Sen. Chuck Schumer: We Have A Reasonable Chance At Witnesses, Documents | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Sen. Chuck Schumer: We Have A Reasonable Chance At Witnesses, Documents | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. I´m afraid it´s naive. Schumer is underestimating the power of neo-conservative (lack of ) values. “The American people”? They are thinking in a way that is detrimental to democracy and Schumer and other reasonable do not realize the seriousness of this deterioration. I have spoken to so many people in so many walks of life, and they do not care!!!

    2. @Cajek go figure. Unless he’s got a secret long game he can go to. An Eli Manning hail Mary would be more optimistic.

    3. @Raphaela Botticelli their so far down the road that conceding anything at this point, regardless of how rational it is, will reveal how foolish and gullible they are. They only care about saving face.

  1. This impeachment is the pinnacle of Trump’s attention-craving life. If you don’t think the serotonin is flowing in overdrive for this pathological putz right now, then you haven’t understood the depravity of the equation to begin with.

    1. Boy you got that one right..Maybe the neural chemical wrong….it is more of a stimulation of the dope a mine overload.
      He is addicted to his chaos he just loves it…like an elderly old lady sitting in front of the gambling machines throwing in the
      quarters..watching the wheels spin up goes the dopamine for a quick fix.

    2. J Russ one thing is for sure if he gets another 4 years we’ll never ever have to see him as president of the 🇺🇸 USA Than we can rebuild our nation and witness a real president with good intentions and morally sound.

    3. @music man 1970 Maybe but you jerkoffs have been engaged in a national temper tantrum since Election Night 2016 .

  2. They don’t need a good argument. They already know what the verdict will be. But at least if Dumpster is out next year he won’t have any presidential protection.
    Release the hounds.

    1. If he’s out next year😅😂 I’ll give you more on credit you are full of wishful thinking!
      Stay positive it’s going to get bad for you…

  3. I really need this optimism because right now I have little and am disheartened at the immoral and illegal hold that seems to have the reins in this country at the moment. They don’t want to see the elephant in the room. They know it’s there but they refuse to acknowledge it.

    1. @surely you joke, mein failüre You are quite right. Now that the Republican party has the power of the majority in the Senate and has combined its power with the Executive branch, it has absolute rule of America. So it must be concluded that the Republicans are purposefully sabotaging our democratic system of government in order to stay in power forever. The Republican party is in fact creating a dictatorship.

    2. You guys are so overly dramatic that it’s annoying watching you pretend to understand the morality of Washington DC.

      Trump’s lowered taxes, his foreign policy is great, his economy is great, and he put two pro-Constitution justices on the Supreme Court. Unemployment is falling constantly. Everyone is benefitting in some way or another from Trump’s economic policy unless you’re in the DNC and you need people to be suffering to trick them into voting for you.

      No one cares about the pearl clutching about how much of a meanie Trump is when his job performance speaks for itself. You aren’t going to win by telling people to vote against their own interests because you don’t like what the president says on Twitter. Trump was there to fix our problems and helps us while you (the same people who pretend to be the moral center of our society) insulted us, belittled us, told us we were bad people, and told us our opinions were irrelevant to you.

    3. @Dawn Short Pure projection. Democrats across the country are trying to change our electoral system that has worked for 200 years to blatantly favor them, they’ve suggested packing the Supreme Court, they fight tirelessly to disarm the population and to expand the central government, and they work directly with most of the media to spread propaganda.

      You can’t be the party of big government that controls most of our bureaucracy and turn around and play the “you’re a dictator” card.

    4. @Dawn Short If you want to read between the lines a little, consider all the many test balloons the Republicans have tried lately. Pay particular attention to their statements on the 2020 election. It looks as if they are preparing in advance to dismiss the 2020 election results on the grounds that they were “tainted” by an “illegal” impeachment effort. Permanent rule 🙁

    5. ​@surely you joke, mein failüre German corp tax rate – 15%, the reason we had to drop from 34% to 21% is the EU. It’s OK, a 25% tariff is about to hit the EU to put an end to the fun and games.
      German renewable energy investment 2018 – $10mil, USA – $65mil, yet u send kids on sailboats here instead of doomsday scientists?

  4. We cannot give up on getting the truth. This cover-up must be uncovered with all of the true American people..

    1. @you457wx Hey, you are the one who started this conversation. You don’t like getting back what you give? Coward. Hypocrite.

    2. @Jim Myers right.. but it does have something to do with this, in fact, everything. If there is reasonable suspicion that a crime may have taken place, it’s the presidents duty to look into it. If the president is doing that which he has sworn to do, why is he being impeached?
      Can you point to any analogous situation with the presidents children? If so, if they are taking millions of dollars from confirmed corrupt companies then I think they should also be looked into. If Trump demands a prosecutor investigating them be fired, that should be dealt with strongly.

    3. @Logical Psycho trumplethinskin had two full years of having both houses of congress to initiate any investigations he wanted to into the Bidens. He did not. He had a DOJ who could still have started an investigation, and they have not. Had this president been interested in corruption in the Ukraine, he could have listened to those who knew who was going one, and he did not. He could have asked about corruption in his “perfect” phone call, but he did not mention the world in any context. And the ONLY thing he wanted, in exchanged for a meeting and the aid congress had promised was an announcement of an investigation, with no concern about whether they actually did one. Nothing else, just an investigation into someone he had just been told would most likely be his opponent in the 2020 election. Until then, he had no interest at all in Biden or his son. In fact, he risks exposing his own children to charges of nepotism by bringing this up at all. And they are thick with it.

    1. The Dems blocked witnesses in the House first… The offer is already on the table, Reps get their witnesses and Dems get theirs, they say they want witnesses right?
      If not Rudy has stated what he has already and he wants to testify. If Biden is innocent, then it credibly shows Trump was working in self-interest, if not, then the trial is down the drain.

    2. @Jim Battersbee I tend to agree with you.
      The adoration of all things celebrity/pop culture has led to this nadir.
      This is the decline of the ‘American Empire’ we are witnessing.It hasn’t lasted long and I suspect it won’t be overly missed.

    3. @Jim Battersbee Wow Jim, that’s a great analogy when you put it in that perspective. I like it! Many of my Republican friends and acquaintance have switched to either liberal and Democrat cause of this orange buffoon and what he’s done to America. It’s heart breaking. #bluetsunami2020 🇺🇸🙏❤

    4. Ed Catanzaro

      The only corruption committed in Ukraine was by the Bidens under the Obama admistration.
      When Joe Biden was given total power of the purse strings in Ukraine when he was Vice President.

      Their whole case is that Trump mentioned the corruption of the Bidens,to the Ukranian President. I should image Trump didn’t want to pay millions of tax payer money to the Ukrainians, if they are in turn handing millions of dollars over to members of the Biden family.

      A logical question by Trump who is very against just handing money to foreign countries if it’s not necessary and will be wasted somehow. It wasn’t as though a few millions people didn’t know, because they saw the video of Joe Biden bragging about how he stopped the Ukrainian proscecutor from investigation his son for corruption because of nearly $1.000.000
      a year being paid to Hunter Biden. It wasn’t as though President Trump was digging for Dirt on Biden. He has probably
      already seen Joe Biden confess to quid quo pro in Ukraine.

      This is corruption by the Bidens behind all this, because they panicked about how to stop an investigation into the Bidens when Trump enquired about it. There needs to be a court case to investigate the Bidens, I think Juiliani has witnesses from Ukraine who said the rang the American embassy to tell them about the Bidens but were blocked from doing so.

    5. @Ann Darnell:
      That’s why we MUST VOTE IN HUGE NUMBERS , so that any fraud will be obvious. If you and everyone you know votes blue, but your small county (for instance) goes red, the Russians and the republi-cons won’t be able to hide that they’ve cheated,and a re-vote with paper ballots, which is what we should be doing anyway, will be forced.

      Putin must be assassinated.

  5. this is a job for the FBI to take over this whole investigation because the criminals are policing them selves that’s why there will be no justice in this, this is a cover up on steroids!

  6. Mr Chuck Schumer is a man of Honor and INTEGRITY.I all the Democratic Managers should get the Highest 🏅 of Honor for protecting the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

    1. They are just doing their jobs.That shouldn’t be medal material.
      It is just they look good compared to the GOP.

  7. Fox news is for people that dont want to hear the whole truth! The American people needs too hear all the truth! To learn that Trump is a liar and corrupt President!

    1. @accurate alloys And you can tell what Religion I to by looking at the last three letters of my last name. And if you don’t know what it is then you’re very stupid.

    2. I look at MSNBC, CNN, Fox News and others.
      It’s clear that we are mostly warring tribes.

      Kids having a pillow fight. Feathers everywhere.

    3. Jim Myers You obviously don’t understand the implications regarding the FISA court. Thinking you’re intelligent and being intelligent are not the same. MSNBC want YOU to believe their narrative, they know you don’t think for yourself.

    4. Ann Pringle You really should ‘think’ before you post. I’ll fix your post for you … “ Fox News has a view, MSNBC has a view BUT as an individual I gather ALL the information and then decide for myself”… You’re welcome.

    1. EVERY single day!
      Edit: leave a comment with them that shows you’re paying attention to the facts. They know an informed populous is dangerous!

  8. Trump has bought the republican party with Russian based laundered MONEY they are as corrupt as he is and now part of the Russian puppet show

  9. Investigators: We require witnesses & evidence.
    Trump: I’m telling everyone involved to NOT cooperate with the investigation.
    Republicans: You heard the man.
    * months go by while subpoenas & document requests are ignored *
    Republicans: Look! Those Democrats didn’t even do a proper investigation! They couldn’t find witnesses or evidence!
    FOX News: This is all just a coup by the lunatic left and their violent mobs to remove our lord and savior.
    Trump at Davos: I’m holding all the incriminating evidence against me, nya nya nya

    1. Jake MacHine they did but trump would allow people from his administration testify he was denying subpoenas

    2. @Justin Skidmore I’ve read both volumes of the Mueller report. No collusion.
      Vol 2 says on page 178:
      _As an initial matter, the term “corruptly” sets a demanding standard. It requires a concrete showing that a person acted with an intent to obtain an “improper advantage for [him]self or someone else, inconsistent with official duty and the rights of others.” That standard parallels the President’s constitutional obligation to ensure the faithful execution of the laws. And virtually everything that the President does in the routine conduct of office will have a clear governmental purpose and will not be contrary to his official duty. Accordingly, the President has no reason to be chilled in those actions because, in virtually all instances, there will be _*_no credible basis for suspecting a corrupt personal motive._*
      Hence no grounds for impeachment.

    3. If I thought one of you idiots knew it executive privilege was I’d explain it to you but I I really don’t think you get it

    4. @NewsNowHuntingtonWV right and then all that evidence is sent to the Senate where the Senate acts as a jury judging on that evidence and makes a decision on whether to remove the president or not. So if you don’t have the evidence don’t send it to the Senate if you don’t have the evidence don’t impeach the president. Lesson learned

    5. @John Madison and claimed executive privileges as far as Witnesses went so don’t even try to fill it in with this b******* I know

  10. the grand old party, once the party of reason is now the party of treason. to all nations, our elections are open to the highest bidder. btw, need any troops? pay us for them. r.i.p. USA

  11. It was always the standard and Constitutional for the Senate to present the witnesses and the critical documents. The W.H. will not comply.

  12. This is a country established on Truth, established on fact.

    That is why President Donald Trump will never go down in the history books in a good light. Sad.

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