Sen. Ben Sasse: No Excuse For Leaving Americans bBhind In Afghanistan 1

Sen. Ben Sasse: No Excuse For Leaving Americans bBhind In Afghanistan


Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., discusses the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, and why he says there's no excuse for the Biden administration to leave Americans and Afghan allies behind as the August 31 deadline approaches. Sen. Sasse argues for extending the deadline 'until every American is out.'

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Sen. Ben Sasse: No Excuse For Leaving Americans bBhind In Afghanistan


    1. They were informed all the way back in April that we would be leaving in the summer. They ignored that warning and chose to remain anyway.

    2. Yea, but no president wanted to be the one to pull them out. Biden faced it head on. Right or wrong he did what the majority said needed to happen… it would have gone sideways no matter who was president at the time.

  1. If this guy knew so much about Taliban and Afghanistan, why did he not speak up before the situation, instead babbling afterwards.

    1. @Mark Evans
      You mean Trump and Pompeo gramps.
      The agreement Trump signed with Taliban has the GOP distancing from it.
      You are on thin ice when Trump purposely slowed down the visa process for our allies.

  2. What kind of NATSEC do we have when these nobodies all know exactly what’s happening?
    Oh right. THEY DON’T. It’s Political Point Theater of hypothetical “what if’s”

    1. That’s as stupid as the Trumper’s “4D chess” arguments. There’s no secret intel, there’s no secret plan, and everyone knows it.

  3. Brilliant! The reason Americans want to pull out of Afghanistan is because we’ve been told a fairly tale.

    1. The reason we got IN is because we were lied to by corporate media and bought politicians. Now the same parasites fools and liars want to keep us there with more of the same.

    2. @James Poon War is big business. The war profiteers were hoping that they could change Biden’s mind. They failed and now, they’re desperately trying to manufacture a crisis. We’ve seen this kind of revolting crap before and now, we’re seeing it again.

  4. How about those American dont want to leave? Who are you to force them to against their will? If they want to stay, then they should expect what coming to them. And you Republican, maybe you should talk to Trump for release the now Taliban leader.

    1. Americans were told in April by the US embassy to get out ( haven’t heard any news cast mention this since the beginning of withdrawal). It’s August, why are they still there? I’d of been 1st in line to get out!!

    2. @Cathy Beebe Exactly right. A lot of the people who ignored the April warning are not humanitarians… they’re people who are working for war profiteers.

  5. We are doing the best job we can to get everybody out that wants to get out speak the truth they are trying to get every American citizen that wants to come home home!

    1. No true in the least. If we were really doing the “best job possible” we wouldn’t let the Taliban demand we leave before we had all our people.

  6. So sure, so knowitall. “Hamhanded?”
    Sasse wants glory, so he talks and talks…
    He looks like a ham alright.

  7. I hate Corporate Media. These guys are both hacks. One asks BS questions, and the other responds with BS answers. Independent media is the way to go.

  8. Glad you are privy to ALL the top secret information, sasse… why haven’t YOUR decisions been implemented??? Gee it’s easy to second guess isn’t it??

    1. He’s lying, anyway. We told everyone that we would be leaving all the way back in April. Four months ago. So why did they stay? This is a manufactured crisis.

    2. @Tessmage Tessera Actually it was a deal made last year. Biden might have put it on hold but after a review and preasure from the right who he’s really trying to find some degree of compromise ad cooperation with, he chose to let it play out. I believe he’ll do what he needs to do to try to clean up the mess as well as he possibly can. Until then understanding no matter what we did to get out this thing would have blown up anyway.

    3. @A Fry Where did you obtain this information? And don’t tell me to Google it… I won’t waste my time. The fact remains that they were told four months ago that we were leaving and they chose to remain instead. The war profiteers don’t want to us to leave… that much is obvious. Hence my assertion that this is a manufactured crisis.

  9. Well when GOP was running the show. They should have started evacuation since Trump announced it. They should have encouraged people to take any available commercial flight out. In addition the GOP voted against speeding up the special Visas.

    1. Steven Miller has been implicated of blocking Afghanistan people last year from being allowed to flee to the US regardless if they worked with the US MILITARY.

    2. Stephen Miller was actively working along with his cronies to block the special visa program. He needs to be prosecuted for war crimes

  10. The thought that America keeps its word is laughable my folks is still waiting for there 40 acres and a mule

    1. @Glenn Williams the G.I. Bill started in 1944 in 1865 It was proclaimed that freed blacks would get 40 acres and a mule

  11. American tourists and a handful of others there were told to leave MONTHS AGO, they didn’t… now we must go in on dangerous missions to rescue irresponsible people? Let’s see how SUPER brave Ben Sasse is (he was busy with his private equity clients instead).

    1. Look at all the Palatial houses the Taliban fighters are lounging in compared to the trailers that many Americans live even today, s o many waited till the end hoping that something will stop the removal of the troops. LIVING IN KABUL ON TAX DOLLARS WAS A PRIVILEGE.

  12. The whole situation’s a giant mess! I pray for everybody who wants to leave Afghanistan to be able to!🙏🙏🙏

  13. How much money is he getting from the military complex?-How much money is Sasse getting in his pockets from the military corporations?

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