1. “I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.” Adolf Hitler
    Ask yourself if you are following your true beliefs or if you follow because of fear.
    Fear of others? fear of change? fear for security?
    We all want the same things! We want to feel secure, safe. We want clean air and water. We want our National Parks. We want good education and jobs. We all love America. That is why we pay taxes. If all our tax money had been spent the way it was supposed to we wouldn’t be talking about this. Democracy is for all of us. We have been divided by hate and fear. United we stand divided we fall. We have fallen and now must pick ourselves up.
    Vote your conscience. Question everything. Think for yourself. Or there will be the the day when we have no choice. God bless America.

    1. @Billy Bloggs KAG? Are you choking? What a coincidence, so is your shitholecountries Democratic process. HEIL TRUMP 🀚 right? πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

    1. The real mistake made by the Democrats was appointing Adam Schiff lead in the investigation. Adam Schiff has such a propensity for embellishment and lying he does not know the difference. Adam Schiff hold a bald faced lie when he said that he did not no the whistle-blowers name or ever speak to him. That was a bald-faced lie to avoid becoming a fact witness and everyone knows it. He embellished the stories of Trump’s phone call beyond-reality. When you take an idiot like that and make him lead he combines lies embellishments and facts all together the case crumbles. Republicans realized that Democrats didn’t want to bring the Whistleblower forward because it was Eric Cairamella which leads directly to Joey Biden. Democrats are losers today and damn well deserve it.

    2. Hilldabeast wearing those fishnets..no wonder bill went high and low… ooopppss I mean really young

    3. Whenever the commie baby loses its always injustice and tyranny but the commie baby doesn’t see anything wrong with getting rid of the constitution

    1. @Rosemary Lehmann As a broadcaster that utilizes several sources of news?
      More often than not, yes.
      I have been paying VERY close attention to it all as it’s part of my job.
      I am going to try to be as kind as I possibly can.All of the Clinton/FBI/DOJ conspiracy stuff takes away just about any credibility to anything you have to say in the opinion of the vast majority of people. Such things are footing a great deal of harm to your cause as it make you look foolish.
      Please seriously think about something for a minute; what purpose would it serve for the vast majority of news outlets to be “fake”?
      What would they have to gain from it?
      Of course the small handful of propagate outlets would claim that anything that doesn’t fit into their narrative because if you were to actually believe real information their narrative quickly falls apart. It’s the same way cults work.
      When even the word “mainstream” becomes a negative thing in the eyes of someone looking for information something is seriously wrong.
      It doesn’t make you (or anyone else) that falls in such a trap a bad person…just misinformed. Unfortunately misinformation can be quite harmful.

    1. @Brion Stronghold So, when the DEMONcrats claim that OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP is guilty of RUSSIAN COLLUSION it is actually them, the DEMONcrats who have been found, with proven evidence, to be guilty of RUSSIAN COLLUSION. Hillary sold uranium to UKRAINE…Biden bribed.. a investigator to stop investigating his son Hunter who was guilty of crimes… so… no OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP IS NOT GOING TO BE GOING ANYWHERE…HE IS INNOCENT THIS IMPEACHMENT TRIAL IS JUST PROVING THE OPPOSITE…Providing the AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE ENTIRE WORLD…with the TRUTH ABOUT WHAT THE GOVERNMENT IS GUILTY OF…OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP IS GOING TO WIN IN 2020…so go ahead and waste away your time with posting away with your nonsense comments.. but honestly no one cares… you make absolutely no sense whatsoever anyways.. people see right through your tactics and antics. . They call you a parrot because all you are doing is repeating what you are being told by the DEMONcrats and not TRULY THINKING LOGICALLY FOR YOURSELF…so rambling on and on like a unicorn prancing around on a glittering table of rainbows that is flickering on clouds suspended by ribbons of sushi noodles laced with LSD ..if it helps you deal with the stress of what ever it is that you deal with in your country…we AMERICANS HAVE NO IDEA WHATSOEVER WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH…YOU ARE NOT BEING HONEST…instead you are hiding behind a fake facade of pretending to be a “Patriotic AMERICAN”… so sorry but you have failed the AMERICAN TEST…

  2. β€œEvery man always has handy a dozen glib little reasons why he is right not to sacrifice himself.” 
    ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

    1. @Jack Armstrong Time will tell the tale . Not one witness can tie trump to any of this . And we’ve wasted three years on one phony investigation after another, and Nothing. So lets move on and let the voters decide . I wish you and yours all the best .

    2. @Angela Mathys Trump tied himself to this serious corruption. When asked what he expected after the call, on camera, he said he expected an investigation of the Bidens by Ukraine. He also asked China to investigate the Bidens. There is NO evidence of ANY corruption by the Biden’s. You simply don’t care Trump behaved corruptly towards a Democrat.

    3. @Jack Armstrong still not an impeachable offense.
      Hunter Biden being placed on the board of a company known for corruption and making an exorbitant salary with zero experience or qualifications in that field; is very suspicious and warrants further inquiry IMO.
      Like it or not the President has every legal right to investigate perceived corruption in Ukraine whether it’s tied to his political opposition or not.
      Also aid was not withheld from Ukraine; they received the financial aid on time and they were not aware of any delay that the House has claimed took place.

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  4. Happy Brexit day to you and Erik CiarrramelllaβœοΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  5. When you go to work tomorrow remember there are no rules as long as you believe you are right. That should slow down production.

    1. @Chasbo Daniels Dude we are past that point yes liberal media. I dont use facebook owned and ran by a liberal. OAN is my news source then NewsMax then Fox.

    2. @Chasbo Daniels Liberal media would be all the “News Networks” that scream about the emoluments clause with Trump. But have still for some reason hasn’t brought it up about Bloomberg. You know the same Networks who push Bernies socialism but Bernie owns 3 houses and rents a 4th. Or screams about the global warming and the rise of oceans but Obama just bought a 15 million dollar ocean front home. Your stupid too just like Don Lemon, Fredo, Wolfe lowest score on Celebrity Jeopardy History-4600 Blitzer. Oh but you can vote for Joe Biden graduated 76 out of 85 in his class Quid Pro Joe.

    3. Sounds like CNN. They assumed they were right about Russia for 3 years and now they thought they were right about this.
      How’s those ratings CNN?

    4. Jim Kilroy I love when something goes against you liberal morons. Lol. I get on here and laugh at all you crybabies.

    1. Next time I have Jury duty, I’ll state that I’m gonna coordinate with the defense. That there will be no difference between me and the defense.
      What do you think what would get me?

    2. @Neal Vasco I Was called for jury duty, waded it up through it in the trash and never heard another thing about it .

    1. I’m afraid the right wing propaganda machine has you morons unrealistically revved up about any real criminality in the Biden clan. Poor judgement? Sure. Criminality? Aaaaaaa hahahaha, you’re hilarious.

    2. @Chasbo Daniels Assuming im right wing. Im just a person calling bullshit when i see it, it was all a farce from the start

  6. It’s really the beginning of the end for the US. A trial at the highest level has now been shown to be a farce.

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