1. Apparently, NATO used huge magnets to drag all those Russian tanks across the Ukrainian border. And the Russian infantry just went in to try and get their tanks back.

    1. @Y2 K, so then long before the election of Viktor Yanukovych. And obviously your definition of a coup doesn’t comport with the demise of Viktor Yanukovych’s political career. Your attempt to allege that it does is comical to anyone who’s familiar with the facts f the case.

  2. He deserved every second of that laughter. Russian trolls often like to point out that Zelenskyy was once a comedian, but this guy gives him a run for his money!

    1. Yeah its weird. They remind us of what Zalensky was and the hero he became and paint a clear picture of how their Tyrant went from leader of Russia to comedian and how his army went from feared to the butt of all of putins jokes.

    1. Wow the Indians sure know when to laugh loudly. They can tell a good comedy show for sure. They also clapped for the comedian to encourage him to make stupider and funnier jokes. He fell for it😂😂😂😂

    2. @Дима We Дима And wasn’t she proved correct last year that one needed to be prepared for war with Russia?? None of the countries in western Europe were, because they didn’t believe me that Putin would start a war to annex Ukraine… Boy scouts motto ‘Be prepared’.

    1. @Qurrat ul ain Zehra ‘sarcastically,’ huh, yeah I can clearly see that in the video. His sarcasm jumps from the screen along with his wilting voice as he recites that ‘they started it, not us’ line.

      Thanks for clearing that up for me.

    2. @David Harkins if you watch the video without this title, you’ll be able to see the what I’m seeing. I’m a pakistani and being India’s arch rival I know their history with russia and other countries. Russia’s been their bff and helped them in all wars against us. They could never mock or ridicule the Russians. I’m not spreading any misinformation and why would I? It barely concerns me. I just randomly opened the video n was totally taken aback by the misleading title.

    3. @Qurrat ul ain Zehra Yea and you keep missing the point that they’re foreign diplomats in India who laughed at him.

    1. He was utterly unperturbed, in fact. Which in turn begs a question whether it was real, or it is just a soundtrack added to the footage (one cannot see any “crowd”, in fact). The real problem with Lavrov is his poor English. Also, he is too old and generally blasé and passé. But in the long run, it is all irrelevant. After all, who cares that Europeans who conquered North Americans are called “Americans” and native Americans became Indians? What ultimately matters is who won. And Ukraine is doomed. And even morons in DC are slowly realising this undeniable fact. And here comes the most interesting question: Why CNN and other propaganda outlets of the West continue to operate in the mode of hysterical psychological warfare? Are they preparing their plebs for WW3?

    2. Lol people don’t laugh in Russia. So he was just wondering what that noise was. First time hearing laughter

    3. @andrew30 I think the Indians were secretly laughing all along. But now the Russian comedy has become mainstream, so the laughter becomes uncontrollable. 😂😂

    4. Because most of the journalists were Indians, the Raisiana dialogue has nothing to do with the G20 and we still do have a softer approach to Russia which didn’t reflect much with the journalists present there tough…
      Its just an open forum where the Indian govt. invites different leaders to talk about stuff…

    1. Yes, it could be called “Servant of the Despot”, or “Special Military Operations and Peace”, or may be “Lavrov’s Laugh-in”.

  3. Wow now this took “comedians became politicians and politicians became comedians” to a whole new level 😂

    1. @republica lol. I’m neither a Russian nor a supporter of russian invasion of ukraine. It was said sarcastically and hence the crowd laughed. It wasn’t a mocking or disagreeing laughter.
      PS: I’m a pakistani. Just because we n India are arch rivals I know them a little bit better than you guys. India and Russia are old allies since cold war era. India along with china refrained from condemning the war. They’d never laugh at the foreign minister of one of their strongest/oldest ally country.

    2. @Qurrat ul ain Zehra I’m not sure that was the case. Lavrov said something complete untrue and farcical, and that’s why the audience laughed. I live in Canada, but that alone doesn’t make me knowledgeable about that country. But I did study American history and Russian as well, so I know something about those two nations. In a comment I referenced Uncle Joe, a reply I got back the person thought I was speaking about Joe Biden. Not, Joseph Stalin.

    1. @Khronos You’ll never know. You’ll just be told to watch the whole video in which you’ll eventually get to him saying this and then they laugh at him so I have no idea wtf point they’re trying to make other than that they’re nationalists.

  4. Zelensky started out as a comedian and then went into politics. Lavrov started out in politics before becoming a comedian.

  5. This was so great what a laugh. Really though the whole world is hating russia at this point and will never consider them friends again. One thing ordinary citizens can do besides contacting your representatives and telling them to keep supporting Ukraine is search for verified ways to help Ukraine. Many very good organizations out there providing drones, equipment and resources for the fight. We all have to keep up the pressure this year and never let up!

    1. only you and a few others perhaps. Im from india and i love russia

    1. @RaL0981- FTC the lies what this channel frames the the truth that the whole public was supporting him there tell a lot , who is the real lier in Russia Ukraine

    2. @Krishna Chaitanya How does that make sense. Was their laughter delayed from another joke he said?

  6. 😂😂😂😂😂 Sergy laughrov I’ve watched this loads today. It made my day 😂 glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦🇬🇧

    1. @distro logic  God told me the same. Failed. That’s why I’m here and he’s not.
      Btw, what happened with those weapons of mass destruction you found in Iraq?

    1. The CIA itself admitted to the coup. Quote from a total of 17 ex-CIAs: “The latter are in opposition to the government that came to power in Kiev after the coup that was orchestrated by the West on February 22, 2014” (source: “”Approve the clearance”, 07.29. 2015″). Point

  7. Holycow now Lavrov took comedy show to India….that dude deserves the Oscar from United Nations,doesn’t he?

    1. ​@Wakwak Ungo maybe i’m wrong, but i think that india also loves maintaining strong relations with the West, it is convenient from an economic point of view since overall, India trades much more with the west than with russia, and it is also convenient from the point of view of containing China, with which India is not friends.

  8. You should telecast the full interview and you would have a chance how the world is laughing at you 😁

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