Sen. Brown Breaks Down Child Tax Credit That Could Cut Poverty Rate In Half 1

Sen. Brown Breaks Down Child Tax Credit That Could Cut Poverty Rate In Half


“It’s going to drop the poverty rate between 40 and 50 percent. Imagine that,” says Sen. Sherrod Brown, discussing the new government policy that will send most parents several hundred dollars per month, per child—no strings attached.
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    1. @StillLivinginthewoods .. What is the Gov taking away from you??.. What are you giving up??..

      I am sure you didn’t waste anytime cashing those Stimulus Checks when they were handed out..

      What did you give up, btw ?.. Had to give up something, huh, according to you..

      Just typical Republikkkons beating up on Women, children and Parents. Yeeeah, that’s a good thing to do..
      After all people like you want to control Women’s Reproductive Rights, right.. After all, Abortions and birth control are nothing but a political football to people like you..
      But you get your free Viagra don’t you..

      Like a 2 yr old repeating what your parents tell you..

    2. @MR GOODNESS who said it happens everyday? Where are u getting this information? Are u talking about corporate bailouts? What are u talking about? Cause if you think giving money to the rich is bad cause they already have money but your ok with giving free money to the poor for the sole reason they are poor that’s socialism and its wrong everyone has the opportunity to get out of poverty and free money from the government is not a way to get out of poverty just ask people who are on welfare

    1. Who’s More Likely to Be Audited: A Person Making $20,000 — or $400,000?
      If you claim the earned income tax credit, whose average recipient makes less than $20,000 a year, you’re more likely to face IRS scrutiny than someone making twenty times as much. How a benefit for the working poor was turned against them.,,.//———

    2. @Hocuz808 saving money is nice but if you aren’t investing and diversifying where/ how your safe money.

    3. @Fen Wan .. I don’t know, I’ve claimed the Earned Income Credit and never been Audited and made just over 20,000 a yr.. In fact, one yr I didn’t think I could claim that.. The IRS a few weeks later after I sent my Taxes in sent me a letter with my Income Tax form and said that they changed it so I did get the Earned Income Credit.. Ohh, and I was never Audited..

      Obviously you don’t know what you are talking about..

    4. @Hocuz808 I love watching you poor lap dogs chomping at every chance to change this country into a 3rd world bannana Republic.. ‘ GoOd LuCk ‘!

  1. Bribing the subjects? Cut taxes over all that will raise income for everyone just like we all want. Minimum wage will make more, parents will make more.

    1. @Steve Chance , how about making the 1% wealthiest ( you know like Bezos, trump, Walmart etc..) pay their fair share , stop the tax break that trump gave to that same top wealthiest group of people then oh.. I don’t know, just maybe the tax cut should go to the middle class and the working poor. Since companies that are owned by the top 1% have employees that STILL have to apply for government assistance . So while their employees work for low pay ( not a livable wage) these companies get away with either paying NO TAXES or pay such a small amount of taxes that those who do the actual work still has to have help. Now does that seem fair to you that ALL tax payers EXCEPT the ones that can AFFORD it the most take up the slack,

    2. @Mr. Liberal weird. Lowest unemployment rates, record breaking stock market, poc being paid more than they ever have .. it’s almost like the pandemic was planned to ruin it all while killing the vulnerable…

  2. Hopefully this will be enough to help my family out of homelessness that we’ve been recently suffering from.

    1. @Doc D .. Are you that dumb? Everyone has a cellphone these days.. You don’t know how a smart phone works.. You can get plans for cheap money now.. Pay as you go plans..

      Yeeeah, typical Republikkkon beating up on women, children and Parents.. But when the Abortion and Birth Control issues come up you are beating up on them as well.. Nothing but a political football for Republikkkons..

    2. @Doc D um not for my fiance. He has a felony currently and I’m heavily pregnant and can’t currently work. You call yourself a doctor

    3. @Doc D honestly I blame the pandemic for my family being homeless. I lost my job as a babysitter because I can’t get vaccinated yet, and my fiance lost his after he was arrested. Literally not our fault. And on top of that, we can’t even leave the state to find cheaper housing. The state we are in has a housing crisis leaving almost 20% of people homeless or at risk of homelessness.

    1. @Elizabeth Moore disabled, but no problem typing on the computer or riding in a car. Maybe you misspelled lazy?

    2. @Doc D what do you think being disabled is? It comes in all shapes sizes and degrees… Some a very visible… some are invisible… So yes I can type and drive a car… You have no idea what kind of disability I have don’t just amuse…

    3. @Doc D oh god, just because someone can spell and get access to the internet DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY WILL BE HIRED OVER ANYONE ELSE! ESPECIALLY IF THEY HAVE A DISABILITY! You really need to change your handle because you’re definitely not smart enough to be a doctor

    4. @Elizabeth Moore I’m sorry this person keeps belittling you. Praying for you and your well being Don’t listen to the uneducated.

    1. Who’s More Likely to Be Audited: A Person Making $20,000 — or $400,000?
      If you claim the earned income tax credit, whose average recipient makes less than $20,000 a year, you’re more likely to face IRS scrutiny than someone making twenty times as much. How a benefit for the working poor was turned against them.,,……..

    2. @Fen Wan $20,000 *if* they have the EITC. Hundreds of thousands of people create fraudulent returns and add the EITC in order to get refunds. If you’re honest then you have very little to worry about even if you’re audited. The bigger issue comes when the parents are separated and they both try to claim the kid.

    3. @Fen Wan , why are you copying the exact same thing on everyone’s post? If they are honest in their tax reporting then no worries.

    4. The catch is called Inflation and since Biden won we have had massive inflation on food, gas and most everything else. This is not a coincidence; it’s caused by massive government spending and this new program starting in July and being done every month will lead to more money printing and even more inflation

    5. @888strummer that’s not how inflation works, inflation is a supply and demand thing. witch means you can blame todays inflation on tramps pandemic response !! on the same note, you can blame the government covid relief spending to a point on the lack of pandemic response. just for fun I have a question, how did anybody think a conman that has gone bankrupt 9 times was going to “save” the country????

  3. To all the people who think this is awesome it’s not they are pretty much giving us our own money back where do you think they are getting the money? This is a disgusting tactic to stay in power

    1. Who’s More Likely to Be Audited: A Person Making $20,000 — or $400,000?
      If you claim the earned income tax credit, whose average recipient makes less than $20,000 a year, you’re more likely to face IRS scrutiny than someone making twenty times as much. How a benefit for the working poor was turned against them.…///

    2. LoL.. Ya, you would rather give it to the Corporations, right.. So they can buy back their Stocks..

  4. Just keep piling on to us single Americans (one income households) – the most taxed people in the country because we choose not to have rug rats until the time is right. Give that tax break to people who have two incomes split that rent/mortgage and already have a child tax credit. We’ll just keep eating grilled cheese and PB&J sandwiches ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    1. ​@Progressive Humanist here comes the virtue signaling, sorry to say, but creating competition for jobs does not help older generations. Maybe to feed the SS ponzi scheme, but that’s dead in a few years.

    2. @Brenda Odinson oh I see the olders will be dead….ok so who’s gonna foot the Bill,huh…..who? ….cricket time, chirping, chirp chirp

    1. I owed student loans… crazy thing,, I paid them all off… because that is what responsible adults who take ownership of their own lives do… You made the commitment to the loan, you pay it off…

    2. @Kyle Riel it’s oveous you know nothing about China or communism!!! spoiler alert: do a little research

    1. You ever been to DisneyWorld? Don’t think you have. Try a few thousand dollars to get into Disney. Not a July tax credit payout

  5. This will increase my working hours so I can afford to eat on account of getting taxed up the Ying yang.

  6. im single. i already raised kids, why do my taxes have to feed everyone else. if you cant afford kids then dont have any. dont punish us that work for a living.

  7. Here is a wild idea… How about you make some permanent tax cuts which allows ALL citizens to just KEEP more of their money to begin with instead of giving it back… But then all those bureaucrats who our tax $$ go to pay them to collect all the money then turn around and decide who gets it back will have to go out in the real world and get a job that actually benefits society.

  8. this would have been great 30 years ago when as a single father with 3 kids. where as my kids had food 3 times a day everyday, I on the other hand was happy if I could eat 1 meal every other day. and yes my child care bill was greater than my rent!

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