Sen. Coons: ‘All 50 Democrats’ Will Vote For A Voting Rights Bill 1

Sen. Coons: ‘All 50 Democrats’ Will Vote For A Voting Rights Bill


Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) joins Ali Velshi to discuss the Democrats’ commitment to the once-bipartisan issue of voting rights, reconsidering the filibuster to pass a voting rights bill, and the next steps in the Senate Judiciary Committee’s investigation into Donald Trump’s election lies.
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  1. _”If we get clear enough evidence”_ – WT actual F? The extant evidence already in the public realm is unassailable! What do they want – signed confessions?

    1. @Bryan they have to make sure it will stick if not he will get off. You have to lock it down on chump because if you miss he’s out of their and free, so when you come for him be ready. Have you seen his taxes yet no and he’s fighting it not to get turned over now. Democrats need to put in place a rule if you want to be president you have to show your taxes. So this will never happen again

    2. @ Richard Darlington.
      I saw that. Cookie tank?
      Must be a troll trainee that needs more work on the English language.

    3. @Bryan Evidence of Trump administration’s criminal sedition. The only evidence of any organised voter fraud in the last election was actually by Republicans. As there is no significant voter fraud there is absolutely no reason to be dreaming up more voter restrictions such as photo ID cards. In anything like a real democracy, the people are entitled to vote – in some countries it’s even mandatory – but the USA is the only nation that claims to be democratic that doesn’t abide by the principle of giving their citizens the vote; on the contrary, they are so undemocratic that their Supreme Court has even backed voter suppression and dismissed the deliberate and partisan impediment to voters of colours as mere “inconveniences”.

    4. @Waryaa Wariiri Even that wouldn’t suffice for a Trumpist; they’d just claim it wasn’t actually a crime or start deflecting with some world-class “whataboutery”.

    1. Yes! The GOP will vote with us on a huge infrastructure bill. But won’t on voting rights. Man have they ever changed the last 30 years!

    1. @Chip Douglas : The difference between those who do and don’t understand what a Democratic Republic is, is that those who don’t or would prefer not to be encumbered by the democratic process of electing representatives hate the fact that that process limits their autocratic ambitions and their ability to ride rough shod over the law and the constitution as we have witnessed for four years.
      Such people should not take the liberty of anointing themselves patriots.

  2. Sure sounds like the Dems had enough of Manchin and Sinema and their BS. Let’s get some things done!

    1. I hope so, those two Quislings are McConnells pet democrats. I’ll bet he’s promised them the candicicies for their seats under a republican banner when their re-election comes up, because the way they’re pushing these anti voting laws through, I think McConnell thinks he’s gonna be senate majority leader again.

    2. @stephen wedderburn I agree with what you are saying. Although, they are not just pets, they are also pawns for the Republicans. Politics is like a game of chess. The Republicans have all of their pieces lined up and they know how to use the Democrats when they are in power. Sinema and Manchin are perfect chess pieces to play their game.

  3. It will be illegal for registered Democrats to vote! This is a very sad and scary time for our democracy!

  4. They need to pas the For the people act or the republicans will cheat people out of their lawful votes.

  5. The GOP is committing suicide. Nobody standing in line all day and getting Covid because of statehouse Republican interference with the work of decent, nonpartisan election officials will vote for the Republicans ever again.

    1. You don’t stand in line all day… but if you have the vaccine it shouldn’t matter.

      Why are you objected to showing your driver’s license and proof that you live at an address?

  6. I’m really hoping that they do however, with Manchin and Sinema on the Retrumplicans payroll I highly doubt it

    1. America has 120.5 guns for every 100 men women and children in the country. 393,347,000 for 333,000,000 people. Some 46% of the entire worlds stock of weapons outside of the military sphere, and it’s busily buying and selling more. There was recently an ammunition shortage. Where is this all leading?

  7. Congratulations on the bipartisan infrastructure bill passing in the Senate. We are thankful to those who worked so hard to get it passed. I am staying positive in my belief that more will get done. Our nation deserves a break, a new deal.

  8. The time is now- the window of opportunity is closing to act on voting rights. Btw, Trump and his cronies should be arrested for attempting a coup.

  9. Filibusters should be illegal anytime ANYTHING that applies to the United States Constitution is involved.
    Voting already holds the all-time record of 5 and they still won’t stop.

  10. ANY politician that thinks they cannot win an election unless they limit access to the vote has no place in ANY government position.

    1. @Jeff Jernstedt – there is so much more to this act. If you want EVERYONE to have ID then you better make sure that they are FREE.

    2. @Janice Hoyle Janice— it is VERY easy to get legitimate ID. If voting is important, people will get it. Who can navigate life without legitimate ID??
      Do you want illegals to be able to vote? Is that your true goal??

  11. So long as manchin and sinema refuse to touch the filibuster, then it’s very clear they don’t actually support voting rights.

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