Sen. Chris Coons: GOP Police Reform Bill ‘Does Not Meet The Moment’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. The first problem here is assuming Moscow Mitch’s Senate is going to actually do any work. He doesn’t leave his shell unless billions of dollars are on the table for his lobbyists.

  2. Police reform begins with vetting the person being hired to become a police officer. It may even begin when they apply to study to become a police officer. For instance, any white person, born and raised in any of the Slave States have an obvious first strike against them. Why? Because being a white person born and raised in a slave state means you were born and raised on racial hatred. It means racial hatred is in your DNA. No police department needs officers working for them who were born and raised on racial hatred.

    1. 14 dead in Chicago? Just a symptom; the disease which causes the violence and death from the Trumpbola-Virus-Pandumbic and gun violence. Is the disease WASP-skin.

    2. Because RATpubliKKKlan’s Satan-worshiping, sadistic, Nazi, anti-abortion-death-KKKult behavior. Creates and sustains poverty. Why does Amurdercaca not provide healthcare to all it’s citizens like the entire civilized world as*hole?

    3. The Donnorrhea is still trying to repeal ObamaCare right now, at the beginning wave of the Trumpbola-Virus-Pandumbic; that Trumpelforeskin has caused?

    4. These are the some of the reasons WASP-skin is a disease that The Holy Trinity has ordered all 63 million Trumpholes be executed on sight. Along with all the PIGs that are not replaced by flying and rolling robot-drone = RoboCops.

    5. PIGs a nothing more than slave-patrols meant to insure white privilege; and are another form of Democratic-voter-suppression. Amen.

  3. The Republican senate is too lazy to impeach Barr because it’s a waste of time. How is it that police officers can be charged within 72 hours and it takes months to impeach someone in the DoJ? Justice matters!

    1. No we need to replace PIGs with robots. There are YouTube videos right now from security companies selling commercial flying and rolling RoboCop combinations. MIT working with 12 silicone valley companies can build robots that perform all PIG duties and way more. At 3,000% lower cost and 3,000% better quality of service. There are no limits to imagination and ingenuity.

    1. The simple solution is to remove PIGs completely from the equation. Can robots drive a car? Yes. Can robots build cars and clean your floors by itself? Yes. Can you remotely control a robot to perform any PIG functions and more; without shooting someone in the back who is running away? Yes. A RoboCop would have just driven Mr. Brooks to his sister’s house, not the morgue. See my channel for RoboCop images. Last 3 minutes presents the best, most fun, examples of RoboCops in action. RoboCops do not have knees and would have just let Mr. Floyd go; as he did not know the $20 bill was counterfeit.

  4. It doesn’t matter what anyone says or does! The nazi dog cops will continue to do as their 1% masters tell them. They will crush the peasant uprising! The new corporate controlled federal government is only concern with allowing the greedy, soulless, filth of man, to dismantle our Democracy and transfer our nation back to the soulless plutocrats. Now with the Coronavirus and the peasants uprising, their Chosen One will declare martial law and suspend elections. As his “Kept My Undies On” oj lawyer dershowitz said, if he believes his election is in the best interest of the country, then he can do whatever he wants. Be assured, moscow 🐢 mitch and their purchased, installed perverted corporate friendly judges. You know like lying under oath, boofing, devil’s triangle frat boy Kavanaugh, will back their 1% owner’s puppet. Our Democracy is on the verge of Death, corporations are now “We The People” and money is “Free Speech.” This has been your master’s plan from the beginning! Watch what your 1% owners think… Anyways, your masters don’t care if some of their human livestock die off. The market will recover, their herds of human livestock will be younger and stronger. Ensuring future profits for their children’s 1% future.

  5. In their autonomous zone is the example of community policing, how is that working out for you? We call for more funding for Police and thousands more to be hired, and for law and order. – I will say this again, this is not a leftist or right wing issue, this is a criminal issue and , We The People , are fed up with it –

  6. please explain why chokeholds are bad? no chokeholds means they will take out their nightsticks and cause potential brain damage etc. it cna be said without any argument a chokehold properly perfomred causes less damage than the night stick alternative.

    1. Don’t carry a Bible or the American flag or anything else BLM don’t like you will break thier law and be chased and beaten, you can’t run fast enough and no one will help you they will just pretend nothing happening.

  7. In January 2019, the FBI’s Uniform Code of Reporting rolled out an initiative called the Use of Force Data Collection. I’m not sure is YouTube will allow me to create a link to the official website but it should be easily located through a Google search. The task force includes Local, tribal, and federal agency representatives; Association of State Criminal Investigative Agencies; Association of State Uniform Crime Reporting Programs; International Association of Chiefs of Police; Major Cities Chiefs Association; Major County Sheriffs of America; National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives; National Sheriffs’ Association; Police Executive Research Forum and is also informed by  the Department of Justice’s Community Oriented Policing Services, the Office of the Deputy Attorney General, and the Bureau of Justice Statistics. In the official video explaining the launch, video clips of the serving panel are shown. The table is completely surrounded by older Caucasian gentlemen. The definition of use of force seems very narrowly defined to me as well:  fatality to a person connected to use of force by a law enforcement officer, serious bodily injury to a person connected to use of force by a law enforcement officer, or a firearm is discharged by law enforcement at or in the direction of a person. When POC’s are overwhelmingly the receiving end of use of force, why do they not have another group representing their interests on the panel? Why not include the ACLU or the NAACP– or both– on the panel? And why does the cross section of leadership in the vast majority of these agencies represent so little diversity? If the “most qualified individuals” overwhelmingly fit the same gender, age,  and ethnic mold,  isn’t anyone raising an eyebrow and asking why?

  8. If a PIG tries to run you over with a horse. Take your machete and cut off the PIG’s right arm and leg first. Then raise your blade high above your head with both hands; and cut off the horse’s head. The alternative is to cut off the horse’s right, front-leg; just below the knee. Which disables the animal while not getting the horse’s blood; on everyone’s board-shorts.

  9. Amurdercaca’s entire history is soaked in the blood of 36 million innocent black, brown, and red children; domestically and internationally. Who have never attacked ‘mericaca.

  10. Set up ambushes for the pansy miliFAIRY; 10 miles from the city. On the only roads the miliFAIRY can use to enter the city. Use Javelin Missiles on tanks riding on trucks. Run the trucks carrying tanks into bridges; breaking the tank’s turret. Run the troop transports off the road into minefields, and interlocking 50 caliber-machine-gun fire. Show no mercy, take no prisoners.

  11. Take the Stinger missiles, mines, 50 caliber machine guns, helicopters, and tanks from the national guard armory; now that all the national-guard and PIGs are dead. Shoot down the 32nd Airborne’s plane as it comes into landing at the airport; with a Stinger missile.

  12. From 500 yards away, a bodkin-tipped-arrow from a compound-bow. Can k*ll a police-horse, the PIG riding the horse, and police-dogs. Neither the archer or bow leave any marks on an arrow. Which cannot be traced to an individual bow.

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