1. So what? They are all just plutocratic puppets. There aren’t two parties and none of them have souls. If you want to be able to see a doctor for less than half a years wage, you need to squash the plutocracy and push them out to sea.

    1. It only cost me $20 to go see a doctor and I live in the United States of America what the hell are you talkin about?

  2. Term limits! The fact that most of these Senators are still there from 21 years ago is a key indicator of what’s wrong with our government. No representative should be in office for 20 years.

    1. @Fat Bike Big World You SoBs refuse to see the forest for the trees. Billions on a pallet flown into Iraq. Audiences with the Secretary of State by foreign donors to the Clinton foundation, A federal agent killed with a weapon directly sold to Mexican drug cartels under the authority of Holder and now attempting to stop any inquiry into the activities of the Biden family in the Ukraine. I don’t know if it’s out of ignorance or if people like you actually approve of those inconvenient facts. But it’s not over. Trump will remain in office and if I have any say in it will see a second term.

    2. How long you been at your job? You may have been there too long and are too old. Imagine how much better a 18 year old would do your job! Old brains just can’t think right after about thirty it’s all down hill! If they were younger they would likely have better work ethic and morals than you do boomer because they were raised in a more tolerant world. It’s nice to see an honest Old White Man for a change!

    3. @joe kewl If that’s for me most teenagers and the majority of those in their twenties have about as much initiative to work as a well fed dog. In regards to doing a job and doing it better half the time they’re not capable of getting an order right at Burger King. Hope Santa brings you a Starbucks gift card and that your mom allows you to continue living in her basement throughout the New Year.

  3. Central banks wants remove Trump from office because trades war hurts US economy and financial connection to US banking system.

    1. Americans were too dumb to understand mueller case, he should been impeached then. This case was easy, he gave proof himself of his wrongdoing. And even still its hard from trumpnutd to believe confesionnof their dear leader if he changes his mind next day, u believe his perfect call lolzzzz.

    2. ​@John Lemond
      “Thank you China, I was hoping for your input.”
      They are very unhappy with their delicious tariff soup.

    3. Federal Reserve is not part of the US Gov, who audits the feds? Does tarriff money run through the central banking system?

    1. George Washington following rules set by republicans when they had control and when they offered him his chance In front of judiciary he said no so if it was kangaroo (it wasn’t) then it was created by republicans not democrats

    2. Michael ARMIJO see the republicans changed the rules in 2015(ish) so it’s their fault not democrats they just using what republicans gave them

    3. Arashi Ishigawa
      Pelosi said we will go to impeachment only if its Bipartisan.. whatever happened to that?
      Pelosi w/holding the Artcles.. Trump keeps his power.. whatever happened to impeach Trump quickly?

    4. @Alpha 119 What does ANY of that have to do with the Senate taking an OATH to be IMPARTIAL and yet announcing BEFORE THE TRIAL that they have NO INTENTION of being impartial?

    1. @Michael Adams Putin is the leader of a third world country. He can’t even feed his own people, but you think he owns the president AND Mitch?! How did that happen? How did Putin buy a billionaire and a senator? Are you really this obtuse, dear?

      Mueller refuted all your assertions. Not a single American was charged with collusion with Russia, and not a single vote was changed. Did Mueller lie?

    2. @Michael Adams , by the way, he’s going on trial for obstructing Congress and abuse of power only. All your other spurious “charges” are nowhere in the articles. You can’t convict him of that which he hasn’t been charged.

    3. @Michael Adams , Bernie will never be the nominee. The DNC already cheated him out of it in the last election. What makes you think they’ll give it to him this time?

      The DNC went to court for rigging the primary. Their defense was that they aren’t beholden to their party’s votes. They can pick any candidate they want, regardless of the vote. A judge agreed with them.

      So again, what makes you think the DNC will allow Bernie to be the candidate this time?

    1. @queenbeethatme100 Why bring up Obama? Since u did, how about Obama locking kids in cages? The fact that Democrats are campaigning on ALL that needs to be fixed in America after 8 years of Obama shows Obama was more Republican than Democrat.

    2. @Kyle # The Way This Is Going The New Age Party Will Kick All Those ” I Pledge To The POTUS Not To Vote Against Anything He Does Be It Right Or WRONG” Republicans Notice How The US Is Viewed When Democrats Take Over vs Republicans…… THINK PEOPLE WITH ALL THiS EDUCATION

    3. If Impeachment isn’t taken up in the next session, it dies. Nancy can’t bring it back up, and Mitch can dismiss it.

      Looks like Nancy is trying to save Trump and her party from ruin. Historically, the party that brings impeachment loses the election.

    1. @Some Scorpio You Replied? The emojis (pic) Must have driven the point in to you! 👊 👊 👊🙉 Your Welcome!

    2. @Duane Bell Trumpartd Nope! the Senate Is There For Trump (187 Judges ⭐) and its all Partisan. Me – Patriot! USA FIRST! Not A Globalist!👊 You Corrupt Control Freak Socialist! The DemoRat! 🐁 loser!

    3. @Jay Chan You don’t drive a point IN to someone, you drive it TO them–it’s not a stick for Christ’s sake. And it’s YOU’RE! Learn English, or STFU.

    4. @Duane Bell Are you from Outer space alien just land on the Earth or what. Who ever controls the Senator can do whatever they want even at the Dems time too. The Dems do this all the time, now you said the Republican can not do that.

    5. @THL T No spaceship here. Do yourself a favor and look at the judges previous presidents have tried to get confirmed and compare them to the judges the idiot currently occupying the White House is nominating. Trumptard is nominating people that aren’t even qualified to be judges; most are just as dumb as he is. I get it though, Republicans are in power right now so they can do all the damage they want for the time being. Just be prepared to live with the consequences when any one of them makes a decision that negatively impacts you or someone you care about.

  4. it’s wrong no matter how you cut it for any senator, who are the jurors in this trial, to pre-judge the defendant. durban is right, democrat or republican, it makes a mockery of swearing in a juror. if such a thing happened in any other trial in the country that juror would be immediately removed from the jury. in fact, i was dismissed from a potential murder trial jury because i had to reveal that i couldn’t be impartial after the defendant had a violent outburst during voir dire.

    1. @Amber Doll You actually just said that an investigation doesn’t have to be fair? Lmao really? YOU ARE INSANE. Im not surprised though, you’re just showing you think the same thing the FBI did when they altered documents and failed to provide exculpatory evidence at the FISA hearings.

    2. @Ryan P legal yes, fair no. The suspect doesn’t get to tell witnesses not to talk to the police, and if they do, it is witness tampering and obstructing am investigation. The suspect and his lawyers don’t get to tell the police to investigate someone else for a different crime instead. The suspect doesn’t get to call witnesses before the grand jury or know who reported their crime. Trump has been given the opportunity to provide exculpatory evidence, the House has specifically requested he provide any exculpatory evidence, he refuses to do so.

    3. @Amber Doll obviously the person being investigated doesn’t get to dictate the investigation. An investigation still has to be fair to that person. To say otherwise is crazy talk.

    4. @Amber Doll and now Pelosi is trying to dictate the terms of the trial. Regardless, it’s going to end in Truno being acquitted and the Deomocrats looking foolish having been beat by Trump for the umpteenth time

  5. Imagine if every court case began with the judge declaring guilt or innocence based on their own bias regardless of evidence before the trial started. That’s what Mitch and the rest of the Repugs have said they would do, they’re spitting in the face of justice and the Trump cult fully supports it. Just…WTF?

    1. @Will Smith The IG report says, very clearly, that the Russia investigation was legally justified. Even with the mistakes. Nice try crackpot.

    2. @Will Smith They didn’t deny Trump witnesses or an attorney. You really enjoy saying the exact opposite of what happened, don’t you LIAR? Trump blocked witnesses from testifying, and the Democrats want the Senate to call those witnesses.

    3. @Thomas Jackson I not only read the report I listened to the testimony. You might get your fellow liberals to believe your bullshit or you might even believe your own bullshit but the FBI and CIA are knee deep in their own bullshit lies. Fisa court judge is coming down hard and even CNN won’t be able to cover it up. Trump was saying for 3 years that he was spied on and he was 100% correct.

  6. I wonder if they give competency and psych tests yearly to our elected officials. Id bet there would be some serious mental issues in congress. Talking straight up sh!t house rat crazy.

    1. They can’t possibly be as crazy as they sound. They give us gaslighting crackpot smack because they are being bribed.

    1. Devils daughter Nacy is Going to get Whooped By Arch Angel Mich!
      Corrupt Socialist Control Freaks the DemoRats 🐀 🐀🐀 in The Sewer 💩 🚽💩🚽💩!

  7. Republican senators made a huge mistake by openly admitting their bias, their blind allegiance to Trump and their contempt for their constitutional duty. They’ve made it easy for the Democrats to paint them as irresponsible henchmen of the president. Pride before the fall.

    1. I’m waiting for the bribery charges against these gaslighting Senators who say they can’t see evidence of a crime.

    How have the words and ideas in the Declaration of Independence impacted human rights around the world?“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and women are created equal.”What does “all men are created equal” mean to you? Why do you think Thomas Jefferson’s words have echoed as often as they have? Why do you think Thomas Jefferson’s words have echoed as often as they have? What patterns do you notice within this timeline? Whose stories and struggles are represented? If rights can be gained, can they also be lost? Is “all men are created equal” being lived up to in our country today? When will we know when it is? What victories in the struggle for human rights are missing from this timeline? The Declaration of Independence was written over 200 years ago.
    Will it still be relevant in another 200?

    1. I honestly feel that it won’t be relevant in the next 5-10 years if we continue on the path that we are on now. For anyone to declare absolute loyalty to the people that he is to serve and represent shows that he and anyone that agrees to and does this do not care about the Declaration of Independence.

  9. Well this is a prime example where’s the country going there’s no rules and regulations anymore thanks again to Trump and his Republicans throwing away all rules and regulations..

    1. The president Trump throws away with many stupid rules and it does not do any good at all except creating more tax so they can rip off more on American people. You can look at the Dems that they do not follow the constitution of America and the Dems wants to make the rules what ever they think it fits with the Dems.

    1. @Lili Bee , you clearly don’t trust “normal citizens in rural areas” to vote with you, if you have to get rid of the electoral college to win.🤫😉

    2. @Lili Bee , you’re a coward who knows her party can’t win elections fairly, so when you lose, you gotta change the rules. That’s called desperate and pathetic. Not to mention self serving. 😉

    3. @Lili Bee , I’m not a republican. Not try, coward.

      I don’t vote. I’m a conscientious objector, an anarchist. A President is nothing more than a slave owner. All you’re doing is choosing your new Master every four years. I prefer actual freedom.

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