1. @Victor Gutierrez just because you don’t believe it isn’t a human doesn’t change the fact that it is. Just like men “identifying” as a women doesn’t change the fact that they are still men.

  1. No government position should be lifetime. And the Supreme Court Of the Divided States is a government position.

    1. @ Amol Khobaragade.
      Actually getting rid of the SC would be the most realistic option. The idea that the highest court in this country is supposed to be fair, just and blind to political influence & bias is a total joke. Human nature has proven people are not capable of seperating their emotions AND political affiliations when their motal & ethical obligations require them the most.
      This country has always stood firm on the seperation of state powers when it comes to law.
      That’s where it’s always been and that’s where it will always be. Let states’ federal courts handle their own laws & cases.
      The SC today has lost integrity. It is a joke and the idea of keeping politics & religion out of it is simply impossible.

    2. @Super Squirrel I agree, and the other “institution” that should be dissolved is the Senate. It isn’t called the “Good Old Boys” Club for nothing.

  2. You get fired if you lie on your resume or when incompetence highlights your inability to make sound decisions. Isn’t it great to know you can lie under oath and still be a supreme Court Justice?

  3. You have every right to practice your religious beliefs in your own church and in your own life. You don’t have the right to force your religious beliefs on another.

    1. @KING JACOB It is not being a sexual deviant to use contraception that’s being responsible. What you’re talking about is something that’s going to cause a lot of people to get sick and a lot of people to die.

  4. Good Ole Mississippi
    🚩Great News!
    A coalition of State AGs and Prosecutors have submitted a letter stating they will not attempt to criminalize or prosecute anyone seeking an abortion or anyone or institution, aiding or performing abortions.
    In other words, many do not agree with the recent ruling.

    1. @Steven Torrez neither does trump….and fyi he is nor doing so well right now…he will not be running in 24

    2. @Tony Bryant If you expect a more complete answer to your comment, you should post it on the thread. Maybe you don’t want others to read your nonsense? For right now, I am just laughing too hard about you bringing up Rudy Giuliani, who lost not only his reputation but his license to practice law. Thanks for the jokes though. If you really are from Columbia, the South American country, that would explain why you know so little about NYC, USA housing market, etc. Stay safe, be well.

  5. There’s really only one answer, The supreme court justices should have a two 4 year term maximum limit, and they should be voted in and out by the people instead of elected officials. Power and money 🤑 is the main reason why a lot of politicians nowadays don’t retire until death retires them permanently. Divided States of America because we sure as hell ain’t the “United” States of America

  6. It’s interesting that even the Missouri AG who made his pious announcement in the video clip, along with everyone else in the United States, no longer has a right to privacy. People are complaining reasonably about women’s loss of the right to abort unwanted or dangerous pregnancies, but the much more fundamental right that we have all lost, regardless of our sex and of how we feel about abortion, is the right to privacy, which, not being explicitly spelled out in the Constitution, has been formally eliminated by this Supreme Court. It’s only a matter of time until we all begin to feel more and more government intrusion into our private lives, because, well, there’s no such thing as a “private life” now.

    1. @Don Donnerson Ninth Amendment The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. Sorry your wrong.

    2. @V for Wombat Unelected officials are not subject to the voting process which includes public review, assessment and selection.

    3. @Borvo If I have “missed the point completely” it’s a deficiency on your end as it is incumbent upon you to change my mind. Anyway, what reference do you offer to indicate that abortion in the 18th century was considered a fundamental right?

    4. @V for Wombat Can you please offer a source for your information relative to abortion being considered a right under the Ninth Amendment in the 18th century?

    5. @Milferd Jones What reference do you offer from the time period that abortion was considered under the umbrella of “certain rights”?

  7. I have never voted in my life time, but the turn this ruling went in, made me register to vote. I’m in my 40’s and determined to vote, I’m voting Blue, i will especially vote for the candidates who are pro-choice and not ones that just became pro-choice. We don’t need anymore Joe “MANSIONS” or Kristine “CINEMAS”.

  8. Just like “abortion” there is NO “God” in the Constitution. Playing stupid isn’t as hard as it looks.

    1. I’m pretty sure if he was single, premarital sex and contraception would have been left off too.

  9. In the immortal words of Bill Hicks, “I’ll tell you how to solve this abortion thing. Instead of leaving unwanted babies in alleys and dumpsters, leave them on the Supreme Court steps.”

    1. They don’t really care about the babies, they’d leave them there to die. This is all about power.

  10. One thing is for certain, this is definitely going to increase violence in the United states, and doesnt offer any help for the already living.

  11. All those Southern Mothers had better watch their young daughters, because the so called supreme court’s have made it open season on them. 😕

  12. Based on Clarence Thomas’s assertion that all rights established via due process and equal protection clauses of the Constitution should be challenged, I suppose it follows that someone will have to challenge Loving v. Virginia, 388 U.S. 1 (1967). Seems supremely ironic that he and his wife benefit from a right established via due process and not expressly stated in the Constitution. 🤔

    1. Overturning Loving would limit the choices of too many men. That will never happen. They never curtail their own rights.

  13. Ask Thomas if “inter-racial” marriage will be on his or other justices chopping block? He has enjoyed the right to marry who he wants like everyone else should too. Expand the court, end the Filibuster and term limits! It’s time to show the Republican party that “We the People” have the power at the ballot box…get out there in November and VOTE BLUE!!

    1. Have to elect more people don’t have enough reliable Dems. And switch back to old delay only Filibuster which was not used much as they had to stand and talk to do it would work wonderfully. The purpose of that Filibuster was so the side Filibuster could try to get votes changed with voter pressure. That Filibuster was used for that delay and to stop something like naming a post office for someone objectionable that the side passing it not going to suffer though a filibuster for it.

  14. Most countries with a democratically elected government have their highest level of judges appointed by their peers, not by politicians. Most dictatorships appoint the senior judges to ensure compliance with their poltical views..
    And how does the greatest democracy appoint its senior judges?

  15. The constitution was written over 200 years ago and for the life of me I don’t understand why people do not feel that a 200 year old document shouldn’t be updated and modified. Your workplace updates and modifies rheir Company Rules and guidelines yearly in some cases, so to think that the Constitution shouldn’t ALSO be modified to handle our ever evolving law is beyond me.

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