Sen. Blackburn asks Supreme Court nominee to define ‘woman’ | USA TODAY

Sen. Blackburn asks Supreme Court nominee to define 'woman' | USA TODAY 1


    1. @Bill C shes still a woman hello???? where are you getting this information from tf? are u this incomprehensible?

    2. @JedZilla77
      No but you seem to be playing dumb to not understand what a trap question is. Asking someone in her position to define what a “woman” is get her nothing but hate from which ever side doesn’t agree with her answer.

    3. @Build the Wall with the Woke
      It’s amazing that you let one woman blindly lead you to think that Jackson answered that trap question the best way she could have.

      Answer with facts-the left hates you
      Answer with feelings-the right hates you
      No answer-people question your knowledge

      Which of those is easier to recover from

  1. So she has been a woman all her life but doesn’t know what a woman is 😆

    Proud black woman for sure!

    1. What’s she supposed to say in such a setting? Obviously educated well meaning Republicans only understand men have a penis, women have a vagina. It goes just a tad further than that and she’s correct. If a case comes up she’s there to hear what doctor’s (biologists or other) results are. DNA, bloodwork etc. But the good ol Republicans need to hear the word penis

  2. Bet she considered herself a feminist. How can you be fighting for woman’s rights if you can’t even define woman?

    1. She was nominated for an associate Justice of the Supreme Court not an advocate(representive )for client.

    2. @Virgo Blue , remember the first Amendment of the Constitution.” Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.

    3. @Watchandjewelryloft hello! Should have asked her..hah hah..them…if she was a birthing person. Maybe that euphemism is already banned.

    4. @Virgo Blue that all depends on the definition of the word “is”

      Ask Bill. Excellent at dancing around on the head of a pin.

  3. Follow up question: How can you protect the rights of women, if you don’t know what a woman is?

    1. You should have been on that panel. Too bad you are rational. Can’t be that as a politician.

    2. @tim white you overestimate the power of conservatives on the panel and the craziness of the democrats.

  4. The first black “WOMAN” to be nominated can’t define “WOMAN”! That’s what she said! She can’t.

    1. @Kenneth Espinoza If a reply to something as simple as, “what is a woman,” can be used against you, that speak more about the people using it against you. And she had no issue answering other questions. Why opt out of such an easy one?

    2. @Watchandjewelryloft because a easy question can be critical. Also, this was one of the last questions. She was overwhelmed by the nonsense questions

    3. @Kenneth Espinoza It’s about as easy as, “what is 2 + 2?”
      Again, the issue here is with the ones that would use it against you. Pretty pathetic.

    4. @Watchandjewelryloft “define woman” isn’t easy. It was obviously a bait question to segue into transgenders.

    1. @Shaz Biden is way worse, how about that laptop which he said was nothing more than Russian disinformation

  5. Wow. That is scary. When a Supreme Court Nominee can’t describe what a woman is then you know we’re headed for some weird times!

    1. that was a dumb question, what was the point…what next ” why is water wet ” politicians should be paid minimum wage

    2. can you describe what a woman means? Don’t answer for me such a dumb biological answer I learned it when I was grade 3 but from the point of the questionnaire interest to know from Judge Jackson.

    1. So is she fulfilling Biden’s pledge to appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court? Is she a woman? Can we even use she?

    2. @Tom Conlin mainly? Didn’t get downright assert he would nominate a POC woman? Not even a peep about merit.

    1. @Shaz Just think about the question. A “woman” accuses someone of discrimination. That someone can then identify however they want to nullify the discrimination accusation. Heck, if you want to get real fancy, the person that may have been chosen above the so-called victim, could identify as a woman as well, and that totally blows the case out of the water.

  6. Two Harvard degrees folks … that’s like $500k right there that someone paid. And people with Harvard degrees look down on others who don’t have Harvard degree. Amazing

    1. Both those degrees paid off because she was smart enough to know a trap question when she heard it. Either way she answered she was going to get hate so why answer the question at all.

    2. @BhereNow she didn’t side step anything. This canned lunatic leftist response tells all. I’m not a veterinarian but I know what a dog is.

    3. @Rich if you know what a dog is, why ask someone to define dog? A judge does her job by referring to the people he/she deals with, not by what she thinks the person should be, but what the parameters within which she works permit. For example, plaintiff, defense, Mr. so and so, or Mrs. So and so; regardless of what she may consider their gender category might be. So, what’s the point of the question in the first place?

    4. @Frank Wilson well if someone dresses a cat up as a dog and tells me I’m wrong for noticing the blatant differences……

  7. This question is like kyrptonite to the leftists. Similar question was asked to liberal dem leader in the UK live on radio. Was hilarious.

  8. If she can’t say that a woman is a adult female then she has no place up there everybody knows why she won’t give the easy answer!

  9. For the law to exist, definitions must be agreed upon. You can’t judge on something if you can’t define what that something is.

    1. Not true. The advocates for both the plaintiff and the defense who present arguments in front of the judge in which the case is decided.

    1. technically taking hormone therapy and changing your physical form is a physiological change and part of biology. Question is does surgically planting breasts on a man biologically make him a woman?

  10. SEN. BLACKBURN: “Can you provide a definition of the word ‘woman’?”

    JACKSON: “No, I can’t”

    BLACKBURN: “You can’t?”

    JACKSON: “I’m not a biologist”

    She “doesn’t know” because she probably wants to erase biological women herself.

  11. This is one of THE most absurd statements I’ve ever heard….especially from a Supreme Court nominee! I’m surprised she did not say/answer…..”Not in this context, I’m not a gynecologist”.

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