Sen. Duckworth 'Will Not Support The Waiver' For Gen. Austin To Serve As Defense Secretary | MSNBC 1

Sen. Duckworth ‘Will Not Support The Waiver’ For Gen. Austin To Serve As Defense Secretary | MSNBC


Sen. Tammy Duckworth, an Iraq War veteran, says she will support Gen. Lloyd Austin but will not vote for a waiver to allow him to serve as Secretary of Defense. She believes Gen. Austin is "very capable" to lead the department, but believes there should be civilian oversight of the military. Aired on 12/09/2020.
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Sen. Duckworth 'Will Not Support The Waiver' For Gen. Austin To Serve As Defense Secretary | MSNBC


  1. For any Trump supporters in the comment section (and you Russia bots. Yeah. We know your here too)
    At no time did Biden say, “well I saw him on Fox and said, hire him”

    1. Its calling approving of a person but sticking to your morals and congressional duty. Rules are in place, she stands by them, we arnt in a situation where they need to waive him in asap for some reason.

    2. @Callsign Starbuck Yes. Sen. Duckworth makes it clear Gen. Austin is very capable, she just does not want a further erosion of rules.

  2. I didnt understand one bit of that, is she saying that yes he is more than qualified for the role but that she will not vote for him?

    1. @Andy The founding fathers wanted Civilian oversight of the military. The 7 year rule is a way to enforce civilian oversight.

    2. @New Blue 2 So why not put in place a civilian who has a wealth of knowledge of the military?, I still dont get it.

    3. @New Blue 2 Here in the UK we put people in positions of power who have no idea or experience of the role they are placed in to.., and whats even worse is that we have cabinet reshuffles which move around people who have just began to grasp their role into positions they have no clue about.

    4. @Andy I don’t know that much of General Tony Austin, but he could be a decent person for Secretary of Defense. I think the main reason why Sen Duckworth is concerned is that this will set a precedent that every president that comes in will choose Recent Generals that will serve in their cabinet. In the future, this can make the waters muddy and give the military more power over the administration branch, which could lead to military coups.
      I am not saying Gen Tony Austin will do a military coup, but it’s a concern that could happen in the future if there is always a waiver for the 7 years.
      I understand how you feel about the UK, believe me when I say Americans definitely know what you’re talking about after having Trump.
      I do think that Biden’s picks are very knowledgeable about their job, but I also think it’s important for Senators to raise concerns of the people that he’s nominating.

    1. Michigan (Dem) Rep. Cynthia Johnson literally sending a message to their “soldiers” to make Trump supporters “pay”.
      That’s a threat and incitement to violence. She should be arrested.
      Citizen arrest, is that still a thing?

    2. @uppgrayyed I would like to see your evidences backed by credible claims and not conspiracy theories. At this moment it seems that republicans are rallying people to rise up to do violence and to die to make trump win so your argument in many aspects is flawed and doesn’t seem to represent reality and what is happening really.


  3. America is more racial divided than ever before and having Gen. Austin To Serve As Defense Secretary will help on that front

    1. I think so too. Biden promised us a cabinet and administration that looks like America, and he’s doing a fine job so far.

    2. @jim cricket Have you ever thought that some minorities think they will get a pass for bad behavior because they are dealing with a black police officer?

    3. @Ray oh it happens for sure. But officers black or white should be held to a higher standard. But that also ignores the fact that even if officers gave citizens equal treatment ie. Arresting a proportional amount of people regardless of race, then those people would still not be treated the same in the criminal justice system ie. Minorities getting more jail time for equal crimes to white people.

    4. @jim cricket The color of freedom is green. If you can afford representation then you get to walk away but the same isn’t true if you are poor with limited resources.

  4. He is a civilian now. I think the secretary of defense should be a former general, but that’s just me.

    1. @Derry Taylor Lloyd Austin is retired he’s a civilian & no longer serves in the military. Tammy Duckworth was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army. Before she retired (albeit not voluntarily) from the military & later became a Senator. So I can’t understand *why* she’s objecting to Austin. For the role because he was in the military. It’s a bit hypocritical to be honest.

    2. @Sheila BostonMattis hadn’t been either. So what’s the complaint? She said that he is totally qualified otherwise.

  5. This is what real government looks like. Its ok to have disagreements. These last four years of bullying and picking unqualified nominees has been terrible.

    1. I dig you!
      It’s ok to have disagreements – even with yourself.
      I’m Danish, so I’m a socialist, a democrat, and a monarcist. It works for me, so…
      Politics are basically about different opinions, and then: how to get together, and make things work – despite our opinions.

    1. What? And here I was just saying a lack of ability in discerning nuance is a problem in our electorate, and then I read your comment. It’s much worse that that. Bigly, even.

    1. He is a civilian, I remember the fiasco we had with Les Aspen…..and look at what a failure he was as Defense Sec…you hire the best folks for the job…..Period full stop!

  6. Instead of all this double talk perhaps she should be suggesting another capable person who does not need a waiver. It is still OK to say good things about General Austin.

  7. seriously these dems are getting just as bad as the repugs!!! stop already support the next President we don’t need this !

  8. Any person who possesses the necessary qualifications whether he is from the military or civilian should receive equal and strong consideration.

    1. The ‘rule’ appears to primary avoid ‘conflict of interest’ and potential ‘military coup’. Because, if you have a General running the military … do the soldiers serve the ‘General’ (someone they already know and trust) or the ‘President’?

    2. Our Founders wanted Civilians to have control over the military, which is why Gen. George Washington resisted becoming our 1st President because he himself thought of the conflict that could happened down the line.
      In many countries that became dictatorships mostly happen because of Military powers.

  9. Mr Biden wrote of Gen. Austin : “I’ve sought his advice, seen his command, and admired his calm and his character.” Trump making such a statement, would not be convincing. Trump doesn’t seek advice from others, sees himself as the only commander, and because Trump has no morals, not one of Aristotle’s Virtues, he cannot be a judge of character. Calmness is not a descriptor of Trump. Trump has no credibility.

  10. AUSTIN will strike fear in the hearts of America’s enemies & America has enemies.
    Pentagon = Military Institution. They protect us.

    Sen. Duckworth: Would you prefer we send Doris Day to lead the cavalry charge?
    National Security is the only relevant “principle”. It helps us sleep at night.

  11. As a vet this is straight BS…Democrats love to pull victory from defeat..he is a civilian, he has been retired for four years……

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