1. @Evan Brad It’s the UN and the Clinton Foundation doing it and that is a fact. All the funds for humanitarian aid were kept by the Clinton foundation. They have exploited Haiiti until there were barely any children left. True evil.

  1. Where was his so called security when these “DEA” agents barged in the home of the Prime Minister. Why would DEA be going to the home of the country’s leader? Come on now.

    1. @Niky B That’s no excuse. You really think you can scream dea and get into any residential palace? They were in on the hit.

    2. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 …. Your statistics are a joke. Washington Examiner is a right wing joke !

    3. @Grim Reafer – and what about the 4 years of non-Stop Democrat Corruption?

      what about the Russian Collusion Delusion SCAM? did anybody go to prison for falsely blaming the president for colluding with Russians?

      Partisan Railroad impeachment by Corrupt Democrats, Conducting Kangaroo Courts.

      Months of Liberal Rioting all across America that Democrats Encouraged.

      Widespread Voter irregularities.

      Gave us Jan 6th

  2. The president is eliminated just when he appoints a new prime minister, and the prime minister in place refuses to surrender the seat? The killing squad has easy access to the president’s home, and is just as easily arrested? Looks strangely like a palace revolution.

    1. @TheQsanity You’re right. It’s a coup. But palace revolution is the proper expression used for that kind of coup.

  3. Reporter: “You can see a bullet hole”

    Me: “No, I can’t see the bullet hole past all the napalm covering that truck”

  4. lol yeah right this was a coup or something.
    you’re telling me like the day after it happened they caught all those guys?
    they probably just rounded up random dudes from the street and are getting them to take the fall

    1. They seemed amateur, a Colombian hit squad in a 99.5% Black Country, with tan khakis, and brand new tan boots.

    2. Forcing them to take an execution plea deal… the world is a dirty place. How can people looking like crack heads be masterminds?

    3. They were n a shootout were the cops there weren’t they I’m sure thats them that was n the shoot out y’all idiots stop trying to belittle Haiti y’all sad

  5. Columbians were hired. Be interesting to see who hired them to kill president

    1. @Pedro Bossio QAnon tell you that? Where’d you hear that bullshit? Just NOW Clinton crimes are about to be unveiled after decades? And what impact would they have even if they did? No one wants the Clinton’s in power at this point.

  6. “Round up the usual suspects, political enemies, beat em up and after we get the news media pictures, let them go.”

    1. Jesus Christ loves you all Repent (change your mind to start living for God) and accept Jesus into your heart as your personal Lord and Savior for the free gift of eternal life(Heaven). Have a personal relationship with Him (as a child would have with a parent). God doesn’t want anyone to go to hell! 2 Cor 6:2 KJV “now is the day of salvation. Tomorrow isn’t promised!!!! God Bless!!

    2. That’s exactly what going to happen!! They will be turn over to the DEA and you will never see these Suspects again.! They probably be in some beach in Venezuela never seen again.

  7. The acting prime minister looks like he might be the one who hired the hit squad. He seems very shady. Its like this was all done to stop other guy from being sworn in.

    1. @mike allen Colombian ex military mercenaries are the cheapest and are involved worldwide. They are fighting in Yemen for the Saudi and are providing security in Dubai and other places. They are guns for hire. But your thinking of a cartel hit is reasonable and possible.

    2. All I know is sometimes you just have to look at who benefits the most and you’ll probably find the culprit. It’s not a fool proof science, but at least I’m not saying Hilary did it

    3. He doesn’t have enough money to pay these people. A famous YouTube makes more money than him. I will go as far to say the average American household income had more money.

  8. This is straight out of scarface and he pissed the right wrong person off and they sent a hit squad because they were Expendables….this was something outta the 80’s….

    1. Look up the contra’s and this fit that whole shyt… paying off drugs with guns and funding hits…..the Regan era was epic on fukkin up the free world…lol

    2. @Jay Porter  You know I eat octopus three times a day? I got (expletive) octopus coming out of my (expletive) ears mang.

    1. @fred jones Here’s your chance. Why would Aristide fly to an African prison midway into his presidency?

    2. @al c And here I thought it was earthquakes, hurricanes, pirates and volcanos….didn’t know it was whitey keeping you guys down. I love egg rolls and think we’ll be fine with the Chinese.

    1. Exactly. They were heavily trained but were caught so quickly? Nah, doesn’t sound right to me. It doesn’t add up.

  9. Imagine walking down the street one day then getting arrested for the Death of the President

    1. @edantes2008 they were caught because they stood out Haiti is predominantly black you think they wouldn’t notice a group of foreigners walking around in combat boots

    2. Yeah, a bunch of ex military and ex policeman from Colombia all fit for combat in the street of Haiti caught with gun and ammunition. They all look innocents bystanders

    1. @Superstar McGee …if it wasn’t political or religious, you’re using assassin out of context.

  10. Shows a completely incinerated vehicle. “This bullet hole proves something happened here”

  11. When Crazy isn’t Crazy Anymore because you’re old enough to understand the REAL WHYs and HOWS.

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