1. Whoever bought it probably owns 12k more that are similar and he just upped the value on them all. So now some morons will go spend 5 million on one and brag about how they got it for a steal. add that up nearly double your money back before counting the charity tax write off.

    2. The watch is just a token, the auction is a front. Basically they buy this watch in the name of charity but it’s actually just money laundry to evade the inheritance tax. The charity organisation is controlled both directly and indirectly by the buyer’s own son/daughter(s). Basically he wired $31 million dollars to his kid(s) without paying that 50% inheritance tax. That’s how the game is played.

    1. It’s fake charity, basically it’s money laundry to evade the 50% inheritance tax. The charity organisation is controlled both directly an indirectly by their own offspring(s). That’s how the game is played.

    1. I guess they haven’t caught on, a smart phone has a clock. It’s even more accurate, never needs winding, the face made of gorilla glass is next to indestructible, has multiple alarms and timer options, can be seen in the dark. They’ll be pissed when they find out.

    2. @Vivian Stimpson It is not about that bro. People wanna feel the swagg on their wrist of a beautiful metal time peace dangging on monitored by GPS time 24/7 satellites and spending that sweet spot 2,000 to 3,500 on a timepeace u know u can keep and have for like 20 to 50 years. Respect.

    3. I have a watch worth a few hundred and now it sits in a drawer. I was always worried about losing it, and it constantly got in the way of doing things and left my skin irritated. Just not my thing, the smart phone saved the day. But by all means, if you like the swagg, swagg away.

    4. Yes nice for a dinner date or social gathering. Some can also be an investment and never worn. Like anything else, over time they can appreciate.

  1. It’s being sold to raise money for medical research. So many leaving negative comments. Didn’t you watch the video?

    1. @Richard Christie I wonder if Richard Christie’s generosity extends beyond telling others to donate?

    2. @mr smith You are plainly a liar, mr smith. I haven’t been telling anybody to do anything.

    3. @Richard Christie I was simply asking if your generosity extended beyond questioning the generosity of others. How dense are you that you can’t comprehend easy to follow logic? I have to spell it out to you like a toddler. Go back to school <3

    4. @mr smithAgain you lie, this time to avoid responsibility for what you wrote. Logic? it is you that avoiding the obvious implication within your statement “beyond telling others what to do”.
      If you want to simply ask something, then simply ask it, without loading it with snark.

  2. Now for what it’s really worth, how many of those same watches could be purchased for 31 million?

  3. I know why the watch sold for 31 million, because the world has billionaires. I’m sure there’s a tax write off somewhere in this.

    1. mark : I just quit having a home phone & now that you mention it maybe I’ll discard & dump my cheap Mickey Mouse Donald tRump watch. I don’t like to pollute but maybe I’ll flush it down my toilet. Whadya think is it a good idea?

    2. Do not fall for any clickbait! It might be a russian dude posing as an American Babe & be infested with a computer viral virus that will not only ruin your computer but could very well melt your brain in the process. This is my advice from previous experience.

    3. Kind of hard to find anything in America NOT made in China..
      Perhaps we could change that now..

  4. My point to this is how really
    A) precious and valuable is time
    B) how much value do we put on time
    C) some say money is time
    D) and Time is money!
    I say give me 30 million months or years of precious time and you can have that damn watch!

  5. This is one reason why GOD PUNISHED US!!! “IDOLATRY” 31 MILLION!!! WOW!!! I’m so happy to grown up poor!!! In JESUS CHRIST NAME!!!

  6. Some people don’t have food to eat and some people spend 31 millions on a watch!! What a world we live in!!!

    1. It’s for medical research, what’s so bad about that? If you give money to medical research but you can also get a nice watch out of it, why’s that bad?

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