Sen. Bennet: 'No One Hates Donald Trump More Than Mitch McConnell' 1

Sen. Bennet: ‘No One Hates Donald Trump More Than Mitch McConnell’


Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) joins Kasie Hunt as the mother of deceased Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick visits the hill to advocate for a commission looking into the January 6th insurrection, a commission that faces opposition from Republicans in the Senate after Minority Leader Mitch McConnell came out against it.
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    1. @almost there It was a group of peaceful American loving protesters supporting our Legit Leader… Then the evil Dems had their Antifa agents to provoke the group to become a mob.. This protest turns into a frenzy after Antifa instigating the crowd to go in.

    2. @Jason Milton Jason – Go lay down by your dish. You cannot be a human being and believe in that horrible man.

    3. @Junie Bugg We Patriots Love this Country and Pres. Trump our Leader was trying to keep America Great but you Lefties Cheated and rigged the elections so you can turn America into a Socialist Hellhole like Venezuela and China!! DC is our Capitol for the MAGA Army and Trump will be back soon!! Can’t Wait!!!

    4. @Jason Milton… and in other news, pigs fly and the Lord of the Rings series is a documentary. Thanks for the laugh!!

  1. McCarthy and McConnell are truly amazing human specimens. One doesn’t have a spine. The other doesn’t have balls.

    1. @tom mas – Stop, freak – you’re killing me! You’re having a full-on cultist melt-down and it’s funnier than Bugs Bunny getting high with the Three Stooges…

  2. It is absolutely disgusting that these slugs will abandon all morals to maintain power, while bleating about how they are the party of morals.

    1. Abandon morals?? okay the GOP is full of dog shi but bruh. Democrats don’t know what the word morality means.

    2. @Biffalo Bull how many people do you think will die if there is a civil war?

      I am going to assume you are a Christian with that comment, so let me ask you this, and I will put likely answers, please correct me if I am wrong.

      What is the purpose of life? (To achieve entry to heaven, right?)

      Does everyone that is born make it into heaven? (Of course not, right?)

      What happens to the souls of aborted fetus’?

    3. @William Crowley – Grow tf up! Get out of the adult conversation with this idiotic childish fairy tale talk. ….And the Easter Bunny is the Savior anyway. SMH

    4. @Justin 7 you think this is about dems vs Republicans when it is actually about oppression vs human rights. It is about the gop being traitors and supporters of traitors vs Americans. Not my fault you are to much of a simpleton to understand that.

    5. most people were surprised and kept calling for MAGA’S to do something – So you can not have it both ways , oh well if your a democrat it appears you can .

    1. @Dawn Loves Couture In voting for Biden you just added your vote to the major Corporations. They’re already selling thousands of jobs off to the Communists. All they care about is profit and that’s why they are kissing the A$$es of the woke left. It’s all a scam. They been playing you man. Haven’t you noticed it’s all these rich white lefties who been pushing all this racial divide/hatred crap? Victimizing is the biggest form of racism there is. The Democratic Party is no longer the Party of the people. It’s the Party of the woke Elitist Left.

    2. @Dawn Loves Couture The Corporate Socialist Globalists needed Trump out of the way so they could have their tires made in Communist China for a third of what it would cost in America. Trump was causing the inflation rate in Communist China to skyrocket. Trump was a MAJOR THREAT. You listened to the constant lies of the Corporate Socialist Globalist Media. America is ignorant and it’s getting more ignorant by the day and this is exactly what the Corporate Socialist Globalists want. They are turning us into one big giant victimized welfare state with those maggots being the permanent key masters. You and many others need to pull your heads out of your A$$es and fast!

    3. @greg j And where did Trump manufacture all of his branded goods, as well as his wife-daughter’s goods?

    4. @greg j No, I see the growing number of White Supremacists who were emboldened by Trump as stirring up the race wars. As far as “selling out” to China, that started years ago, starting in the 60’s, and growing worse in the 70’s and ‘80’s in what were primarily Republican led years.

  3. Mitch has been Trump’s noseguard. He’s run interference time after time. He could have easily step aside multiple times, allowing him to be sacked. Mitch might as well be telling us he hates Trump while blowing him, because that’s seems to be how serious he is

    1. @Nanker Phelge They are indeed relevant in a wider sense, but not in the context of Trump and his grip on power wqithing the GOP, which is what this thread is about. Don’t make me explain everything.

    2. I hope next time Trump sends his terrorists in, the police concentrates on protecting the Democratic reps.

    3. @Pete Rembranch “Trump’s noseguard” was meant more in the way he runs defense for Trump but claims to be of a different team. Otis Dylan is right. Mitch’s actions have shielded Trump more than Barr’s actions at times. “Noseguard” felt apt in the moment. McCarthy is only as irrelevant as the GOP makes him. Apparently they’re listening, therefore not irrelevant. I agree, as an independent, the entire GOP isn’t based in reality, they are on the way out. They’re already at war with themselves. But they still exist, which makes them more of a reality than your (or my) opinions.

  4. McConnell is a strictly transactional politician who would do a deal with the Devil if it suited him and his backers.

    1. @Mercedes Vargas The Devil, it is said, comes in many guises. Some frightening, some comely, but always offering the potential victim what they most desire. If you are a low-minded racist who dreams of a white patriarchal society, Trump is your devil.

    2. He has done deals with the devil . You don’t look & sound like McConnell by accident . His rotten core shows from top to bottom .

    3. @Jackyc1234 Clark As a child, I never conceived of the possibility of an evil tortoise. In storybooks, they were always portrayed as kindly and wise. Thanks for ruining yet another memory of my childhood, Mitch. You really are everything I called you in my initial comment.

    4. Absolutely on point it’s political and financial needs he would work with the Devil and he has

    1. Many people, evidence by him being there a long time and having a high positive reputation among his state citizens, I do not know much about American politics, being from England, but am studying it. many American never leave there own state, America is often called a continent of 50 nations in that regard. The news or celebrities or who ever have no influence as many Americans do not watch TV often nor care too. I quite like MSNBC, but is hard to watch in the UK

    2. tyRump devotees are here to defend Mitch’s honor, ROFL. You’d have been screaming for a lariat right after your insurrection.

  5. Most of them just passed them off on to staffers like Moscow mitch and Johnson saying his mind is set to vote no COWARDS ALL OF THEM

  6. When they impeached Trump twice and McConnell didn’t have his GOP remove him, it is not an action from someone that hates Trump more than anyone else.

    1. Pathetic. Just pathetic. Can’t let Trump go, huh? Do you miss him that much?!!?? Must be, because he is all you hear from Liberals. Pathetic.

    1. Don’t not forget about Corporate kickbacks that the son of a Mitch & family have made them multimillionaires – it’s disgusting.

  7. “Word Magic” persuades some “brain pliable” Americans to believe conspiracy nonsense.

  8. How did we end up with so many deep-sea Jellyfish as the representatives of the people. I mean cmon, they don’t have spines or brains.

    1. Many Republicans are under death threats from MAGA cultists and right-wing extremists. Liz Cheney mentioned this too. I wish the FBI would talk about this.

  9. Perhaps the DOJ can file something against McConnell’s wife to “nudge” him to tell the truth.

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