Sen. Bernie Sanders On Historic Alabama Unionizing Vote | MSNBC

Sen. Bernie Sanders On Historic Alabama Unionizing Vote | MSNBC 1


  1. Bernie is the voice of the people and that’s rare in the day of money in politics turning politicians and government into organize crime for billionaires and Wall Street corporations.

    1. @Tony Wolmarans Not just legalized…There are times it should be made retroactive.🖤🇨🇦

    2. @Paul Europe here.
      – Socialism: evil for the retrumplicant
      – History: started before twitter

      – the World: not on a US map

    1. @Jay Carlson Exactly how are the democrats pushing authoritarian policies?

      Everything trump did was toward authoritarianism, at Putin’s behest, and as usual the republicunts are constantly living in the upside down world of lies, cheating, stealing, and conflating. The actual KKK is only supporting the Stephen Miller’s and his ilk of the world.

    1. @YouTube Censors sounds like you’re scared you going to have to pay your fair share in taxes you wouldn’t be one of these whiny millionaire

    2. @3 wolfs down no. I said the top 25% pay 87% of all taxes. The 47% that pay no taxes are in the lower income brackets. Are you stupid or just being obtuse?

    3. @YouTube Censors Pay the same percentage I pay. You do know percentages? But no, the rich can pay more for a lawyer than taxes.

    1. They were great questions, but they were even better with a person like Bernie. Too often politicians will destroy great questions by simply not answering them.

    2. Just a bunch of groveling softball questions. Which is out of character for this guy, he was better on al jazeera

    1. @Jay Carlson millionaires are the problem with this system . The working poor are who it’s failing . Not saying it’s wrong to have or want stuff . If it’s at the expense of so many suffering the balance is off , not to mention the ethics and morality of the system .

    2. @Coral Clark so you have the weird idea that if I work and earn a dollar that somehow I stole that dollar and made so eone else poorer? That’s bizarre.

    3. @Coral Clark millionaires are the problem? Do you know that the USA has more self made millionaires than any other nation? Can you name a nation with more minority millionaires than the USA? How are millionaires the problem?

    4. @Coral Clark the working poor need jobs and more hours to work. Studies show poverty is directly linked to hours worked.

    5. @Jay Carlson
      Yes, they are the problem. The system that allows them to get away with crimes is also a problem.

  2. Without unions you have capitalism for the few, and slavery for the masses. A union is how the workers participate in capitalism by cooperating the same way corporations do.

    1. @Jay Carlson Unions do have some benefit but are also just an other lair of people that get paid by your labour.

      Longshoreman working at port all across Canada are unionized and create a fake shortage of employee & because most city only have 1 port and company can’t just switch port whenever longshoreman go on strike they can pretty much abuse they system.

      Same goes for Canada Post who is defacto the only company that will & can move mail with stamps. Because they are require by the government to do that the company simply can’t die, employee know that and prior to 2000 they went on strike twice every decade, now it’s one every decade/ 2 collective agreement.

      We’re not in the 19century when there was no law, no regulating body & if you were injured at your work and couldn’t work you’d get fire. At that time union was the only thing worker could count on. Now union are as shady as corporation themselves.

    1. @Michael Scott Yeah too bad he sold out to the Democrats huh? Then he rolled over and let biden sniff his tummy. He makes speeches and then does nothing when the time comes. 39 years in office and he named a post office. Wow.

    2. @Jonathan Mol why? What’s so great about Vermont ? They don’t even have a 15$ an hour minimum wage.

  3. Bernie is telling Bezos and Walton they can’t have it all. That’s not unreasonable. That’s not radical.

    1. I hate the word radical, I used to call good things radical like “You got a dog? That’s radical!” But nowadays it’s an insult.

    2. As i watch this, 160k views, only 168 likes for this comment, why? Nothing radical in asking/demanding that the rich pay maybe nearly the rates of tax that us normal folk pay, why are their rates so much lower than ours? Work in McDonalds in the uk and you pay a higher rate of tax than these super rich do, how can so many people not see this inequality?

    3. @John Ryan what would you consider fair?

      I explained that the top 25% pay 87% of taxes after you said the wealthy should pay their fair share.

      Exactly what would you consider fair? Should not be a hard question.

    1. There’s a reason why union membership is the lowest it’s ever been in this country! And Bernie’s Socialism has always – in the history of the world – brought misery for ‘the people.’

    2. @Paul the reason Republicans hate unions and have been trying to bust the back of them since the 19 50 Ronald Reagan and the President Bush was the worst at trying to dismantle them.. it’s almost like they don’t want you to have a livable working wage

    1. Faith Henderson
      and you feel you have the right to tell others to do the “right” thing in sending more of their money to
      a Federal Government that has us in an over 28 trillion dollars debt and growing? I have a better idea. Let us send less money to the Federal Government
      and force them to cut spending. How about that extreme?

  4. Bernie keeps my faith in justice and humanity alive… can’t say the same of many others in government

    1. @Paul
      Ignorance like yours – in the history of the world – brought nothing but misery and degeneracy.

  5. It’s amazing someone someone full of grace with honest concern’s for the little people can be looked at and dispised from the same fools He’s fighting for.

    1. @Paul Things that are done by and for the people is socialism. It turns out badly because it is usually co-opted by the rich to control the working class. Why do you despise the working class?

    2. @Buster Bloodvessel He recently became a millionaire because he wrote a book – earning a million did not turn Bernie from his mission of helping working class citizens. He knows these promises not only *could* be achieved, but *should* and *must* be achieved, slowly but surely.

  6. These wealthy people will spend millions and millions to stop poor people from having a say in their work place when they literally could spend billions to help folks and not even miss it…. shame on them!

    1. That awkward moment when we give one person our money then that person becomes the richest man & then 💩 on us 🤣😂🤣

    2. @Paul please stup with ur mombo jumbo nonsense talk , right , left , socialisme , communisme , democratie , republican crap. Ppl are talking about affordable wages for affordable living , not slavery working & slavery wages from paycheck to paycheck. & then idiots like u trying to be smart talking about ur stupid brain with life.

    3. @Paul Reading scrolls in a dungeon will keep You alone, afraid and ill-informed… and Your eyes will turn to dust.

      Take care, dimwit…

  7. These rich people could care less about the everyday worker they’ll treat you like dogs pay you what they want you to have and then expect you to smile and be thankful … without a union you’re nothing✊

    1. There’s a reason why union membership is the lowest it’s ever been in this country! And Bernie’s Socialism has always – in the history of the world – brought misery for ‘the people.’

    1. Would be nice to return corporate tax to the rate it was when trickle down pixie dust conman Reagan was elected

    1. @jeck jeck he became rich as a career politician. If anything bernie is a reminder of why we need a 2 term limit in all seats of all branches.

    2. @CasinoVa Beach …and YOUR ridiculous rantings remind me of why free speech is no good for yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre.

  8. Bezos runs his business on national distribution. He can’t move that offshore, hold the line unions.

    1. Bezos should be required to pay his workers $20 p/hr to start….and make sure they have proper breaks.

    2. It’s only my opinion, but I think that’s what’s been behind crippling the USPS. Bezos already runs 40% of Amazon’s “last mile” shipping through the USPS and Amazon is famous for “absorbing” their vendors when it’s to Amazon’s advantage. Bush 2.0 is the one who set the USPS up for privatization back in 2006 when legislation that he signed into law required the USPS to fund the retirement for their whole work force *75 years in advance.* The USPS has been running a deficit ever since.

    3. @Just Me He uses our infrastructure to run his national delivery. We want that, but we need better union jobs for business that makes its bones on our infrastructure. Like Ups or fedex. 😁

  9. Yes Bernie!!! What you said, all of it! We are so fortunate to have you. Dental is a very big, pretty much impossible expense for seniors

    1. There’s a reason why union membership is the lowest it’s ever been in this country! And Bernie’s Socialism has always – in the history of the world – brought misery for ‘the people.’

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