Sen. Durbin: Bipartisan Support Needed For Coronavirus Relief | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Sen. Durbin: Bipartisan Support Needed For Coronavirus Relief | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., discusses the state of the coronavirus aid bill, saying Democrats need bipartisan support from Republicans. Sen. Durbin also says Democrats need Sen. Manchin's vote on the bill. Aired on 02/23/2021.
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Sen. Durbin: Bipartisan Support Needed For Coronavirus Relief | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. NO durbin. Democrats need to pass relief and LEAVE the Republicans out of it. That way Republicans can’t take any of the credit for doing NOTHING. Didn’t you learn your lesson with the Affordable Care Act?

    1. aca, lol- so of the 1.9 trillion dollars how much is going to business and citizens??? about 700 million. follow the money not going to us

  2. Don’t wait for or trust the GOP. They will vote against any Dem bill, even after they have held it up for ages to get changes to it.

    1. @mike briganti you mean given other countries monies which are in china -19 bill? not sure it is a fraction but given a lot to other countries and dem pork

    2. I think, no matter what,
      Congress can FIND money
      for Military reasons. But to help the hardworking taxpayers? NOT SO MUCH. Er, we hafta think about our budget. er, we can’t do that. Thats not our job. we r fer small gov. Oh lessee, we can afford OUR healthcare! gosh, plstage stamps r 54 cents a piece now, hoi guys can swing that cantya? Bear in mind IF i can tolerate this for a whole 6 years I can retire!!
      plus don’t fergit i git to keep the benefits i had for the rest of my life! No YOU
      can’t have medical care like mine I am more important than you OR your family.
      go away, don bother me i haffta look at these outfits to chose our next super
      weapon. Yeah its tough being in congress. Still working on my third million
      Hmm. Lessee, whose gonna build number 100 carrier?
      Hmmm itsa tough life. Hafts learn to LIE n git
      away with it.

  3. When Republican had control of the House and Senate they didn’t care about bipartisan. Democrat should return the favor and pass everything they want to help America just like Republican pass everything to help the rich.

    1. The only bipartisan support required to pass any federal bills depends upon the corporate and wealthy donors of both Parties agreeing it will benefit their business interests. The federal $15 minimum wage is one of the poison pills in this one. Why would federal contractors paying a few thousand in bribes accept paying their workers more? It’s just bad for business for themselves and their toady politicians.


    1. Dems Could push it through under reconsideration And if they don’t. The delay is on Democrats who know the gop won’t come over even if god comes down.

    2. Sadly I think you are correct–repubs dont think our government should be doing ANYTHING to help Americans!!…just look at situation now in Texas! Unless it is their big corp donors that is! But Morning Joe brags that he is for “limited government”!! Repubs are the same as they always were–it’s just that “limited” now means “none”.

    3. I think we should replace him with a progressive who is not focused on having the other kids in congress like him and more on actually helping the American people

  4. I can think of a couple Republican Senators who have damaged their reputations so badly that they are probably going to lose their seats anyway. C’mon guys, here’s your shot in the dark and that one last chance to redeem yourself. Do it for your country and just say goodbye to the Trump fear party.

    1. @Daves Ontherocks Won’t help. Manchin isn’t a democrat. That’s the only reason why he wins in WV. A true democrat could never win that backwards state.

    1. Danny Phil its the top 1%. They own everything. Top 1% own the ranch we call the United States. Politicians are there ranch hands, we are the herd.

    1. @Kimberly Winters all they have to do to help texas. Is pass the covid bill. It gives them all 1400 bucks. And they need schools.

  5. We are hurting and these idiots are fighting over money when they had no problem with the unaffordable tax break for the top wealthiest and Congress is paid well by our taxes. They are completely out of touch.

    1. My mother and father raised me to be kind decent and honest. Ufortunately everyone’s parents did not raise them in such a way. Also others were raised properly, but threw all that out the window.

    2. Joe Manchin is and undercover republican! I don’t think they can count on him to vote with the party. That is the problem with a 50/50 Senate

  6. I’d like to know why he wouldn’t say a single word about reconciliation. He completely ignored the question about it.

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