Sen. Booker: This Is A Moment Where We Need Profiles In Courage | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Sen. Booker: This Is A Moment Where We Need Profiles In Courage | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Sen. Cory Booker, D-NJ, discusses his reaction to new security footage of the January 6 riot played at the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump and why he says this is a 'moral moment' for the country. Aired on 2/11/2021.
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Sen. Booker: This Is A Moment Where We Need Profiles In Courage | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. The Ways and Means Committees needs to investigate the Republicans, their role they played before and after January 6th.

    1. @Red jam 611… lol… I actually feel sorry for you , you’re not a United States citizen but United States politics consumes a large portion of your day… you need a hobbie.

    2. @Muddy Water I don’t know if you’re racist, but it’s obvious you’re ignorant and stubborn. Trump is a dangerous egomaniac with a track record of breaking rules, cheating people and displaying behaviour sane and intelligent people wouldn’t accept in a toddler, much less a leader. Suggesting anything else is proof of your cognitive flaws and inability to understand the world around you.

    3. @Muddy Water Talk me why are Trump supporters so bitter? They were bitter when Trump was in office, and they are still bitter. That is an awful way to live your life.

    4. @Muddy Water
      And you are equally obsessed in trying to smear “all liberals” with any random accusation you can find. Welcome to the internet

    5. @Spider Taylor … it’s all about tax dollars, when someone tells me there going take my tax dollars and do something like erase college debt, free birth control or free healthcare I get bitter, it has nothing to do with Trump.

    1. @Dogs are Fun you are Obviously missing some active brain cells that should be occupying that now empty void between your ears!

    2. @Dogs are Fun man you’re fking stupid. Viruses are indeed everywhere, your body does have an immune system. But it takes time for your body to recognize a new virus, especially a deadly one. There is a reason why our life expectancy has increased since the middle ages. Its called science, its called medicine, its called vaccine. To say “your body will handle it” is like saying oh just spit on it, its all good, when you got stabbed in the gut.

    3. I have seen the video of the staging of the ”insurrection”.
      The players were actors and everything was staged managed.
      The woman supposedly shot was an actress and the blood was fake.
      All was fake to be used in the impeachment.

      Anyone that defends the 2020 election as legitimate is either a moron or a traitor to the Republic.
      Trump won in a landslide.
      Biden is not the president.

      The police officer did not die on the hill.
      He texted his brother 24 hours after he was supposed to be dead.
      Then he supposedly died of a ”stroke” which was the CIA murdering him to stop him from talking and as a lesson to others.
      His body was cremated straight after his death……. before anyone could conduct an autopsy.

    4. @HS
      What Psychiatric hospital do you reside in?
      Better get back to your room, it’s way past lock down time and the staff are searching for you!

    1. @Rodney Bean “constant attack” by the liberal whatevers Democrats??? Do you mean somebody not a Republican said words against him based on despicable things he really said and really did? Gasp! Imagine that! What meanies! In the same thread you’re calling Democrats thin-skinned but this is what you lead with? Dems were mean to Trump?? You do understand there’s this thing called calling people out on their s***, right? And I’m still waiting for you to cite one instance where MSNBC or CNN reported as fact something Trump did not do or did not say.

      Hate to break it to you, sunshine, but Someone factually discussing horrendous things he actually said and did, not to mention all the lies he told, that Fox news always fails to cover( like his moronic and potentially dangerous…disinfectant injection remark you never even heard about because even the Trumpaholics at Fox were facepalming that one and that’s why they didn’t show it?)..
      . does not constitute an attack on the poor baby. And if he didn’t want anyone speaking against him, he probably shouldn’t have tried to be president, or in politics at any level.

    2. @Frenchblue8 When I look back to Charlottesville, I get a pit in my stomach thinking about how drastically America was changing for the worse, Stephen Miller and Trump committed unspeakable atrocities at southern border, they both should be charges with crimes against humanity. Trump farther demonstrated his hatred toward America when he did nothing to implement a policy to fight COVID, I felt so much better when Biden was elected, but trump had to play the game of fight the steal when nothing was stolen in order to collect donations from his supporters under the pretense of fighting for the election. Never could I have imaged that he would go as far as to incite an act of domestic terrorism, he won’t be convicted because of those timid Republican Senators, but he still has numerous court cases ahead of him, maybe if convicted in one of those cases it will make him ineligible to run for president again.

    3. @Rodney Bean
      The Republicans are only taking part in the Impeachment trial to protect tRump, and in so doing to ensure that they get a position in tRump’s new Patriot Party!

      They know that the GOP is Finished because they took part in it’s destruction!

      So what’s next for America?
      Will tRump’s Patriot Party appoint tRump President for life, and dissolve congress?
      But I guess what’s good for president Putin is good for tRump “Right”

      These Far Right Fascist’s in the now debunked QOP Repugnant party will feel right at home and support everything that their President for life tRump demands
      And Brain Dead morons like you will still think that’s OK !

    4. Unfortunately, trumpy dumpy brought out the evil part from the Americans soul. We are all good and evil. You choose good always.

    1. My young indian tribal members enlisted.buddy system. They died in diferent countries.Stop the poor from dying. BRING BACK THE DRAFT.

    2. My brother thrived after vietnam . His own son died .He drank himself to death because his own wife said this is a different war.You should have kept him home.

    3. Yup…how much morality has shifted..right? Clinton was guilty of an indiscretion. tRump committed treason!!! But Clinton’s quick impeachment & removal was the GOP’s first successful coup! Republicans will do ANYTHING FOR POWER!!!!

    4. Iran and afganistan.they were both buried in the family cemetary. The biggist thing was to name our children as blue sky middle name.Never forget the young who will have no children.They wanted to see the world.They didn ‘t see they were expendable.

    1. Cowards are the ones that will not stand up to the swamp whisperer because they would rather lose their country and spot on capital hill and they are aaaall in favor of lining their pockets b4 they are out of office.

  2. Booker, Dems and GOP senators who deemed the trial constitutional need to talk some courage into those who were morally compelled by the evidence into moving away from Trump and talk some sense into those who are retiring and not let McDaniel or their base hold them back.

    1. Each citizen who agrees vmust maintain pressure on congress by registering their support to invoke the 14th amendment and vremove traitors amoungst them.

    1. @Relaxolotl Trump doesn’t care that all those people died or the ones who were badly injured because he is the Devil, Satan has been loosed in the first impeachment and some of those senators said they think he learned his lesson. Ha! All they did was empower him to do more of the same but more deadly. Now, what will happen if he is acquitted, they will give him place to overthinking the government and this time he will make it happen, God forbid. Shame on those senators who will not protect us with the right vote.

    2. @Renee Redding
      The Republicans are only taking part in the Impeachment trial to protect tRump, and in so doing to ensure that they get a position in tRump’s new Patriot Party!
      They know that the GOP is Finished because they took part in it’s destruction!
      So what’s next for America?
      Will tRump’s Patriot Party appoint tRump President for life, and dissolve congress?
      But I guess that’s OK because what’s good for president Putin is good for tRump “Right”
      These Far Right Fascist’s in the now debunked QOP Repugnant party will feel at home and support everything that their president for life tRump demands like good little minions!
      Traitors For life is what they are!

    3. @Colin Mahoney , Agreed but eventually Trump will turn on them and throw Them under the bus. He demands Loyalty from His followers but he will not return it in the way they think. Everyone is expendable to Him, when he’s done using them he will toss them aside. There complicity will be to their detriment. Just like The Insurrection that he encouraged and told them he would walk with them. They did what he basically asked and he went back to the Whitehouse.

  3. Sen Booker thank you for standing up for democracy the world is watching. Republicans do your job and impeach this traitor once and for all people have died !

    1. A crime witnessed by a nation and the world from the beginning with the lies to the violent insurrection at the end. Those people of the nation and world, if jurors without bias, would bring back a verdict of “Guilty as Charged”!

    2. @D mpk Surely it is now clear that there is no chance the spineless and honorless Republican senators will keep their oath to “do impartial justice”? The whole process of impeachment in the House, trial in the Senate is obviously pointless. The trial part should be in a court, with a truly impartial jury in attendance.

    3. @Raygo watching from the uk, we only wish that would be the case 🙁
      The complete lack of ethics, morality or honour to the oaths taken by republiCons is just hideous. Like the Orange criminal they’re protecting…

    4. @mani Beer I’m afraid that the situation is rather tragic. In the US a large section of the population is in the grip of a mass delusion and personality cult. The GOP leadership are actually afraid of them, can’t even consider crossing them.

    1. Yet they think they have a chance! If 80million voted the last corrupt n immoral human out what makes them think they a Any chance…?? Lol

  4. Thats the problem…good people have been hopeful for 12 years now and time and time again our hopes and our sense of decency has been shattered by the Republican party and their cowardice and their willingness to lie and cheat and steal. We need this Win, badly.

    1. The votes of the senators will separate these members into two groups, those that work for the country from those that work/follow the cult.

    2. Sad to say it won’t happen, the cowards in the republican party will not vote trump guilty and impeach him.

    3. @Daniel Warner
      Trump has already been impeached!
      But the lowlifes in the repugnant party will never convict him!
      Every single one of them know that their party is damaged beyond repair, because they were all party to it’s destruction!
      Most if not all of them see this trial, as a job interview for positions in the new Trumps Patriot Party!

      God help America you are really gonna need it!

  5. Profiles in courage? Republicans don’t know the meaning of courage! They are concerned with one thing and one thing only!, maintaining power.

    1. Many of them are actually frightened of physical harm to their families in their own localities by folk who believed the lie. It is not only moral courage but physical courage required. A lot to ask an old man, many GOP members.

  6. From the UK. If some of these Republicans are still siding with trump, then absolute SHAME on anyone who vote these persons in again in the future. America will never live this down in the eyes of the world, if all those involved are not removed permanently from leading in a place of honour.

    1. You’re absolutely right. I’m Welsh American and cannot believe there are these cowardly Republicans who will not stand against Trump. What they don’t understand is that if the American people don’t see them standing against him we will see them standing with him~still~ after everything that happened, never forgetting that not only are they the jury in this trial… They are also the witnesses as well as some of the victims. If they do not vote against Trump in this conviction, if they fail to convict, as Chris Cuomo said last night they are holding up their middle fingers to everyone who died, everyone who was injured everyone who was terrified, calling their families to say goodbye, not knowing if they would live through the insurrection. And they will be giving the finger to each and every family member of those who died. Fortunately two of my state senators are wonderful human beings and will vote one way in this trial because there is only one right way to vote.

    2. @R Wags thank you, NZ, for your words of concern, thank you for caring about us. Those of us who are true and good Americans, who work hard and care about our fellow and sister Americans, are good people, we really are. Please don’t give up on us! We really need you standing with us and praying for us as we would for you. Speaking just for myself I was so pleased to hear that you guys have found ways through to keeping as many of you well and safe from the pandemic as possible.
      Hearts across the water…

  7. Anyone who doesn’t vote for impeachment then they are guilty of complicity and move for a vote of no confidence in their abilities to uphold their constitutional responsibilities.

    1. There is no provision for not finishing an impeachment trial either. There is precedent for impeaching someone who is out of office but can do more damage if he is reelected. This provision is so on point when it comes to Trump that it is astounding that anyone could argue against completing the impeachment process that was begun while Trump was in office. Also, had it not been for Mitch McConnell refusing to recall the Senate, the trial would have been completed while Trump was in office. Given this fact, any argument about the timing of the trial becomes specious.

    2. @Nathaniel Hale There’s also no provision for NOT doing so, especially one who was Impeached while still in office. Besides, the Senate already voted that it was Constitutional, so you may be a day or two behind, since Fox and OAN didn’t bother to mention that vote.

    3. @Nathaniel Hale He was impeached while ‘sitting’..the trial if you will please listen to Constitutional lawyers ,.can be later…

  8. Courage is in short supply with this group of Republicans. But give them a microphone and FOX News and they think they’re Rambo.

  9. “Courage”, integrity…morals…honor…words that mean absolutely nothing to these people, and it’s long past time that we start approaching the situation with this knowledge. All their motives are self serving and nefarious. It’s time to cancel the GOP

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