Sen. Chris Coons: We Should Be Using Every Tool In Our Tool Kit, To Pressure Putin | Andrea Mitchell


  1. Get him in his own pockets. That’s always the way to get powerful people to listen.. Putin is up for election in 2yrs so he just wants him out of the way, that’s it..

  2. I agree that something needs to be done about the Senate. No more Mr/Ms nice guy! This has gone far enough -mitchie, go sit down.

    1. Did you see the odd fox interview he gave saying there shouldn’t be any witnesses called because it could open up a Pandoras box about lack of security & the planning behind the insurrection??? Isn’t that exactly why witnesses should be called so that everyone involved can be held to account. It’s almost like he was thinking out loud & scared because he knows this runs deep & he’s is in it up to his scrawny little neck .

    2. Kathleen D u g g i n s I couldn’t agree with you more with regard to Lindsey Graham he must be a very nervous person right now and he should be even after he was just elected but I would like somebody to start looking into that weasel My apologies that is supposed to be Kathleen Coggins Sorry dear it’s my phone

    3. @Kath hammett I agree with everything you said except “scrawny.” His neck is bigger than my thigh…but I digress.

      Lindsey was hacked by the Russians and suddenly became Trump’s lapdog. Of course he’s dirty. He’s trying to blackmail Biden; let this impeachment trial go and you can have your AG. He pressured Georgia as well and could very well be facing charges in the future, as he should.

  3. Vlad, “Soon I will top off the oppression by gassing and shooting the protesters so I can get a picture of me with my shirt off, holding a Bible upside down, in front of St Basil’s”
    “Donnie taught me that one…”
    America has little legitimacy to lecture anyone about rights or most anything else until the Trump Insurrection is handled.

  4. America needed to worry about the human rights in America worry about holding the people in congress how worked in overturning a fair election

  5. There doesn’t need to be an agreement! YOU – ARE – IN – POWER!!!!! You need to start doing what you were elected to do!

  6. After William Barr we definitely need an attorney general ASAP stop screwing around Mitch McConnell and the rest of you

  7. This man’s courage is breathtaking. I was horrified when I heard he was returning to Russia but what an example he sets. Navalny is a real man; not these pathetic megalomaniacal autocrats like Putin and Trump.

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