Sen. Hirono: The President’s Actions Are ‘Nothing To Get Over’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Bring on the witnesses. Republicans have stated from the beginning they wanted a fair trial, and wanted witnesses and proof, so why are they not demanding it too.

    1. Trump & Republi-CROOKS claim they want one thing only to change their minds. DEMOCRATS are seeking the TRUTH. Let the chips fall where they may.

  2. Pelosi and Schumer are playing McConnell like a drum. An “impeached” Trump is more powerful than an “acquitted” Trump so they’ll slow the process down, as McConnell is demanding, which plays into the plan of Trump being “impeached” Trump next summer and fall

  3. Sure is amazing that the Republicans keep whining about not letting witnesses testify and that’s a lie, the Democrats wanted they’re witnesses to come in but they refused, probably because when they swear to tell the truth they would end up purjuring themselves

  4. Pelosi presses pause, perturbed and provoked into power play to pressure Republican Senate and SCOTUS.  Fair trial in Senate with relevant, central witnesses; and courts making timely rulings forcing Trump administration to release evidence and witnesses to honor Congressional subpoenas during valid Constitutional exercise of House sole impeachment authority.  You go, girl, get these God-awful goofy goons galloping gone!

    1. @Bob Ramsey Jazz Guitarist ~Bemuses, beleaguers, and behooves Bugs to observe Bubbas bouncing about in their bubble; boisterous boys beaten brainless, bombastically bounding blindly down every Bolshevik Potemkin bunny hole, bent on a borderless futile bet for that bonanza of bogus Biden blasphemy. But, beware: their bounty brought be the Beelzebub Beast!

  5. What’s the point of impeachment trial, if trial is not fair. That’s basic. Despite hysterical Jim and similar who are taking much of media space, I’m sure there are some republicans who will choose to honor the institution of the Senate, Supreme Court, the House of Representatives and Presidency. Otherwise the impeachment trial will be a mockery to aforementioned.

  6. The best indicator of future behavior is past and current behavior.  Given Trump’s ongoing corrupt behavior, before and after he was elected, he will continue to engage in unprofessional and corrupt behavior. Our Government will bear the “Stains of Shame” of Trump for decades.  This is not about being a Democratic or Republican.  We need a president with honor and integrity that will protect our Constitution and unite our country.

  7. American Republicans are traitors to their oaths and to the Constitution. Never forget them! There should be a registry…

  8. McConnell needs to be removed. Along with Graham, you do not publicly say you won’t be impartial. If this is your stance, you should be out of office.

  9. No investigation was done by the Ukrainians and yet the aid was given. The Ukrainian president said he felt no pressure. This “bribery” case would be thrown out of every court in America. There was no crime! BTW – I want Hunter and Joe to be investigated if Joe has a chance to be President. We have to know what kind of person we’re voting for!

    1. I get my information off of MULTIPLE FACT CHECKERS on line. Where do you get yours???

      So, you want to Investigate the Bidens for what exactly??? What SPECIFIC ILLEGAL action are you accusing them of doing without any evidence? Cause last time I checked, getting paid a high salary was… not ILLEGAL. Getting a job because of your last name is… not ILLEGAL. Getting a job that people think you are unqualified to do is… not ILLEGAL. If those things were illegal, Donald Trump and his kids would be in BIG trouble!!! If that was illegal, the Bush family, the Kennedy’s and all of the other political families; and all of the actors; and all of the musicians; who are following in their famous parent’s footsteps would all be in jail too.

      FACT CHECKERS say Hunter Biden has NEVER been under any investigation whatsoever for Burisma. There is no probable cause to begin one against him. So, just what FAIRYTALE investigation do you think Joe Biden was supposedly STOPPING that never started in the first place??? The CEO of Burisma was under investigation for MULTIPLE horrible crimes, NOT HUNTER BIDEN. Can you tell the difference between a CEO and all the stockholders of a company???

      If Joe Biden was actually trying to get a PERSONAL FAVOR done for his son instead of fighting corruption for our COUNTRY, he would have had to convince the entire INTERNATIONAL effort being done by the EU and IMF to help him in his so-called scheming plot to stop the investigation of his son. They were all trying to get rid of the CORRUPT PROSECUTOR long before Joe Biden ever said he was going to withhold the billion dollars!!! So, your accusations make absolutely no sense with the ACTUAL FACTS and are totally ridiculous! The firing of the CORRUPT prosecutor would lead to MORE investigations of companies like Burisma, NOT LESS!

      And, before you say I am partisan, I am not voting for Joe Biden in the primary. I prefer other candidates over him because of policy issues. However, I would proudly vote for ANY of the Dems we have running vs. the totally CORRUPT President who was illegally withholding Congressionally approved Military Aid without properly notifying Congress. I will not vote for a CORRUPT President who is trying to Illegally rig our elections by bringing foreign influence into them with Cyber Attacks against American citizens and asking for personal favors from foreign countries at the expense of our national safety!!! Trump was a corrupt Conman and Fraud that hurt so many people in his 3,500 LAWSUITS BEFORE he was ever appointed President!!! He has broken so many laws and violated the Constitution so many times it is hard to count!!! The man and his family are not even legally able to run a charity anymore because they DEFRAUDED THEIRS!!! Save our tax payer money for the government to investigate REAL CORRUPTION! Not to have the President’s personal lawyer do a hit job on his political opponents!!!

  10. McConnell,, should not only be dragged, but a 100lb anvil be strapped around his skinny little neck, hog tied and his mouth duct taped, before being kicked in the a$$ into quick sand.

  11. Paul Manafort, before he led Trumps campaign, worked for Viktor Yanukovych. Yanukovych is the President of Ukraine that fled to Russia when Ukrainians rebelled against him due to Yanukovych’s CORRUPTION and siding with Russia on trade deals. This guy, Yanukovych, triggered the Ukraine conflict. Then Trump hires Manafort and Russia helps Trump win the election.

    This really doesn’t seem like a coincidence to me…

  12. I think Pelosi should just leave it it in limbo UNTIL AND UNLESS the Senate agrees to producing ALL THE RELEVANT WITNESSES AND THE DOCUMENTS THAT THE HOUSE DEMANDS RELATED TO THIS PARTICULAR CASE. He wants to
    brag that he was “100 % cleared”… HE SHOULD NOT HAVE THAT.. Period.

  13. I think Pelosi should just leave it it in limbo UNTIL AND UNLESS the Senate agrees to producing ALL THE RELEVANT WITNESSES AND THE DOCUMENTS THAT THE HOUSE DEMANDS RELATED TO THIS PARTICULAR CASE. He wants to
    brag that he was “100 % cleared”… HE SHOULD NOT HAVE THAT.. Period.

  14. It’s so obvious a repugnant must express himself in disgusting terms .Do you have a point or are you just vomiting vile crap ? DOES YOUR TUMMY FEEL BETTER NOW ?

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