ I generally don’t.” Generally don’t, can be considered the same as “ occasionally, yes I do.”

    1. Sounds a bit like ‘Nearly a virgin’ to me??.’Generally don’t’…to me means sometime I might. Remembering she refused to answer ‘under oath’…THAT say a lot. Go back and say it UNDER OATH GINNY!

    2. Ginni thinks she’s so smart and so cute. Another crazy person abusing the rest of us by breaking down every institution we trust.

    3. Good point 👍 that she should speak to him about it AT ALL is a big problem. “Occasionally” is way too often.

  11. You know someone is guilty of exactly what they’re being accused of when tfg calls them a great, brave & courageous person that didn’t wilt under pressure.

    He said the same about her bestie too – that says a lot

  12. The Court crossed an “important line” when all of Trump’s nominees stated that Roe was “established precedent” and then turned around seconds later and abolished it. And then Alito says how dare we question the Court?

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