See widow's plea to Trump after husband died in shooting 1

See widow’s plea to Trump after husband died in shooting


Rudolfo Arco was one of the seven people killed in the mass shooting in Odessa, Texas. His widow and children now have a message for President Donald Trump: make America safe again. #CNN #News



    2. It’ll never heal. It will remain an open wound forever. The only thing you can do is to live with it and don’t go down with it.

    3. Sarah o
      he hates women and has no idea why women want nothing to do with him.

      super incel trumpanzee alert.
      he will probably be the next mass shooter.

    1. @Diddy Doodat I know it looks grim, but it’s true when they say there is power in faith. Your mind can manifest reality. The results may not be instant, but it’s true.

  1. R.I.P Everyone Who Died They Never Deserved to Die Especially in That Way And I Hope the Victims Family’s And Friends Recover And I Hope Everyone Who got Hurt Recovers

    1. @8352731 the alphabet people cant do your bidding without a direct threat of violence on my part. Youd like to think they can.. CNN would like for you to think they can.. But they can’t. Do you want to put your mouth on it? The most they could do is show up to my house and be told to get back in their car. Im scared. Please dont tell on me.

    2. Some Guy, It’s actually kind of fun if one of these idiots get the FBI to come interview you. Treat it as a chance to make new friends at the FBI.

    1. @kalbs89 The wonderful thing about a Constitutional Republic is that our Rights cant be voted away by brainless morons.

    1. Eric W,

      the fucking hell is wrong with you,
      this proves regulation is success,
      getting it publicly failed but because private manufaction is not regulated the freak used that as an alternate if it was regulated then that would have reduced his opportunity your righteousness weakens you

    2. The shooter was an idiot. You don’t need a gun for a fancy massacre in Texas. All you need is a large crowd, some firecrackers and shout “SHOOTER”. Wait a sec and all the law abiding gun owners will freak out and do the job.

    1. @MeMySelf&Ai Yep, Agent Orange Face 45, Moscow Mitch, and pretty much just about every Republicreep are all the NRA’s b*tches!

  2. Why can’t these incidents be labeled as Homegrown Terrorism since all the suspects are doing the killing through illegal means

    1. Steven: The FBI and CDC keeps, “crime statistics,” on, “HITLER,” and states that, “the Dems are the same as him,” does it? What color is the sky on Planet Lindsey?

    2. Matthew: Sorry son, but, “killing,” is no more, “illegal,” in American Law, than it is in the Bible. “Thou shalt do no MURDER,” is what it says. Otherwise, all our cops, armed forces, and people who killed in self defence would ALL be in jail. We’re NOT against guns. I own guns, son. I just WANT Gun, “Control.” Seems to me, it’s the people who are afraid of their OWN, “Backgrounds,” who don’t want them to be, “Checked?”

    3. @Ash Roskell I thought you were responding to my comment on gun crime.Since you were not ,Hitler modeled his anti Jew law after the Democrats Jim Crowe laws.FDR ,Hitler, and Mussolini all admired one another openly. It was even reported by the NY times. The war with Japan put an end to their admiration due to the axis powers alliance.

    4. Steven : Drawing a comparison is NOT the same as inspiration, son. You’re lame attempts will never stick. And, WTF has THAT got to do with Gun Control? NOTHING. You forgot to mention that Time Magazine made Hitler Man of the Year, in the late 30’s too. Watching you scrabble in the dust, to justify your racism, merely disgusts right minded people. Do you, “think,” that the old, defunct connection, between the Klan and the Dems will make people decide it’s, “OK to be racist,” or something? When we all KNOW that Lincoln may have been a Republican, but he’s a Democrat now. Rather like me, when Trump got the nomination. Conservatives no longer vote Republican, as the Midterms should have showed you. They’ll vote Dem, like I did, or they’ll stay at home, because it’s Anti American to vote Trump.

    5. Steven : Back to Gun Control, then. What have YOU got against Background Checks, for ALL gun owners? Or waiting periods? And, DON’T give me that, “thin end of the wedge,” bullshit, either

  3. Everyday people, doing everyday things and then in an instant tragedy happens. This is one tragedy we should have been able to fix awhile ago.

    1. Chris Strong They are a lobby group and they influence elections but that’s OK with you you love money in elections you love money in politics because you dream of being rich and that’s why you’re a fool because you never will be and you suffer under the rule of the oligarchy but Alex Jones you know

    1. @Josie Whales There is nothing in the second amendment about semi-automatic weapons and magazines, because they were not even invented at the time…And Assault Weapons can be banned, as they have been in the past you LOSER.

    2. @The Cult 45 Thats not going to happen, We have to be able to protect ourselves against a tyrannical government that means We have to have close to the same guns as they do

    1. Well, RFI, in that case I guess we can get rid of all murder, assault, and rape laws. And burglary and DWI and whatever, all laws, since, y’know, criminals don’t follow the law. Is that your weak-assed argument for not passing laws banning fucking assault weapons and putting background checks and waiting periods into effect?

  4. you want to make America safe again do away with all these liberal laws and regulations and start holding their own accountable!!

    1. @Molon Labe Rofl! It’s not really up for interpretation. Please tell us what you think it means. I eagerly look forward to your reply.

    2. @Turnible Spencer well regulated means stocked and prepared Americans will never be slaves to you socialist Anti Seites

    3. @Cult 45 member #13657
      do you know guns will always exist…to give up your weaponry is to invite foreign governments as well as corrupt parties from within our own borders to illegally arm themselves and wage war upon helpless peoples? do you really think someday after all guns have been banned that a foreign entity wont have influence here due to arming and financing their own particular competing extremist groups? are you aware that history as well as modern day politics operates in this very fashion? what is your answer to that

    4. @Molon Labe god ur gullible…
      “a well regulated militia”
      actually means
      “a well regulated militia” dummy

    1. Earnest Bass you are an A$$!! People need to know how this affects people and to make a connection so that something is done about these mass shootings! It is easy to ignore when you don’t see how people are affected. Fox doesn’t show it because then Trump would have to see that it is real! People did die! People did get shot!

    2. @T NH Fox News shows everything I think you would have to be watching it to comment on it..
      I watch both and I see how MSNBC and CNN omits certain facts and manipulate the others..
      Fox News number one for the past 22 years in the USA…
      You’re in the minority on your thoughts with fox the number one new station in America today…

    3. Earnest Bass…..I record and watch both every evening!! And talk about omitting facts! If and I mean IF Fox covers a Trump faux pas, it is covered in less than two minutes while on CNN it is given way more time. Trust me ….listening to Trump’s rants on Fox lightens my day as they make me laugh hilariously!

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