Sen. Amy Klobuchar: ‘We Can’t Let Everyone In The Country Go Bankrupt’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Sen. Amy Klobuchar: ‘We Can’t Let Everyone In The Country Go Bankrupt’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


  1. Why should the taxpayers help save the banks?! If we do that again they will leve us homeless again just like 2008.
    We should let them fall 🙌🙌🙌🙌

    1. It’s moot, the entire country is failing but look what you elected, failure was inevitable

    2. Chang Lee : I feel like an, “I told you so,” moment is coming on? Of COURSE you’re going to bail out the banks! And that, “relief fund,” won’t even be up for debate, or for any of you to look at, let alone touch! THEN you’ll get your, “relief package,” to cue for, while you wait in line for the chain stores and rich businesses to raid. You get the scraps. Unless you’re already very, VERY rich. Donny’s America. S**t, isn’t it?

  2. “Moscow Mitch” has an agenda???? Surprised??? Not in the slightest. Just wants to keep his greedy little fingers in the money pot. His legacy will be judged harshly by history!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahaha

  3. Trump knew about this Coronavirus pandemic back in January! It is his duty to inform everyone about what was happening in the world and the United States about viruses like Bush did back in 2002!. If he says he didn’t know about the virus why? He’s the President that’s his job! This is his weakness! There were people trying to figure out what was going on when Rick Bright told about his findings about the Coronavirus Trump ignored him! This virus isn’t going away! People are sick because they caught a deadly virus! You can’t just stick your head in the sand and forget about it! it’s our responsibility to listen to the doctors and scientists! How are people supposed to get on with life when your sick? How do you go to work if you’re sick? You go back to work get sick and die! WOW! This is the American dream isn’t it people? I guess we have to punish everyone for Trumps Brain Child he started this by lying to the American people about the Coronavirus pandemic! We’re in real big trouble! But if people don’t understand why we are not back at work it’s going to get worse!

    1. It’s the USA. No-one really cares. America is the most divided, unequal, greedy, dishonest failure of a society on the planet.

    1. @Jim Battersbee it’s close to 40 trillion after 4 bailout and went to corporations and airlines and say it but jobs but but jobs well your paying yourself and now a slave yep the corporation wont be paying it back you will so enjoy that Republican communism dreamland and be a slave a slave to gubment a slave to economy a slave to corporations that’s your own money so mich McConnell and trump really got you good

    1. It’s not easy, going from being a capitalist country with no socialism to a welfare country.

    2. Why give money to Employers, for works pay– when, they are in a Natural size Reduction/slim down– Business Phase.. Due to demand?? 🤷

    3. Yeap, just grand. Wondering when you’re gonna eat next and if the food lines will be restocked. We’re experiencing exactly what socialism will be like. The serfs will be begging for food while the government workers keep getting paid.

  4. Trickle down money trickle down money Trump to boost your economy and that is the only way to boost the economy Trump giving a big tax break to the Wheatley 1% did not work Trump you have to give the American people trickledown to spend the money right back into the economy to boost the economy.

  5. America is for greedy corporations? They never cared for their people. They want to bail out these corporations to protect their investments…selfish lowlifes.

  6. America’s covid deaths per capita are 70x that of Australia, a very similar country. Explain that Mr President.

    1. ruttles Not similar island that sent it’s unwanted Muslim migrants to US and Obama Akbar said thank Racist down under me sax

  7. McConnell & Graham are to busy trying to prop up a WAGE SLAVE SOCIETY. with no safety net.

  8. Xi Jinping paid WHO 2 billion USD, Donald Trump needs fresh Diapers, who needs the USA, NOBODY

  9. Mr. Trump…91,000 Americans Dead And Counting….Record Unemployment
    And Rising….Major Economic Depression And Getting Worse….All Thanks To You
    And Your Stooges.

  10. Still haven’t figured out how people of such low IQs reach positions of power. It’s gotta be about the money. Those that have all the gold make all the rules.

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