1. Talk about a bitter sweet pill. These people were thriving only for hatred and racism to snatch it away. How many times have we heard these same evil insist that we are the reason we haven’t prospered? How many times have we been told, we are lazy?

      At every possible opportunity they stole our prospects, and then lied to their children that we were the problem.

      It makes me angry.

    2. I bet the disappointed original owner was probably dead knowing that he/she will never get the stolen property back‼️ Shame on the stealers/burglars‼️ Beneficiaries of the property should sue for 💲💲💲💲 compensations and any 💲💲💲💲 damages lost‼️

  1. Yaaaaaas!!!! I have been following and watching this story!!!! Praise God! Blessings to your ancestors who surely are elated your action & faith NEVER wavered!!!!! My God!!!!!! Hope for this country yet!!!!

  2. This is a bright spot out of the horror black people suffered for 2 centuries in this country. Made my day.

    1. @bngr bngr True. That’s why an International Court needs to be assembled to address whether or not issuances of Reparations should be approved and paid out.

    2. @John Smith It very well may not. However, if you and your family have been wronged by some prior regime of the federal government, as you’ve suggested, then take it up with the courts.

      It’s the federal court system’s responsibility to worry about the slippery slopes in legal precedence. Not yours.

    3. @Alex Garcia It is why I purchase my property and to have someone take it. I can’t allow that and believe most would do their best to put a stop to it. Also, who are you tell others what is not their problem? Go on with your bad self, Putler!

  3. I imagine the Native Americans are wondering if this sets precedent for getting their country back, because beaches weren’t the only thing stolen.

    1. @Rose X what a beacon of truth you are, staring so bravely into the worldview that was made for you during conference call between the rich and powerful, never asking only knowing

  4. Wow that’s amazing and should give way for others to get back land that was taken from them like those folks in Tulsa.

  5. It’s so hurtful to see the things they did to black people… “You know how I feel. It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life. For me. And I’m feeling good.” HATE ON THAT!

    1. @olecrowey yes, but in this case the land was not taken from them for any other reason than because they were black. For that reason, your comment sounds like “all lives matter” racism.

    2. @Brian Fergus
      What you’re saying is speculation from the family.
      LA was not built up at that time

    3. @Aisha bint Abu Bakr That’s the point, L.A. was not built up and the business was successful. Therefore, race was the only reason to take the land.

    4. @High Off Thoughts
      The problem with the argument is that back then there were racist people. However, they will hold up 2 racist people vs. 8 non-racist people and make the claim that “since racist people spoke against them, and the property was taken away, therefore it was racist”

      I live in am area where a very famous white person died with houses on beachfront property and they turned his beachfront property into a park.

      Beachfront properties are always bought up, unless you live on Long Island

  6. Remember everyone , if you want to be wealthy , you need generational wealth( wealth developed over long period of time , like decades) in order to be as rich as people in multi million dollar , and the people in power know this .

  7. This ruling returns the ownership but excludes reparations for the income lost during its unjustified theft. Still, it marks a great victory. Celebrate. Don’t hate.

    1. That would be a difficult estimation to make. For all anybody knows, this could’ve gone belly up, out of business in the first 10 years, and perhaps bankrupt. At least they got the land back. 🤷

    2. @Richard C forensically speaking, I take your point. It is a fair point to make in business and economic terms. Yet I sense that both you and I rejoice in this tiny step on wobbly legs towards justice being finally served?

  8. The sad issue is that there are thousands of stories like, “Bruce Beach” that need to be told, but schools will not because they are to hypersensitive and divisive!

    1. @Maurice Reid
      Your page?
      This is CNN’s channel on YouTube’s website.
      Anyone can reply to anyone else. If you can’t handle that, go away.

    2. @Yvonne Plant, that is more of a theoretical issue in law school! This is black history month!!!

  9. justice is beautiful <3 wish I could get help with my inheritance thats being stolen ... generational wealth sounds nice

  10. Amen, praise God for a victory such as this for any family that has been forced from their land and their lives.

    1. @Max being intelligent and credentialed is amazing I love it. However , my response was about the news report not my level of education.

    2. @Patricia Homer LPC, QSAP, LCDC, ACTP, EMDR Trained lol yeah I am only joking. But as somebody in the field, when I see somebody having non stop acronyms after the name, it actually makes me think they are LESS qualified and are trying to overcompensate.

      With that, I would say to only put your highest level of education/credentials after your name.

      Only my thoughts on the matter, feel free to ignore me completely.

  11. WOW! Been following this story for year’s. At one time it looked like it was dead. Guess they appealed. The racist people out there who don’t understand generational wealth should see this. It’s been a way to keep them pushed down to this day. 🥁🎉🎊💃🪅👯🥳 BIG PARTY FOR A FEW DAYS! It’s been centuries in the making. Great story to investigate. ✌️

  12. Wow, Goes to show everything we think we own, we don’t it can be snatched away in a moment, I’m so glad that they received this property back, the world is realigning🙏🏾

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