Sen. Braun: Dems Relief Bill ‘Financially Irresponsible’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. @john emeigh But as of a report from May 2019:
      > the richest 20% of households own 90% of all wealth in the USA
      > the richest 10% of households own 70% of all wealth in the USA
      > the richest 1% of households own 50% of all wealth in the USA
      > the lower 50% of households own 1.3% of all wealth in the USA

      In case the vastness of this discrepancy is not registering this is showing that,
      > the top 1% owns 38.46 times more wealth than the lower 50%
      > the top 10% own 53.8 times more wealth than the lower 50%
      > the top 20% own 69.2 times more wealth than the lower 50%

      I’m not quite sure where you are making the break for “wealthy people”, but only paying 226% more: – – – that is, 2.26 times more than the average household indicates that the “wealthy people” are not paying their fair share.

      Your statement that ” There’s not enough rich people to pay for everything” is ludicrous.

      BTW – here is a definition for you:

      so foolish, unreasonable, or out of place as to be amusing; ridiculous.

    2. @john emeigh its literaly impossible to overpay your tax, governent is litteraly binded to refund every extra penny you paid ,so no your statement is false

    3. @Kevin Preston Well, a payroll tax cut would help workers take home bigger paychecks, but it wouldn’t help those who have lost jobs. Plus, it would hurt Social Security, which is already facing funding shortfalls. So if you plan on never losing your job and dying young it will be of benefit to you.
      And, of course, it would be a great benefit to the top 1% including Trump!

    4. @Borvo the shortfall in social security, like all pension plans have been going on for years way before the CCP COVID 19 virus and government overreaction. Payroll tax cuts would help small businesses if they can reopen. The top one percent do not pay payroll taxes unless they employees

    1. Trump’s golf Partners also got $150,000 each
      Trump’s Golf Club got 250,000
      The my pillow commercial Got 5 million dollars
      Fox News 5 million dollars
      Tucker Carlson 7 million dollars
      Donald Trump’s private secretary Barbie doll. $1000000

  1. Imagine assisting Americans in not spreading the virus while 140k are dead. Get this under control and Americans would have less of a concern returning to the workforce.

    1. jeff c
      Andrew cuomo signed a order putting sick covid cases into nursing homes, 6% of New York’s nursing home population is now dead. 6500 people. Cuomo is directly responsible for this.

    2. jeff c
      Plus isn’t there been protesting in democrat cities for 50 straight days. Pretty sure that’s spreading covid

    3. @Logan McLean Cuomo did what he had to do because Trump was in denial about Covid 19. He refused to implement a national strategy for the country and he provided absolutely no help in securing any plan for the nation to follow. Trump’s first responsibility is to keep the American people SAFE. He is directly responsible for many, many deaths (including nursing homes) due to his lackadaisical attitude! Trump IS directly responsible for those nursing home deaths, not Cuomo. I am sure you conveniently forgot about Pence delivering boxes to nursing homes. It was recorded on national t.v.and when he wanted to take out more boxes from the van and was told they were empty he replied “You know, for the cameras”. Republicans lying once again to brainwash the general public and you are one of them!

    4. @Logan McLean Plus the braindead Republican fools in Red states that swarm the beaches, have fourth of July parties and go to “covid” parties to see if they can catch the virus. You folks have no thinking abilities at all!

  2. Interviewer lets him get away with NOT answering what have they been doing the past 2 months. He NEVER amswers and the interviewer let’s it slide!

    1. Trump and the Senate have been golfing. Thinking how they can help the rich more not any of us that’s for sure.

    2. The interviewer was pressed for time, but I’ll tell you what the Republicans were waiting on, they were waiting to see if the economy was going to get better, but how was that gonna happen with COVID 19 out of control?

    3. Still, you note the question was left unanswered. It’s hanging out there for all to see that he didn’t have an answer because he didn’t have one.

    1. I caught that too; this guy uses he whole discussion to lick Trump’s feet, heaping undeserved praise and taking cheap shots at the dems; deplorable.

    2. So it’s “fiscally responsible” to do a Tax cut for the super rich, but “fiscally irresponsible” to help keep people alive by not forcing them back to work and they don’t want the employees to sue the company they work for by giving the company immunity from Lawsuits brought by people who caught Covid at work. Amazing it could only happen in America, Corporations first, Employees last #WhinyBitch #Traitor45ForPrison2020 #EndCovidStupidity #TrumpIsKillingUs

  3. Never believe anything a Republican says. They say things to just be contrarian. They have zero tolerance towards any left ideas or to help regular citizens in general.

    1. Truly the Republicans have spend the past decades using scorched earth tactics; no consensus, no working with the rest of us, just refusing to do anything that is not exactly the way they want. Arrogance and hubris.

    2. @Alfred Basurto It was a strategy by the GOP to call any Democrat a leftist. No matter how conservative a Democrat might be, the GOP called him a Lefty. Europeans don’t understand it, they know America doesn’t really have any leftists. Long before that, the ‘right’ made ‘liberal’ a pejorative by equating it with socialism. They still do..

  4. We our government spent 3 trillion dollars, and the American people only receive three hundred billion .our senators and Congressmen and our president receive a big part of the three trillion dollars

    1. Along with these multi-billion dollar corporations that had THEIR hand out as soon as money was available

    2. I say we need to clean them ALL out, give term limits to ALL political positions, and let them live on MINIMUM WAGE as most WORKING Americans have to, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

    3. @Brenda Raus Nope , just RETHUGLICONS…. thanks , BLOCKED for grouping together politicians as one

    4. Rockefeller is looking for 75 billion in this package… To develop a test that is already on the market and available for about $1-2 per test. Check MedCram update 98

  5. So it’s “Financially Responsible” to let the economy crash while giving big payouts to your donors but helping the people with there own tax dollars is ‘Financially Irresponsible’? This guy is full of it.

    1. @S T23 Any party that does not place the interest of the people who elected them ahead of politics particularly in the face of a global pandemic and refuses to provide transparency is reprehensible of the office they hold let alone the oath of that office! Time to clean the house, literally!

    2. No he isn’t full of it. He just isn’t representing your interests or those of the people of Indiana. They should know that they elected a homicidal psychopath who only cares about his rich donors and would just as soon see them all drop dead.

    3. THAT is a REPUBLICAN for you!!! They are ALL LIKE THAT, and Trump has exposed the Rep Party for what it TRULY IS. Republicans are TOXIC to the core!!! They need to go for good. As long as they have a say in gov AMERICA WILL NEVER EVER be the “great country” Americans like to believe it is.

  6. That’s because Republicans took care of the “important ” people, corporations, tax cuts, how they talk about the debt when it comes to bailing us out, all of a sudden they worry about money…. give me a break….. we dont need to bail out corporations this round, just the ones who actually pay the bills…

    1. The paycheque protection program was great. Plus if all our corporations go broke, many people will lose jobs

    1. The Confederates and the Evangelicals are the American version of the Taliban. Most of them are on their high horses, and think all Democrats, non-whites and “leftists” are atheistic infidels who need to be purged. The GOP and Trump’s administration policies are proof of that during the pandemic. The Red states are the poorest states, but they will leach off the GDP that the Blue states contribute, and the GOP will use that to serve their 1% donors and their “prosperity churches”.

    2. In other words this Trumplican Senator thinks that it’s, “Fiscally Responsible” to give the Billionaires an Economy crushing Tax Cut and to Steal from PPP and “Fiscally Irresponsible” to look after Ordinary Americans, who have lost their jobs because of the Covid Pandemic, jobs that aren’t there now and force others back to work in Unsafe Environments and also give the Companies Lawsuit immunity from employees who catch Covid because of the Unsafe Environment, Yes the Trumplican Party is officially a Death Cult. There is no way any minimal Economic recovery, is going to save the Corrupt Trumplican GOP #EndTheGrimReapersReign #CorruptGOPMustGo #TrumpIsKillingUs #EndCovidStupidity #Traitor45ForPrison2020

    1. Not just that. Apparently people like Jared pocketed millions from the stimulus package. We’ll find out once the Dems are in the House, Senate and WH.

  7. Giving money to corporations who pay less in taxes isn’t fisically responsible either. It’s worse than sending citizens a check.

    1. @John Watt that was the top result of a 5 second Google search. Now those statistics are only federal income tax, not payroll taxes, excise taxes, or state and local taxes
      If you are going to make a claim, like the rich don’t pay income taxes and the entire tax burden falls on the bottom.

    2. @Kevin Preston: I’m not here to debate online statistics because I can create my own, not saying you have. I have friends in Wikipedia and I know what it says isn’t true. You are having help looking what you are looking for, and they don’t call it suggested.

    3. @Kevin Preston: No. I am well-known for having hot statistics. I’m not a Republican or a Democrat, and there’s an election going on in America, so I’m starting to completely avoid that. What do Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh and Elvis Presley have in common? They are all surviving twins. Do you like that one?

  8. “It’s financially irresponsible because the money doesn’t go to Trumps buddies. We cannot have that!”

    1. With most bills coming from the house, you gotta read the fine print. They throw weird things into them sometimes

  9. These stimulus bills are for “the people” more like for the corrupted government.

  10. Now he wants to bring up the deficit? These “leaders” are insane. They didn’t care when the rich got a unneeded tax cut but he doesn’t want to those of us who can’t even pay the rent.

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