Sen. Durbin: Inexcusable That This Country Has Children Struggling For Basics 1

Sen. Durbin: Inexcusable That This Country Has Children Struggling For Basics


Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., discusses the beginning of child tax credit payments, infrastructure spending, marijuana decriminalization on a federal level and new reports that Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, had concerns about Trump attempting to maintain power after losing.

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Sen. Durbin: Inexcusable That This Country Has Children Struggling For Basics


    1. In this case, the UK must be near the bottom of the list.
      1/3 of all children live under the poverty line.
      As for the disadvantaged, they are eventually thrown out in the street.

    2. “The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much it is whether we provide enough for those who have little.”
      – Franklin D. Roosevelt

    3. Weird… never heard about ancient Egypt doing that… the Romans, Greeks, ancient Chinese… actually, this is the first time I’ve ever heard, that’s how nations are judged… huh?

    4. @Aaron Helvig You are apparently not on of Trump’s evangelical supporters, because if you were you would know that in Matthew 25:31-46 – The Judgement of the Nations God says:
      > “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

    1. Blame Reagan for the capitalist meat grinder the US worker finds themselves in. As much as Trump is a moron, this inequality did not start with him. He’s just one more rich parasite feeding at the US trough.

    2. Played the who gets what game many times when my kids were little. Thank God for food banks and food stamps

  1. There are THOUSANDS of Jobs in the Cannabis industry and BILLIONS in taxes that could flow back into the country it would be an ignorant mistake to Not legalise it

    1. @Tom Sawyer that would easily be resolved with a psychological evaluation with a purchase… works in europe look at the gun or police violence numbers

    2. Plus States would be able to use the taxes off of it for road and bridges and other infrastructure

    3. It’s considered medicine in some places.Leader Schumer is showing his good common sense on this topic.

    4. Cannabis would make people buy less gun or eat less steak. It’s like eliminating the competitors. I guess fair competition is not capitalism.

  2. And you need to deal with the thousands in prison for minor pot possession. Gotta be part of the equation. (and of course, in the past, this approach has disproportionately caught people of color in its net)

  3. This is a good thing ,and Iwish it will come true for most of The Middle and Working Class Americans ! They really deserves that.

  4. Republicans: “you MUST have children once you’re pregnant! We don’t care about any circumstances, abortion is not an option! We’re looking out for the children!”
    Also republicans: “this money to get children out of poverty is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE! You’re not taking OUR money to care for these children! If you couldn’t afford them, you shouldn’t have had them!”
    In other words, it’s easy to “care” for a child that doesn’t exist. Fake outrage and hypocrisy

  5. One has to have empathy to be concerned about children who live in poverty. Republicans lack that trait.

    1. Super Scary Russian Bot he was a republican opposed to helping others. I pointed one out. Plenty of republicans live lavish lifestyle and don’t do anything to help others.

    2. @Tim Kaldahl, you said Republicans lack the trait to help others. Do you mean some Republicans? Because I would think that would be obvious. As are some Democrats. As are some Zambians. Not sure where you’re going with that.

      If you mean all Republicans, you’re going to have to do better that referencing one Republican.

    3. Super Scary Russian Bot given the tendency of the majority of republicans to paint the poor as lazy people who don’t want to work so they don’t deserve help, that is my impression. And yes, I am guilty of painting all republicans with the same brush so I stand corrected. Your contributions and caregiving are to be commended.

      I am always amazed though when farmers in my area want to end food stamps, because that would take 5 billion a year out of the economy, and that money is spent on food. I am amazed that congress members say that access to the emergency room constitutes universal health care. Lack of affordable health care impacts the poor disproportionately. So republican policy does not help those who need help the most, but does exploit them with their favors to large corporations. I put Schumer, Pelosi, and Durban in the corporate lackey category too.

      We just need more people like you to make up for bad policy.

    4. @Tim Kaldahl, supporting policy to use tax payer money to give to others is being generous with other people’s money. I wouldn’t consider that a noble act. Giving your money and time to those in need is a noble act, which is entirely separate from enacting policy.

      Besides, there is no place on Earth where you will find a worse wealth inequality than a Democrat ran city. That is where you will find the world’s richest people living in close proximity to countless homeless. If the Democrats truly wanted to level out the wealth inequality, they could have done it long ago without any Republican support. Cities and states have the authority to impose tax and distribute those funds to the poor, but they don’t even try. They have been selling this same pitch for generations and they still get suckers to believe them.

    1. Can you say infrastructure that not a single Republican wants to represent but the Democrats are going to do on their own for elderly for disabled for nursing homes and all the other things pay attention to the news and not Fox and Friends

    2. @Denise Ferraro im not in a nursing home.. I don’t need a care taker… I need food and to pay my power bills… And maybe put something aside for an emergency….

  6. Shame on the GOP who have lost their way and kissing trump tush and his ring. A king with no clothes no balls!

  7. exactly thats why we are not paying for the afgan children to go to school when we cant even take care of our own

  8. Inexcusable we have seniors struggling for basics also! Our government prefers to help immigrants rather than seniors on social security!

    1. Most republicans want to eliminate social security – they have no hearts and no souls. You don’t sound like a hippy soul to me, you sound like a race-focused skeert gop

  9. I hope poor Republicans Mother’s remember who is trying to help you….not Mitch,Donald trump, President Biden is a good Man trying to help the poor and middle class, we are going in the right direction….

    1. President Biden is doing a great job especially how he’s made improving the lives of middle class hard working American families.

  10. I’ll try to remember you did it “for the children” when China calls in our debt and I can’t afford a loaf of bread due to the hyper-inflation from all the insane unfunded spending…

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