Sen. Chris Murphy: Series Of Escalating Cyber Attacks ‘Not Good For Us Or Russia’ | MSNBC

Sen. Chris Murphy: Series Of Escalating Cyber Attacks 'Not Good For Us Or Russia' | MSNBC 1


  1. We need to send some group like SEAL Team 6 to go take out the heads of the criminal groups. Do to them what we did to Osama.

    1. And that will achieve nothing. It is a Hydra: Remove a head and more heads will grow back. “Proportional response” suggests action against the assets of the masters…

    1. But I thought republicans were sure that private companies allways do a better job then the *GoVeRnMeNt*

    1. So Trump is working with the Russians to attack pipelines ? And how is that even possible? I really pity you freaks . The majority of 8 billion people hate you ….

  2. After years of Russian attacks you can bet that no criminal org attacks the US without Putin’s approval. Enforce sanctions, expand and strengthen NATO, and hold Russia accountable for all aggressions by Russian nationals.

    1. The democrats are a compromise to National Security. Been proven too many times to count . Don’t you get tired being that naive ? You’ll have to ask your masters if you can answer 😉

  3. For the US, modern wars won’t be fought with tanks and guns. Maybe one day, our government will figure that out.

  4. How can they NOT have an Analog system or a MANUAL Bypass on this pipeline ???
    Reliance on ONE system is total INSANITY !!
    WTF !?

    1. they probably do they just want the price of gas to go up how many politicians have money in big oil

  5. I heard a video of an *American* man telling a woman that “if *he* didn’t steal it (her home)then someone else would steal it”. Meanwhile they are *deporting* African Jews as rapidly as they can. “Apartheid* is what is going on and America should cut down on American tax dollars sent to Israel.

  6. But but but I thought Jared Kushner had “solved the Middle East problem,” according to Donald J What’shisname…

  7. ‘The entire Russian government is a criminal enterprise…’ haha, thank you Sen Murphy, made my day.

  8. Great interview on both parts . Concise & articulate answers . He told the bold truth as he sees it .

  9. Anyone looking at BIG OIL for the pipeline crap? They’ve already said they’re raising gas prices.

  10. And “the turtle” blocked every cyber security bill that came up. Does the term “Moscow Mitch” ring a bell??

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