Sen. Duckworth on resilience, fear, and being 'at peace' in new memoir | USA TODAY 1

Sen. Duckworth on resilience, fear, and being ‘at peace’ in new memoir | USA TODAY


Sen. Tammy Duckworth's discusses childhood poverty, losing her legs in combat, and becoming a U.S. Senator in her new memoir 'Every Day is a Gift.'


In her memoir, "Every Day Is a Gift," Duckworth describes an astonishing life journey. At age 3 or 4 in Bangkok, she ran to check that the family had a store of rice the instant she heard her American father was returning to the United States without her and her Thai Chinese mother. As a teenager in Hawaii, she scavenged pennies and sold roses on the roadside to raise money to buy food for her family.

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  1. Ya people do take this nation for granted… thats why we need to finish our border wall and tell all these activists to shut the hell up and leave us alone!

    1. @Pluntch Gunster I mean it’s not so simple as all that. They were even constructing pretty crucial levees for flooding as well. Now it’s all stopped, and in all likely hood will be a major disaster when the floods come. But I know, orange man bad and so’s his evil racist wall!

    2. @Jaime Stardust Again, you say wall, its a fence. A fence with massive gaps that blows over in the wind. I thought you were against mislabeling things? Also mexico isnt paying for it. You are, for the fence.

    3. @Pluntch Gunster im confused, would you rather pay for a wall that deters and makes it harder for people from coming in or pay for illegal immigrants to live here?

  2. A senator who refuses to confirm WHITE PEOPLE who are nominated to cabinet and administration positions. No chance of that federal job because of the color of your skin. A lawmaker who doesn’t respect or understand the fundamentals of Equal Opportunity law — or maybe EEOC just doesn’t apply to her. Some of us are more equal than others, I suppose.

    1. @Peter Van Horn You need to take just one look at the majority who represent this diversified nation — that’s where you’ll see racism.

    2. @Octavio Tapatío Requesting a government that is reflective of all people in this nation is racist???

    3. @Sun Shine Are you saying the best person for the job shouldn’t be the goal, but make our government diverse even if the less qualified are put in positions that require the best?

    4. @Sun Shine You’re Racist for assuming minorities like me aren’t smart enough to qualify because of our diversity. Do you even realize how ignorant you sound when you say government should be reflective of its population? You do realize the US is almost 3/4 white. According to you, we’d be represented less.

  3. Congratulations! Sen. Duckworth has moved to 3rd place in the dumbest senator award. Right behind Durbin and Hirono. Fyi Trump Won

    1. Really isn’t hard to find.

      Earlier, Duckworth told CBS News, “I’m voting no on all non-diversity nominees until they figure that out.”

      Racism is racism regardless if its antiwhite, antiblack, antinative, antiasian

    2. @Sun Shine I agree with you that Joe Biden is a racist. What do you expect from a man and a Democrat party that eulogized a Democrat Senator KKK member and called him a “mentor” and an “example “

    1. @M Smithy Warning Friend! The Covid 19 Vaccine Has Been Weaponized To Destroy Your Imune System…(Google Anthony Patch He Has The Breakdown Evidance And Livestreams At His Site… Don’t Take This Vaccine…This is real so help me God!

  4. When killers use guns against people that Don’t have guns, do they stop the killing with guns or laws?
    And if people have to give up guns to stop people that are killing us with guns, how do you protect people if you don’t have weapons… And why do you want the police and military to give up their guns?
    You don’t just want average at home jane doe to be home alone without protection, do you?

  5. She is a shining example to the kids today that literally anyone can become part of the us government. Even if you are terrible at it.

  6. I think USA Today has lost its mojo. Look at the ratios every day. Nuff said. That’s what happens when you turn into a full on propaganda rag for one party. I used to read USA today every day. Now it’s not even worthy for litter boxes.

    1. @Sun Shine think of the country shouldnt you? You’ll suffer from a destroyed country as much as anyone else.

    2. @Walter Heisenberg It’s almost like diversity is going against the group that has a preferential biased against this country…..

  7. This is Tammy’ s personal problem and opinion .
    The asian community or Thai community never appointed her to speak for or represent all asians. There are many wealthy,middle class asians too and many asians Prefer asian spouses.

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