Sen. Durbin Weighs In On Impeachment, Fallen Officer Lying In Honor | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. My condolences to the family and my prayers are with you
    Rest In Peace Capital Officer Brian Sicknick 🇱🇷

    1. @Y2J22 so you don’t remember the entire time you’ve been alive anybody in the medical fields using masks.
      is that what I’m to understand?
      And now all of a sudden to fit your political dynamic, they’re bad for people?
      Silence You drooling moron.

    2. @William Walker 2 terms though and he couldn’t complete it. Sounds like jealousy from Obama coming back for revenge with Biden lol. CNN tanks 40% for your daily fake news coverage 😉.

    3. @DHS -Department of homeland security tbh I’m just glad the election was ‘stolen’ 🤣poor snowflake inbred nazis they can’t cope with reality 🤪

  2. Nothing will unite and make patriots out of our people more than our government addressing it’s people’s grievance with justice.

    1. @Miles Sterling 1- not a single case of mass voter fraud but plenty of claims without a single proof that was the ground for 70 or 80 T—– appointed judges to dismiss the cases. 2- the only dead people who voted, voted for T—-. 3- the only double voting by mail and in person were T—- voters. So please take your MAGA cups and fill them with your tear drops, as your only payment in summed-Lump, for supporting and enabling T—-
      Lalala lala la

    2. @CD Partisan reporters who said they investigated a few claims don’t count. Don’t even bring up the 63 judges (not 70 to 80). Partisanship, fear of doxing or career reprisals, fear of opening a can of worms, poorly worded lawsuits can all be reasons for their actions among others, as they dismissed suits on “technical and procedural” issues. The election remains uninvestigated.

    3. @Hi Ho What investigations? You mean a few that were slapped together by partisan reporters? They’re useless. Only an official investigation that includes the FBI would count as an investigation.

  3. Now that the Democrats have a majority in the US Senate, why is Senator Graham still able to dictate what happens?

    1. @Dogs are fun
      Hopefully, you will someday be able to use someone’s brain other than your own. In the mean time, you will have to put-up with the three brain cells that you do have and hope, that on a good day, they can agree.

    2. Because he is still the head . They have to vote for the new rules, since the Democrats are in the majority. .now. The two sides must agree to the rules and until they do, Graham stays in charge of that.

    1. @Dave Greene like what? Mueller took 3 years going through trumps records and didn’t find anything.

    2. @osborne007 lol…Whats dumb? like which part isn’t truthful? ok your correct HR 127 isn’t Biden, thats proposed by a left wing senator. Use your brain and explain what is wrong.

    3. @Dave Greene Name the crime. I know you dont’ know this…but at 12:54 Trump said “I know some of you are going to march peacefully to the white house after this to make your voices heard”. At 12:53 protesters had breached the fenced off areas. Trumps speech happened 1.8 miles away from Capitol at “the ellipse”. How did this mob time travel back in time while also teleporting 1.8 miles away?

    4. @jetskiWilly Willy Where do you see this? According to the New York Times, the first barriers/fences were breached at 12:53 (they link a video sourced from Elijah Schaffer via Twitter, showing the first barrier coming down), on the west side of the US Capitol. This, of course, also ignores the months of gaslighting and outright lies Trump already was spouting and drumming up these terrorists for this end.

  4. RIP Capitol Officer Brian Sicknick
    I am so sorry that there were Republican citizens who thought that storming the Capitol trying to change the outcome of the election was the “right” thing to do. I hope that history remembers their behavior as shameful and absolutely wrong.

    1. But yet, our new VP actually raised funds to get the BLM rioters out of jail. A bit hypocritical? You wonder why there’s such division. And another thing, millions of Republicans are good, hard working people that didn’t care for Trump, but supported the policies, were not at any rallies,, nor at the Capitol that day.. So, we resent being called cultists, racists, uneducated and all the other adjectives you throw at us.

    2. @Janet Baker Guess I missed the section that said we could forcefully break into the US Capitol and threaten to lynch Congress to install a fascist dictator as president for an election he lost.

    3. @luvearth Police brutalized BLM protestors and many wrongful arrests accompanied legitimate ones. Meanwhile, everyone participating in the Capitol attack that crossed the barricades was in the wrong.

      Those of the millions of Republicans that actually support the Republican party and its policies of [at least] the past decade, are not good people.

    4. @Weltall8000 wow, just wow. Passing judgment on half the country’s citizens because of the actions of some radicals? Feeling a bit sanctimonious, aren’t you? In my opinion, the Democrats are corrupt to the core, and have now dug themselves in with the same old business as usual. Now that is said, I know and love many Democrats that are good people and honest, but I absolutely cannot support your policies, and if that makes me and all Republicans bad people in your eyes, so be it. That’s on you.

    5. @luvearth No. If you read what I wrote, the group I passed judgment on took actions. Ie supporting the Republican party and its horrendous policies.

      Your opinion is hypocritical, given what you’re leveling at me.

      Okay. By that logic; “Many Nazis were good people, I’m sure. They shouldn’t have been criticized for their beliefs, nor their support of the Nazi party as it slaughtered minorities.”

      They weren’t good people. That’s on them. Like the Republicans.

  5. Officer Sicknick and the other police who fought by his side are the true heroes of Jan 6th. They stopped an organized insurrection that had come under the guise of peaceful protesters. Thousands stormed the Capitol and some were bent on murder and it would have worked if not for the Capitol Police! For every cop who failed there were 100 more like Officer Brian Sicknick who did their jobs under incredible pressure and they showed incredible courage and professionalism! God bless him and his family!

    1. @johnny whatthefuck So are you saying that the Capitol Police didn’t stop a murderous insurrection and an attempt to burn down the Capitol Bldg? So are you saying that didn’t happen?

    2. @johnny whatthefuck Since you are good at denying the truth I can only guess you are a pro tRumper. Good luck with that!

  6. Remember when Trump made an impassioned speech and eulogized the murdered police officer? NEITHER DO I!!!!!!!!!

    1. He made many impassioned statements that democrats must be held accountable for the mass voter fraud that caused the incident.

  7. Is it really true the officer was a DJT supporter? I think a friend of his said that. My sympathies to his family and friends, no matter, but I’d just like to know if it’s true ? Anyone?

  8. Was a somber but honorable way to remember Officer Sicknick, who lost his life in protecting our Nation’s Capital. RIP Officer Sicknick, you’ll be remembered as a National Hero for lying down your life on behalf of America. 🇺🇸.

  9. The death of the late US Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick is another reason tho keep church separate from state.

  10. President Biden can get Merrick Garland work for us as Acting AG while Lindsey Graham Republicans dance all they want.

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