Sen. Durbin: I Hope Pence Will Join In Certifying Biden Win | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Sen. Durbin: I Hope Pence Will Join In Certifying Biden Win | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., weighs in on Georgia's runoff election results as well as Congress' counting of the Electoral College votes. Aired on 01/06/2021.
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Sen. Durbin: I hope Pence will join in certifying Biden win | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. I’m sure Joe Biden wasn’t excited about certifying Donald Trump four years ago, either. But he did his job. It’s time for Pence to do his.

    1. @James Sheehy I’m sorry, did you just insult little girls? It’s more like a baby man, but I get your drift.

    2. @Kellie Hickman You know the democrats went to the courts in their states to change the rules before the election which is not the body that has the right to change the rules. Surprise-when Trump goes to the courts in these state, they do nothing. Illinois is controlled by the democrats and is bankrupt and corrupt. Chicago makes great money with illegal drugs and wants the gangs to be in every city. The beginning of the year shoot outs in Decatur from Chicago gang wanting to move downstate. No one in government does their jobs. I get you are happy your group cheated because today it is about what you can get away with-not the will of the people or 1 vote per 1person. Your party is interested in globalization and giving all the jobs away to cheaper labor and isn’t interested in getting rid of illegal drugs because, if people don’t have jobs-they need drugs. This is the future your children have to look forward to.

    3. @EyefoxMJ4EVR I am among the 80 percent plus that thinks social security is pretty good, but keeping it funded could possibly be a challenge, I don’t know

    4. @cheryl mcward Many more people would have been ok with Supreme Court stepping in, but practically that is where I draw the line, I don’t think supreme but if it is consolation 80 million wrongly in my opinion favored Biden. But Trump has not looked good last few days. I would be okay if Congress voted for a 10 day audit so there again but Pence or Trump rightfully have no say

    5. @Sam Harris Obviously you did not pay attention to taxes in the last 4 years..nor attention to climate change.. The weak are afraid of change. Survival of the fittest.. Probably not you..

  2. Mad Mitch has kept the Senate hostage too long. Might we have a Senate that actually does its job and legislates?

    1. Personally I will be happy with a Senate that will at least bring matters to the floor and vote on them regardless of which way they go, the amount of suppression McConnell used was insane.

    2. @Alex Corley SO TRUE. SO TRUE. We would be in such a different place if Impeachment was brought to the Senate floor in 2020.

    3. @Alex Corley
      Yeah…don’t count on it. trmp and mitch aren’t the only anti american politicians. Though, I’m glad you have hope.

    1. @Win-J I agree. My bologna sandwich has more morals, ethics and intelligence than Ted. Don’t get me started on my lettuce…

    2. @Jazz Monty Music people didn’t have to die like this and now Washington is under siege. Arrest Trump.

    3. @Remey Momma this was horrible-but a TOTAL neglect by the law enforcement and I hope they arrest all of them. Mostly the traitor in chief. Not surprised though. Trump will stop at nothing.

    1. I wish Durbin were going to be the Senate leader rather than Schumer who is still a 1000 times better than McConnell.

    2. Thoughtful??? Really. I see someone who is weak, easy to walkover and is completely out of touch with reality, and I would consider myself a Democrat.

  3. I would not be at peace if I don’t say,”Stacey, Stacey,Stacey,She’s is absolutely who God Has Sent to Help Make America Better,Build Back Better”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @frictionRx9 what des Ms Abrams’s diet have to do with her patriotism and service for a better America? I love cheeseburgers!!!

  4. _”If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed… and we will deserve it.”_ – Lady Lindsey Graham

    1. He won’t escape either. SDNY is gonna call him as a material witness against rump plus he will face his own obstruction case

  5. The Georgia Bus ran over Mitch’s thoughts and prayers. Pence is now facing the Trump bus. Lots of Republican roadkill in D.C. today.

    1. ALL Malignant Narcissists 1)Idealize, 2) Devalue, 3) Discard. Trump MAGA Cultists need to realize that they have been used.
      Before the end of the day, Trump will be blaming the GOP leadership and his MAGA Base.

    1. trump is a self made loser , a person isn’t born that way , it’s just his stupid way of thinking and acting on it .

  6. GOP participants to overthrow the election need to be arrested for treason. This goes beyond sedition!!!!

  7. THANK YOU to the people of Georgia that saw through tRumps and Republikkkcons attempted COUP on our democracy .

    1. Pretty sure James Brown is putting his ‘thang’ down!!!
      Thanks, Georgia, all the people of Georgia!!!!

    1. @Paul Drusbasky
      Ok Pavlov Bogatishev
      I guess you need that extra bonus ruble for making your quota

    1. Pence may just be long enough in politics to realise that his political career is over and not want his political legacy to be bookended by an illegitimate stance that has no merit politically or legally, on the other hand maybe he is delusional enough to think that he still has a political future and decide to adopt a stance that will see him aggrandised to the position as King maker for a brief period, before the Supreme Court rules him out of order.

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