1. “It is easier to fool someone, than to convince them they have been fooled”
    – Mark Twain

    1. And you are a fool cnn has been lying for years maybe we should have cnn show as the plane that flew throw the Tower on 9-11 when the nose went thought it
      they only showed it once. Over 20 years of lying to you and you think everyone is a fool but you.

    2. Imagine tuning in and leaving this comment when you can’t even afford enough food for two weeks or find enough fuel to gas up with.

      “Hahaha what do trumpers have to say 7 months on from the election?”

      Are you fucking kidding me?

    1. @uppgrayyed but your dumb enough to believe somebody insulting your insignificant mind relentlessly is a bit and even dumber for believe baseless conspiracies soooo…

    2. @Gothichippie 420
      So, in conclusion, Q DID influence a lot of people and accomplished the goal of breaking through the misinformation matrix of the MSM, Big Tech and the deepstate/establishment power brokers.
      All of what he wrote is now firmly in the public consciousness whether you or your owners like it or not..
      Or whether most people even know it!

      I’m now doing that thing where you put your thumb up to your nose and wave the rest of your fingers..

      Thanks for playing (stupid), buddy!

    3. @Gothichippie 420
      I even forgot to go into the two “witch hunts” as Trump called them, you know, those two sham “impeachment trials”.

  2. That guest was really interesting, as he had objective memory and context of information (Dominion) before it became publicly spread via Social Media/Media Outlets.

    1. That’s because he’s linking QAnon with what took place before the election… As a QAnon follower. He never said when he started and ended his time with them. Just that they had a message board about this stuff, before Trump brought it out. And no one other then him or “his party,” ran off it.

    2. Hi brother hope you are doing well and I call you upon to stand with our music school foundation. Glory be to God

  3. Donations needed to help seven people stranded on a deserted Island in the pacific since 1964…please…we need to get these folks back to their loved ones. They seem to be making the same mistakes over and over again. I saw them get rescued a number of years ago, but there they are, stranded again on the same Island.

    1. There are stupid or ignoranr or naive people everywhere. This group have less excuse bc they have access to resources but turn a blind eye. That makes them total aholes. Millions of them. Wilfully ignorant. The bible says those that know me but turn their back are worse then those who dont know me.

    2. Unfortunately you are right. They really are unable to fathum things out for themselves.
      Even after it was PROVEN to be a lie by Trump’s own people they still believe in this criminal. What will they think when all the actual EVIDENCE IS PRESENTED in Court ? Nah Trump wouldn’t lie cheat and betray the USA with the communists just to win would he???

  4. Ok so DT aka number 45 is essentially the Wizard from the Wizard of Oz? All of the Wizard’s believers singing the tune – Because because because because becauseeee??? (scratches head).

  5. I watched a seemingly normal Hobbit become an emaciated golum all because of a ring he called “My Precious”…..it must be true. It was on TV.

    1. Same logic my son used to use when he was 10 years old. It took many interactions for me to impress upon him that your sources must be vetted, that just because it has been presented to you from the Internet or television or cable sources, it does not imbue something with credibility.

      Add to that, the boy was emotionally and physically maturing, along with having that message supported by his fine public educators. I’m not sure there is hope for people like this. They will not hear a rational refutation of what they want to believe

    1. America let this sink in…the world has seen that India’s COVID pandemic is bad, but America is the worst recorded in the world has a much worse recorded case and death toll.
      America boasts that it is a Cold War Capitalist 1st world nation and the best and most free country in the world, but the reality says otherwise.
      People are sick and dying/dead and this is the level of stupid the world is dealing with with America.
      Don’t fight for love, fight for truth, emotions are too easily uncontrollable and manipulated.
      There is something bigger than your country and god, Mother Nature and reality knows the truth no matter how much you hide or run from her.

      Stay safe and good luck!

  6. “I watched on tv” is about as good as telling your doctor “I have cancer because WebMD told me so”

    1. @EternalSilverDragon I’m curious on why people seem to belive its a good idea to raise their kids at a young age to be like this, and make “others” outcasts for not wanting to be apart of it? as it turns out people are being crucified for speaking out about there opinions on it, unless its up to their standards of acceptable language,, while being slanderous to the “others.”

    2. @RP Williams well they deleted my comment dont know why, didn’t even say anything bad. I’m not typing all that again basically I’m not playing semantics or the what-about-ism game with you. So you can label me like you lefty do so well.

    3. @C0RN P0P “You dont have to say names to attemp to make a…” – so if a teacher points out a student is wrong (which is basically what CNN did with this couple) this is SLANDER now? Wtf, man?

      ” I’m not playing semantics or the what-about-ism game with you” – ????? What in the name of F are you talking about?

      ” So you can label me like you lefty do so well” – ???? I didn’t label ANYONE, i merely pointed out the truth about major news outlets….WTF are you smokin?

    1. And while SOME ,ARE ghat stupid many are not they make a CHOICE,to accept a lie as if EVERYONE else is going to just say…okay

  7. I no longer communicate with several family members because they are irate and irrational, refusing to consider any other viewpoint.

    1. I am not political but whenever I communicated with my family everything was about politics and yes they are irrationally obsessed with Qanon conspiracies. Much easier to avoid that nonsense than have to listen to it. I am a political centrist and vote the issues, not party but politics do not consume my every waking moment.

    2. @Random Youtuber “because you refuse to consider their viewpoint” – it’s NOT just a ‘viewpoint’….it amounts to saying 1+1=3! There’s nothing wrong with political debate, but facts and truth CAN NOT be negotiated upon.

    3. @Sparky1 “You don’t speak with people who disagree with you. Yet they are irrational” – would you talk with someone who claims the sky is green? Would you consider being a friend to someone that irrational?

    4. @Sparky1 The worse of idiots may actually be family members. If you don’t want the b.s. or drama in your like…cut them out of it !

  8. ” To argue with a man who has renounced the use of reason …..is to administer medicine to a dead man “” Thomas Paine

    1. I like it!
      “Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions”.
      Thomas Jefferson.

    2. And I say it here, for everyone to read: these kind of people should not be aloud to have a vote. Sorry for the constitution, but my dog is smarter.

  9. What’s insane to me is that the Republican leadership knows that the voter fraud claim not to be true, but continue to push the lie anyway. If your constituents believe it to be true, and you still want a job…what a mess.

  10. J: We uncovered a video of you kidnapping a girl in your driveway.
    Woman: What? No, that’s my daughter.
    J: It’s on tape, I’ve seen it.
    Woman: I’m sure you have, but you that’s my daughter.
    J: You’re not getting it, I have you committing a felony kidnapping on tape.
    ^Same logic
    _”I saw the ballots under the table.”_
    _”What exactly does that prove?”_

  11. Remember the TV commercial?
    ” They can’t put something on the internet if it isn’t true. Oh, here comes my boyfriend. He’s a French supermodel.”
    Goofy guy walks up, “Bonjour.”

  12. “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities” – Voltaire. Also applicable “Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

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