Sen. Graham Likens Trump’s Iran Speech To Reagan’s ‘Tear Down This Wall’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Sen. Graham Likens Trump's Iran Speech To Reagan's 'Tear Down This Wall' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


  1. The only reason this speech will be talked about long after his presidency is the idea that we let a meth head run the country. Adderall and Chief.

    1. Stupid Human hahahahaha, your observation made me laugh, thank you. Laughing in these dark times is blessed relief indeed.

    2. @Graham Campbell I’d laugh if I weren’t so busy weeping for America under Trump’s destructive abuse.

  2. It will be remembered for its weird opening, his inability to pronounce words, the blatent lies and lack information as to why he has escalated tensions with Iran. I’m sure it was a ‘perfect’ speech!

    1. That opening should be an eye opener for America. It was one thing to compare trump supporters devotion to Ttump to be cult like, but that way to light in the back as the doors open.
      That’s trump stroking the religious symbology pretty heavy.
      That’s a god complex.
      Honestly I’m a little shaken by it.

    2. @elijah mikle I agree totally but the first time I saw that “Grand Arrival” I just burst out laughing!
      Good job I wasn’t drinking my covfefe.
      This truly is a reality TV presidency.

    3. The only thing I got out of it (besides him patting himself on the head) was “Soleimani was a bad guy so we droned him” . Who’s next? There’s a lot of bad guys in this world.

    1. I was watching after a minute i almost got up to get him a kleenex, all that sniffing my god is he on something.? He sounded like a robot . So boring, what did we learn? Niet.

    1. Look up the scandals if Collins etc. And figure out why they are there. There is so much corruption that the Ukraine thing is just the tip of the iceberg. What’s at marilgo why do they all go there?

    2. @Gary dP True , they were just caught misappropriating funds for the wall, crooks all of them we need a good audit in the next admin.

    1. Well…he has been spotted with boy toys, never married, no kids go try to find a pic of him and someone he’s dated 🤣

    2. No he smokes tRUMP while tRUMP is smoking Putin… tRUMP would never let lindsey near Putin..

      The leader of the Republican party these dayas, jeeze…

  3. If it is remembered, and that’s a big if, it’s more in the “axis of evil” territory, which is less fondly thought of.

    1. Trump’s GOP doesn’t ‘plan’ much of anything. Wars, parenthood, pron stars all seem to be unplanned. Trump just stumbles in, knowing nothing of the facts and willing to lie to the nth degree to rationalize why it’s never Trump’s fault.

    1. Graham is the same NeoCon he always was. Trump ran as an anti-NeoCon, then turned out to be a NeoCon all along.

  4. It takes mere seconds these days. A few seconds of watching anything related to American politics and I feel like vomiting.

    1. @Mary S. Pagac well said. I am sickened by it but i know its there every second of everyday. I am in a state of controlled rage.

    1. You can’t cure a lunatic from birth. If you ever watch footage of trump from the early days and amongst reporters, he’ll push people out of the way to be in the front up and center. If anyone out does him he attacks those people including the queen who he deliberately walks in front of.

  5. Lindsay Graham is a fool who’s eyesight has been ruined by other men’s knackers hitting his eyes.

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