Sen. Coons: 'We're Very Optimistic' About Biden's Prospects | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

Sen. Coons: ‘We’re Very Optimistic’ About Biden’s Prospects | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss Senate races, optimism from the Biden campaign and election results. Coons says "Our state & local election officials are meticulous, are thorough, are detailed. In our country, it's voters & then it's state & county commissioners of elections & boards of elections that decide the outcome of elections, not candidates. For President Trump to declare very early this morning-that he had won and he was going to go to court and try and get the counting stopped, was frankly both irrelevant, and on some level outrageous." Aired on 11/04/2020.
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Sen. Coons: 'We're Very Optimistic' About Biden's Prospects | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. So, assuming that Biden did actually win Wisconsin, all he needs is to hold on to Nevada and Michigan.

    1. He won. The mail in ballots are left. Trump wont gain any ground. He cant even challenge it if that’s true.

  2. Only a Tyrant would claim victory before all votes are counted. Only a Traitor to the Constitution would make such a claim. Only a Special group of people would follow such a Tyrant and Traitor. I regret there are so many Special people in this country.

    1. Things that the president says or does reveal the type of person he is. It’s high time American people vote for a new president who has a soul.

    1. @I need water you people makes me LMAO stop it!! Okay Biden 2020 come together let’s build back better with Joe??


  3. I’m hoping Biden wins and this will be the biggest and ultimate humiliation upset ever! Someone needs a rude awakening.

    1. @I need water Trump is going to need to be trillionaire to get away with all the indictments and millions of dollars in loans that are over due and don’t forget the IRS is going to take all his properties. That is most likely why Trump has a bank account in China. I can’ t wait to see that reality show.

    2. @I need water
      First of all, it’s the Communist of China. You sound dumb AF. Second, he only wants another 4 years to avoid prison time. Lastly, I’m on a no carb diet so there will be no begging for bread. Next

  4. The reason that joe Biden won is Arizona. If Arizona didn’t vote for Biden then the country would have been screwed thus a lot more people would’ve died. Thank you Arizona for saving millions of lives.

    1. @Elena Latici Not really. We need to join the 15 states and DC that have already signed the Interstate Popular Vote Pact into law. Check it out ! It kicks in and keeps the EC from being abused/misused, among other things.
      With no EC, the people in the most populated states would decide the elections. Cali, NY, Florida and Texas. Not fair to the rest of the country.

    2. I am not so confident that Arizona goes to Biden. In arizona the biden leaning mails were counted first and the left votes are more Trump leaning. In Pennsylvania it is very much the opposite. The left votes are mostly from Philadelphia that is 80% biden and the still incoming mail aka absent votes that were sent until nov 3 and are counted when they arrive until nov 6, are also leaning to biden. Without pennsylvania Trump cannot win.

  5. Biden would already have MI if it wasn’t for republicans trying to suppress the Antrim Co votes they already counted in Biden’s favor. So when they get done confirming again that Biden flipped Antrim Co blue then he’s got MI. Just need NV and done. Road to 270 Biden… Come on Biden win… President Biden please and thank you.

  6. Biden is ahead by 3 million in the popular vote, and he can win without PA, NC, and GA. All he needs are NV and MI, and he’s ahead in both. But he may well get more than that.

    1. I agree, plus the Pennsylvania Secretary Of State said there’s millions of ballots that still need to be counted.

    1. @The Blessings Of Jesus Channel isn”t it a beautiful that we have THE ACTUAL BALLOTS for the recount? NEVER underestimate the power of pi$$ed off AMERICAN WORKER BEES! Especially those that just lost their loved ones, businesses, homes, jobs! Powder keg!

  7. I’m declaring Biden the winner. Since apparently Trump thinks anyone can claim victory. BIDEN 2020 46TH president of the Uniyed States!

    1. @KateSleuth I’d take my tax refund in bath water. I know what that’s worth on Ebay. It’s legal currency in Uganda.

    2. @Free Speech that’s because most of our states make 15.00 and over. We not making 7 and 8 dollars an hour and voting for Trump!!

    1. @Roy Gonzalez He caused it, he ordered it, no need for tracing. He also cut hours and removed, had dismantled or destroyed sorting machines.He has also refused to comply with a Court Order to scour the post offices for 300,000 missing ballots.

  8. For all the states that make Biden a winner, you deserve every blessing possible for doing the right thing to save our country from the evilness of Trump.

    1. Haha if you think trump is evil wait until the ccp is calling the shots you have no idea how bad you just destroyed yourself trump will go back to his billionaire lifestyle meanwhile the CCP tears your economy apart

    2. I don’t know if they will send a x president to prison but Rico act could break him then he would be poor like lots of us lol

    1. There is no way THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO VOTE JOE BIDEN FOR THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! PEOPLE WHO HAVE BRAINES KNOW WHAT JOE BIDEN AND HIS SON, AND OBAMA AND HILLARY AND BRENNEAN AND OTHER CONGRESSMAN HAVE DONE TO THIS COUNTRY. They know the crimes the Billions of Dollars they have taken from other countries and lives that have been lost because of these horrible crimes and treason these people have committed. We are becoming a LAUGHING STOCK FOR OTHER COUNTRIES because they know what these people have done to this country and we are electing them to run our country, It will become a Communist Solsoulist Islamic country with people people being beheaded,

  9. So Trump wants to lose Wisconsin twice then. Cool.
    If Trump forces Wisconsin to have a recount, then Biden, should be awarded double the electoral votes for winning Wisconsin twice.

  10. McConnell is evil – people don’t realize how much his greed is hurting our country and our environment

    1. @KateSleuth Are you kidding? You don’t even know current events and you voted? Look it up man. God helps us, the ignorant have voted themselves in. It’s like that movie Idiocracy in real life.

    2. @KateSleuth Use your brain. I can’t believe you put so little effort in this. This isn’t Xbox verse PlayStation. It’s time to grow up. You’re married to your preconceived ideas.

    1. who allowed this to happen? the democrats are not smart. It’s a miracle Trump is losing. The GOP benefit from foreign interference, voter suppression, conspiracy theories, party unity, and better political ads and messaging. The GOP moderates had to organize and form “Lincoln Project” and “Republican Voters Against Trump” because the democrats are incompetent. Liberals and progressives failed to unite for Hillary in 2016, handing the GOP Trump, Senate, House, and Supreme Court super majority. Tom Perez and democratic leadership should be replaced. A global pandemic to help Biden win is not a winning formula. failure to take Senate control and House loses is not a good sign moving forward. Democrats don’t know what they are doing.

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