Sen. Gillibrand: McConnell 'Will Leave The Impeachment Trial' To Schumer | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

Sen. Gillibrand: McConnell ‘Will Leave The Impeachment Trial’ To Schumer | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) joins Andrea Mitchell in the wake of the House voting to impeach President Trump for the second time to preview the upcoming Senate trial. "Mitch has refused to call everyone back in until the 19th, and so he I think will leave the impeachment trial to Senator Schumer," Gillibrand says. "This is a very simple allegation. It is incitement to insurrection. We could conduct a trial in a very short amount of time because the evidence that's needed is pretty direct." Aired on 01/14/2021.
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Sen. Gillibrand: McConnell 'Will Leave The Impeachment Trial' To Schumer | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


    1. BLMarxist “leader” arrested today for capital violence. More BLMarxist identified by FBI and future arrest in the near future.

      As smart as Trump was, he got played, fell right into the Chinese controlled, Democratic parties hands.

      And regarding China and their support of Democrats, and their hatred of blacks, Africa, etc, it is pretty pathetic.

      But what is more sad, is that that China mindset runs rapid in the Democratic party, supported by atleast the majority of black, plantation minded and controlled, voters.

      Remember, blacks chose “Not” to continue to prosper, and voted to support China/Democrats, and all the anti-black lives and black countries.

      But you are, who you are. Keeps self responsibility to others when you chose to vote and support your captors.

      View why many former Democratic:
      civil rights leaders,

      black Christian leaders,

      black/minority economic leaders,

      and black prison reform leaders,

      supported the first “real black President” Trump.

    2. @★ Froggie Animation ★ you are a total leftist stoolie aren’t you? The whole point of our system is to save us from New York and California from determining the president for all of us. You really seem like an angry little incel.

  1. Push it off on Schumer so you can blame the democrats for his impeachment. What a wicked man McConnell is.

    1. lol…why would anyone blame the Democrats, only, for Impeachment talks for like the 4th time, and attempt twice? Lol. Your kidding right?

    2. @Bryn Carlson He made it a point to say he hated Trump, to the media. That tells you everything, and said that is how they can expel him from the GOP for good.

    3. @hugh jorgan Yep. But what I didn’t realize is that comment would confuse people. The Democratic controlled House impeached Trump. It goes to the Senate for conviction. The current leader of the Senate is McConnell. So clever Mitch can stall taking up the conviction vote until Schumer becomes the new leader and the Senate is controlled by Democrats. Then, McConnell can still vote to convict Trump but not be the one responsible for the Impeachment as a whole. Republicans can say it’s the Democrats fault because they controlled both houses of congress and save a bit of face with their constituents. If McConnell voted to convict now as leader he would catch the blame from his party. If McConnell wanted to, a vote could be taken very quickly. But why do that when you can pass the hard buck off for the “Dems” or “Libs” or “Socialists” to suffer the wrath of the MAGA mob.

    1. You people don’t get it. McConnell is one of you. He is the establishment and only in it for himself. He just wants you to think he’s on the other team.

      Just like the rest of your democrat heros. Him, Biden, Bernie, Warren and Pelosi all have done nothing but enrich themselves sucking from the government teet. And you idiots keep voting them back in.

      Can anyone of you name one thing any of these cronies has done, while in office, to make your life better?

      All of you are the first to yell systemic racism. These crooks are the system.

    2. @Donovan my reply to your comment probably wasn’t quite clear but I was in agreement with your comment and the symbols that I used depicted mitch, the cocaine, a warning of the grim reaper and his turtle face. What I am not sure of is the meaning of your reply to me. Please explain.

    1. @The Sword of the Spirit that’s an insult to turtles, which is a creature of peace and noble
      This man is a leeche to American taxpayers

    2. @Myanna Meioky — Nobody in their right mind would click on a link with no explanation of what it is.

    3. @The Sword of the Spirit — if “we Republicans” don’t like the turtle, why haven’t they done a thing about him?

    1. @Myanna Meioky When the Dems/media turned a blind eye to the rioting and destruction of minority businesses and federal property by the radical left (BLMANTIFA), it just emboldened the radical right…Too bad it got to this

    2. @Darren Scott Cheap labor, yes for the time being, depending on with whom do you compare. Slave labor? Go find one. Wear a mask.

    1. The Scholar got Mated. He’s going down and he might as well take the ship with him. He’s not gonna re-run, so why not? Get the Articles on the 19th and Vote No on the 19th. LMAO!

  2. what a coward, McConnell leaving it for someone else to deal with the impeachment. Also the senate and congress if they can work on several things if they want to.

  3. This is a “Peaceful transition of power?” An insurrection at the Capitol and 20,000 troops in D.C. as a result? “America looks pretty pathetic right now. Good job, Trump! You really made America great again! NOT!!!

    1. @Democrats Are just nazis You don’t need guns when you do not know how to act and the motive for having guns is because you rather flex your muscles through guns than to read a book. The second amendment was written during a time when cougars and bears were still roaming the land.

    2. @MG the 2nd amendment has nothing to do with animals it’s meant for uprising if the government becomes tyrannical banning any guns is unconstitutional i lean more left but we can’t ban guns

    3. @Democrats Are just nazis

      The boogeyman BS is played out.
      Go to Parler, oh wait, you can’t.
      Back to 4 Chan incel

  4. Mitch McConnell’s wife owns a Chinese shipping company, and his election campaign received a LOT of money from her family.

    1. @An Boss Do you buy Chinese products? Shop Walmart or Target? If that is a yes, then YOU DO BUSINESS with China.. cause our country buys so many products from China.. President Trump helped Ivanka Trump buy Copyrights in China for her fashion lines made in CHINA (may be under investigation) We have all done business with China in some form..
      But investigate McConnell before he dies.. He’s old, much older than his wife.. The stress alone is taking it’s toll..

  5. If my child was missing the government wouldn’t have to come looking for me. Why don’t illegal immigrants care about their children?

  6. Notice how she didn’t mention direct checks when she was listing all the major points of the relief package…

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