Sen. Durbin: If Police Reform Bill ‘Has Bipartisan Backing … It Can Make A Difference’ | MSNBC

Sen. Durbin: If Police Reform Bill 'Has Bipartisan Backing ... It Can Make A Difference' | MSNBC 1


    1. I don’t support removing hardware from LEOs because the bad guys are too often armed to the teeth.

  1. Trump will veto it. Don’t build up our hopes knowing you’re going to fail us. Stop the polititions headgames

  2. I would block this bill if I was a senator.
    This bill represents yet *another* concession given to the black communities without anything given back to us in return.
    We need more change in the black communities than we need in “police reform”.

  3. The US Congress, is a very important institution though… It represents every single American individual and their interests!

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  4. We don’t need police reform. The choke hold should not be outlawed. It is a tool used by good Men and women to subdue bad people. Our LEOs deserve our thanks, not condemnation. Most all LEOs are the good guys.

  5. It doesn’t matter what anyone says or does! The nazi dog cops will continue to do as their 1% masters tell them. They will crush the peasant uprising! The new corporate controlled federal government is only concern with allowing the greedy, soulless, filth of man, to dismantle our Democracy and transfer our nation back to the soulless plutocrats. Now with the Coronavirus and the peasants uprising, their Chosen One will declare martial law and suspend elections. As his “Kept My Undies On” oj lawyer dershowitz said, if he believes his election is in the best interest of the country, then he can do whatever he wants. Be assured, moscow 🐒 mitch and their purchased, installed perverted corporate friendly judges. You know like lying under oath, boofing, devil’s triangle frat boy Kavanaugh, will back their 1% owner’s puppet. Our Democracy is on the verge of Death, corporations are now “We The People” and money is “Free Speech.” This has been your master’s plan from the beginning! Watch what your 1% owners think… Anyways, your masters don’t care if some of their human livestock die off. The market will recover, their herds of human livestock will be younger and stronger. Ensuring future profits for their 1% children’s future.

  6. Yea, so that’s just return someone who’s tired, wore out policy of the past 50 year’s, got us where we are today!

  7. No need for a reform bill. All the blue cities are already abolishing or defunding. Let’s just ease back and let these folks live how they want to live.

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