1. @Tony T’s Lawn & Landscaping service America one of the most richest countries in the world can’t take care of its own citizens makes me sick

    2. @BILLY thanks, I’ll call Monday. I got my first one. I’m concerned I will miss the 3rd one like this 2nd one I’m missing now. I appreciate the help

    1. We gotta a least give the impression we’re trying to reach across the isle. Joe’s gonna get us relief .

    2. @mimi murphy  that doesn’t surprise me a bit but that’s awesome thelway they got Manchin on board though…lolol way to go who ever thought to bring up the conditions for his own state! Props for sure fighting fire with 🔥

    3. @Clay Owlglass honestly I try not to watch the news these days I used to like to watch it every evening but after awhile id mostly be watching the weather station instead lol

  1. The powers that be cannot afford for the public to understand and expect their government to work for them without a corporate filter.

  2. Basic universal income would work better then these pennies they are giving us.
    The money being put into unemployment insurance is a waste of time because most employers cheated people out of that along time ago. 39 hours a week so they can clam they are part time.
    We need money in hand, not hoops to jump through and we need it now!

    1. Basic universal income costs a lot money, Yang already said this plan will work if big companies willingly to participate otherwise keep dreaming about it… money isnt grow in tree.

    2. Yes! With all the increasing automation. UBI is going to become a necessity & it would also provide a buffer in times like this.

    3. @Johnny Hellfire: I’m happy to see you think it’s invalid, but the rest of the world knows the American Empire.

    4. @The Teacher right!?!? Not every one has the benefit of unemployment insurance. And the madding part is, so much money is being funneled into the very businesses that screwed so many people out of their unemployment instead of the workers direct

    1. Isn’t he the ex mayor of New Orleans, he did them dirty and left town after Katrina. He is not to be trusted✌️

  3. . $1400 is not going to touch what most people are going through. Other countries have been giving their citizens $2K per month since this started. We have GOT to do better than this.

    1. @Fernando Nunes That is not enough, but way more than in the U.S. The so called richest, bestest country on Earth. Haven’t flown my flag since 2014. I was actually proud of my President then, and could personally see the turnaround in the economy that I deal with. Too bad that a lot of Americans have short or selective memories.

    2. It’s like your rich uncle slipping you a twenty under the table saying, “Here, take this, kid. Don”t tell your mother and don’t spend it all in one place.”

    3. @Trung Nguyen that’s correct and citizens should start to open their eyes and vote them GOP out of their office in 2022 when some of their terms are up for re-election.

  4. A Message To Mr. Booker, If We Going To Do This Thing, We Need To Accomplish It By ” Doing The Right Thing”. Thank You. God Bless This Nation, And All Of It’s Citizens.

    1. You are correct, however he gave them more than one tax cut. How Republicans made millions on the 2017 tax cuts. They pushed though congress.

    2. @Roxane Reddy The Evil Republikkkans were able to do the big tax cuts for the top 5 percent by using the appropriations route. Now it’s Senator Bernie Sanders turn to do big things to help the bottom 95 percent, by using the appropriations route. What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander!!!!

  5. I agree!!!!! They did not open their mouth when #45 did what he wanted to and played golf while PEOPLE WERE HUNGRY AND DYING 🤬

    1. Pelosi admitted to sitting on the 600 for months,then Beijing biden promised $2k and renigged.
      Gtfo with that nonsense

    2. @PC Principal Biden didn’t promise 2000. He said 1400. They already gave you 600. As you can see he is not waiting for the GOP and moving forward with it. Thank God we are not waiting for the Republicans.

  6. Why can’t they reverse the 10% additional tax savings that millionaires got and use some of that to help support the people.

    1. Sandra Ullmann Biden plans on taxing those people in the future. it takes time to write up a new tax bill

  7. Retired and live on $10,000 a year. In New Mexico. Way blue and way poor. We have good neighbors and we barter.

    1. It was quick, but he kind of hinted that they have to get through impeachment and have time to write the legislation. Sooo, may after the Senate trial Schumer can push the gas pedal ??? If it works like last time, it’ll be just a matter of days after Biden signs it. Just my own wishful thinking.

  8. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! It’s not soon enough and it needs to be an ongoing support. Man, I feel bad for you, Americans. *Canada*

    1. Thank you Delmarie, I must say i am extremely embarrassed to call myself an American at this time. Never thought I would see such a day in this country!

  9. Do insurrectionists and their families get any? What about people who vehemently oppose ‘socialism’? Asking for a friend.

    1. I’d say send me and others that voted for Biden 2800, send trump supporters an appointment for mental health!

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